Nick Melillo is the King of Connecticut. He has a passion for his home state and the tremendous tobacco that it produces. He is one of the top blenders in the industry and has become famous for his use of Connecticut broadleaf tobacco. In order to pay homage to his home and the great part is has played in this history of cigars, Nick created this more budget friendly line that has become one of his most popular cigars.

 Charter Oak is named after the famed Oak Tree that once hid the Royal Charter of Connecticut from being stolen by British. Even though the tree was eventual destroyed in a violent storm, it has become a legendary symbol for the state. This cigar is labeled with an image of that historic tree. The Charter Oak is a great mellow to medium bodied cigar that uses aged Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos. It is available in two different wrapper varieties, both from the great state of Connecticut.

 If you are looking for an incredibly smooth and creamy cigar, you should pick up the Charter Oak natural, that utilizes a flawless Connecticut Shade wrapper that boasts wonderful notes of cream, vanilla, and cedar. If you re like me, you enjoy something a little darker and richer. That is when you light up the Charter Oak maduro that features Nicks signature Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. Each puff delivers great notes of dark chocolate, coffee, caramel and dark fruit.

 If you smoked this cigar for free, you would easily think its in the upper price range. Its construction is impeccable and its complexity is bar none. However, this is an incredibly well priced cigar, making it an outstanding everyday smoke for the true aficionado. Pick up your box of the Charter Oak from Foundation Cigars today!

The Grupo de Maestro represent over 100 years of combined cigar experience. They are the main blenders for Altadis USA and are responsible for all the Dominican blends for Montecristo, Romeo and of course H.Upmann. A few years ago, the group released a special, limited edition that brought their name to the forefront of the cigar industry. The Montecristo Grupo de Maestro was a bold and complex smoke that showcased the talents and experience of this group of blenders.

 This year, the group has decided to release a new edition of their namesake, this time using one of the oldest cigar lines in the world. The H.Upmann name has been around for well over 100 years and from its time in Cuba to its modern home in the DR carry’s with it thoughts of quality, reliability and complexity. The H.Upmann Connecticut Grupo de Maestro verifies these qualities.

 This may be one of the most complex, Connecticut wrapped cigars ever created. It is hand rolled with aged Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, followed by a rich Dominican binder. While the wrapper is a golden brown Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf, the cap is in fact part of a maduro leaf, giving it just a touch of dark chocolate to go along with its nutty and creamy center.

 Like the rest of the Grupo de Maestro line, the H.Upmann Connecticut was rolled in very limited quantities. Pick up yours today at Serious Cigars.

In 2010, Drew Estate was a very different company then it is now. The Liga Privada was not as widely available as it was now, so it was almost like a mythical creature then a regular line. There was no Herrera Esteli, KFC, Nica Rustica, or Unico Series. At this time Drew Estate was still mostly known for their infused cigars, such as Acid and Tabak. They had very few premium cigar offerings and were just starting to get traction with the Liga Privada line. For one of their first major releases with a premium cigar, they decided to go big. The result was a highly complex, full bodied smoke that takes its name from a Public Enemy song.

 MUWAT originally stood for My UZI Weighs a Ton, a reference to the a popular rap song, however after some issues it is now simply called MUWAT. It was a collaboration with the famed Joya de Nicaragua factory, and uses some of the finest tobaccos available to both companies. This hand rolled powerhouse uses aged Brazilian Mata Fina filler tobaccos, an Ecuadorian Connecticut binder, and a dark and oily Mexican San Andres Negro wrapper.

 This complex blend of tobaccos creates a plethora or rich and strong flavors. Notes of Dark chocolate and cocoa combine effortlessly with strong hints of spice, pepper, leather and earth along with the slightest touch of dark fruit notes. Its bigger ring gauges provided a great amount of smoke and made it incredibly popular among bigger ring gauge aficionados.

 To this day, the MUWAT remains an amazing, top of the line full bodied smoke with great construction and a low price point. It is the perfect everyday smoke for someone who wants that extra kick. Pick up your pack of the MUWAT by Drew Estate at Serious Cigars.

 Today, Arturo Fuente is seen as the epitome of class. They Opus X line is more popular than ever and has seen several new limited additions, while they have also partnered with several high end accessory companies to make some top of the line, limited cutters and lighters. However, before the flash of the Opus X, Fuente was still making one of the highest rated and most sought after cigars in the world. Before the Opus X, there was a cigar that people spoke about in rumors, maybe they had seen one once at a small shop, but they could never get their hands on one. This cigar bore the name of the patron of the company, the legendary Don Carlos.

 While the Don Carlos is more available today and has spawned some award winning limited series such as the Eye of the Shark, the original release was just as coveted and loved as the Opus X. This Dominican cigar combined both power and subtlety. It used aged Dominican tobaccos in the filler and binder followed by a truly flawless Cameroon wrapper. It is bursting with dashes of spice, pepper, cream leather and a nutty undertone that is unparalleled.

 To some, the Don Carlos is viewed as the ultimate Fuente cigar. Before the hype of the Opus X and the extensive limited editions, it was the Don Carlos that defined the Fuente brand, and to some extent still does. It combines the finest tobaccos with true craftsmanship and a signature style. Pick up your Box of the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos today at Serious Cigars.

2. My Father La Opulencia Toro- Another top 5 finish for the team at My Father Cigars. The La Opulencia has more than just an extravagant name, it has a complex and powerful blend combining the spice and zest of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos with the rich and bold flavors of a dark Mexican San Andres wrapper. This cigar is the epitome of My Father craftsmanship, with near perfect construction and a flavor profile that effortlessly transitions from notes of pepper to coffee and chocolate to a nice spicy sweetness. Its complexity is only rivaled by its smoothness, with a creamy and smooth aroma and rich center.

3. Foundation The Wise Man Maduro Robusto- I have been talking about this cigar for over a year. Nick Melillo is a true master of his craft and nothing proves it more than this follow up to his original release, El Gueguense. To have his original cigar in the Top 25 and the sequel in the Top 3 just a year later is beyond impressive. The Wise Man Maduro is one of the best cigars on the market hands down. Its beautiful construction combined with its amazing blend of tobaccos and that flawless Mexican wrapper make it a must have for any cigar smoker. We cannot wait for what he thinks of next.

4. Padron Family Reserve No.44 (Natural)- A Padron has been named to the Top 10, and all can be right with the world. The Padron family has been honored on this list more then any other company. They have more overall rankings, more Top 10s, and more number 1s, so it is safe to say they make some of the best cigars ever created. The Family Reserve has always been a special line, using their family grown Nicaraguan tobacco with an extra few years of age thrown on for good measure. The No.44 has been around for a decade, but that hasn’t affected the flavor, construction or consistency of this smooth powerhouse.

Rocky Patel had quite a showing at this years trade show. He not only showcased some rereleases of some fan favorites, but also unveiled some brand new lines to his already extensive portfolio. The one that really caught our eye, was a flawless smoke that bears the name of Rockys legendary factory in Nicaragua.

 The Tavicusa is a stunning cigar hand rolled in the factory that bares its name. It is crafted with aged tobaccos from the main growing regions of Nicaragua including Jalapa, Esteli and Condega. It is then cloaked in a remarkable San Andres maduro wrapper which adds in notes of dark chocolate and coffee. Combined that with the zesty and sweet aroma from its Nicaraguan blend, and you get a spectacular medium to full bodied cigar with great construction and complex profile.

 The Tavisuca represents the pinnacle of cigar manufacturing, being hand rolled at one of the leading and most innovative factory’s in the world. When looking for the best, new cigars of 2018 make sure the Rocky Patel Tavicusa is at the top of your list. Check out this and many more brand new cigars right here at Serious Cigars.

Montecristo has one of the most prolific portfolios in the cigar industry. They have their 5 core lines, including the brand new Montecristo Nicaragua. They have several limited editions and collaborations, such as the Monte by Monte, the Montecristo Pilotico, and the Monte by Monte by AJ Fernandez. There are also a slew of Montecristo Private Labels that are really where many regular smokers became familiar with the brand. This includes the fan favorite Montecristo 2000. With its use of a unique, H2000 wrapper and blend of tobaccos from several different nations, it is an incredibly complex cigar and is much more budget friendly than your typical Montecristo.

 During this huge expansion of the Montecristo line, the team at Altadis USA has released a special, limited edition of the popular Montecristo 2000. This more refined version uses similar tobaccos to the original line, but with more age making it incredibly smooth. The H2000 wrapper is placed atop a superb Nicaraguan binder and a blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian tobaccos, for a combination of spicy, creamy and slightly sweet.

 Unlike the original Montecristo 2000, the 2000 LE is very limited in quantities. It is packaged in wonderful boxes of 10 and are already selling fast. Pick up your box of the brand new Montecristo 2000 Limited Edition Toro right now at Serious Cigars.

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