Gurkha cigars are known for two things: a plethora of rich, enticing blends and their ridiculously awesome giveaways. Gurkha is a very military themed company, with many of their best cigars such as the Ancient Warrior, the Genghis Khan and the Assassin all taking their inspiration of notions of battle. This had led the company to focus many of their accessories and giveaways around a military theme.

 We have seen several awesome products from Gurkha outside of their great cigars. They have a whole series of knives that actually hold an edge and are quite affective. At some events, they’ve been known giveaway a sniper rifle, which is so crazy its awesome. However, their most popular giveaway has to be their military style backpacks.

 So for this weeks Serious Contest, we are offering up one of these limited bags for our loyal customers. They are durable, light and equipped with as many pouches and straps as you can think of. They are awesome for traveling and also a great place to keep your cigars on the road. So for the next two days, visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page. Share, like, and comment on the picture. Whoever leaves the coolest comment will win.

 Don’t forget, this contest only lasts 48 hours, so the minute you see this head over to our social media pages and share, like, and comment for your chance to win this awesome backpack from Gurkha.

 The team here at Serious Cigars are open to all tobacco types. There is no wrapper variety or country that we would turn away, in fact some of our favorites are rolled with tobaccos we would usually stay away from. That being said, we all tend to lean towards one wrapper if we HAD to choose only one, and there is one company that really does it the best. That wrapper is the Connecticut broadleaf. Its rich robust flavor and notes of sweetness just really hits us in the right spot. While there are several companies with top notch broadleaf cigars such as Drew Estate, Dunbarton and Foundation, for some reason we always end up with a Tatuaje. From the monster series to the highly coveted Pork Tenderloin, a Tatuaje Broadleaf is just magic.

 So when they released their Reserva Broadleaf line, we were ecstatic. This is one of our favorite general releases from the company, who is typically known for their limited editions and seasonal blends. They are hand rolled with aged Nicaraguan tobacco straight from Don Pepin Garicia and the My Father team. They are then cloaked with that majestic Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, adding in wonderful notes of chocolate, coffee, sweetness and nuts.

 While the Reserva Broadleaf are available in a number of sizes we do have our favorites, as everyone does. The Noellas are a wonderful short smoke that packs a lot of flavor and a lot of smoke. If you are looking for a long relaxing after dinner cigar, you should definitely check out the Tainos, which takes its name from the tribe that once occupied Cuba and where many of the best Cuban cigars take their inspiration.

 Check out the full line of the Tatuaje Reserva Broadleaf right here at Serious Cigars.

 Black Label Trading Company is my favorite manufacturer for the last year. Yes, I understand they have been around for a bit, but as I’ve smoked more and more of their products and got to know the owners personally, I have found myself enthralled by not only their product, but they way in which they conduct business. They are a small company, in fact probably one of the smallest that still maintains their own factory. This hasn’t stopped them from making some of the best and most creative blends on the market. They like to keep things small, it helps them in maintain the amazing quality this cigars have come to be known for. This year, we have the pleasure of seeing the general release of one of their best known limited editions.

 Last year, through the Black Works Studio division, the company released a limited edition known as the Sindustry. It was a full bodied, full flavored beauty that was initially only available at 4 retailers throughout the country. This year, we are seeing the general release of this highly sought after cigar. It features aged Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos along with a stunning Mexican San Andres wrapper, giving it powerful notes of dark chocolate, leather and spice.

 Like many of the cigars being released through Black Works Studio, the Sindustry is very limited. Luckily, we were able to procure a few boxes right here at Serious Cigars. Make sure to check them out before it’s too late.

Camacho is the bold cigar of choice for aficionados looking for a rich, heavy, and flavorful smoke. They are known for their complexity, strength, and unique use of various tobaccos in their blends. Let’s not forget, Camacho was the first company ever to utilize maduro tobacco for the wrapper, binder and filler. Camacho puts the same passion and creativity into all of their blends, including the fan favorite, Camacho Ecuador.

 While I am a fan of the entire Camacho line, and I feel like they each bring something unique to the table, the Camacho Ecuador is the most balanced of the lot. It is hand rolled with aged Dominican Pelo de Oro and rich Honduran filler tobaccos, giving you a combinations of earth and leather with a dash of cedar and nuts. Its Brazilian Mata Fina binder adds a powerful mid layer to the cigar. The finishing touch, and the highlight of this cigar is the exquisite Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. It has almost no blemishes, it is oily, and packed with spicy rich flavor.

 We at Serious Cigars always felt that usually you should go with the most mellow option of a cigar brand in order to get a feel for the cigar. However, with Camacho we 100% suggest to try out the Ecuador. It is not the most mellow cigar in their lineup, but it is the most balanced. Each of the layers of tobacco compliment each other perfectly for a top of the line, complex smoke.

 The tradition of cigar smoking is far older than any of us and will be here long after we are gone. Its an art form, a passion, a hobby with roots dating back hundreds of years. That’s is why I appreciate companies such as Cornelius & Anthony, who creates new and exciting blends, but themed their cigars on their family background. They understand and appreciate not only their own history, but the storied past of cigar smoking. This is why, I believe, Debonaire Cigars has also seen tremendous success.

 Debonaire was created by two individuals with deep cigar backgrounds. They are committed to creating the finest blends using only the best aged tobaccos throughout central and South America. Their brand is a throwback to a simpler time, where gentleman of high standing would relax and enjoy their cigars while discussing the topics of the day. It is a beautiful homage to a simpler time where cigars played an important part in the daily lives of the upper class gents.

 Serious Cigars is proud to announce that we now carry several lines from this luxurious company. Another terrific aspect about Debonaire is their versatility. They have blends for every type of palate. For a smooth, mellow to medium you can enjoy the Debonaire Daybreak. If spice is more your thing, enjoy the zesty Debonaire Habano. Finally, for the rich, chocolate fans out there, enjoy the robust and flavorful Debonaire Maduro.

 Its time for us to all remember where we came from and how far we’ve come. Lets take a moment to appreciate not only what we have today, but the amazing cigars we all have the pleasure to enjoy. Pick up your box of Debonaire cigars right now at Serious Cigars.

As the great Don Carlos Fuente once said, “you cant rush the hands of time”. Truer words have never been spoken. The Fuente family has taken this mantra and used it to become one of the leading manufacturers of premium cigars in the world. From their 8-5-8 and Chateau lines to their luxurious Hemingway and Don Carlos cigars, Arturo Fuente has always been first and foremost about quality and patience. No cigar in the world better exemplifies these principles then the legendary Fuente Fuente Opus X, which is one of the best and most sought after cigars in history.

 For nearly 100 years since the creating of this company, they have never let time stop them. Through various disasters in Nicaragua to full brans burning down in the Dominican Republic, they have always persevered and have crafted the worlds finest products.

 In celebration of the excellence espoused by Arturo Fuente, we are giving you a chance to own one of their best looking accessories, the coveted Hands of Time ashtray. For the next two days, visit either our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page and like, comment, and share the picture of the ashtray. Whoever does all three and leaves the best comment will win this one of a kind, beautiful piece.

 Unlike the Fuente philosophy, time is now a factor. By tomorrow night, the contest will end and we will choose a winner so make sure to check out all of our social pages for your chance to win.

 Patek Phillipe, Rolls Royce, Bollinger…these are names that have become synonymous with luxury. When it comes to cigars in the luxury category, Davidoff reigns supreme. Not only do they make the most sought after and illustrious cigars on the market, their storied past and renowned founder makes them a pillar in the history of the cigar industry. From a small shop in Switzerland to Madison avenue in New York, the Davidoff brand has become one of the most well-known and respected cigar brands in the world.

 Zino Davidoff ran a small tobacconist shop in Geneva starting in 1936. He had become very well-known through the tobacco world for running one of the most prestigious, high end cigar shops in the world at that time. In 1967 he wrote The Connoisseurs Book of the Cigar, an early guide book to cigar etiquette, which is now on the shelves of every aficionados bookshelf. This made him a central figure in the industry, and he was soon approached by the Cuban government who were interested in attaching his name to a cigar.

 The original Davidoff brand was then born, and went on to be the cigar of choice for high society. They continued to produce their cigars in Cuba until 1991. After several arguments between the factory and Zino over quality, and the fact that he publicly burned over 100,000 of his own cigars several years earlier feeling they were subpar, the two decided to cease their working relationship.

 Immediately after this, Zino moved production of his name brand to the Dominican Republic, where they continue to be made today. They started out suing the same front marks as their Cuban versions such as the Aniversario and the Gran Cru.

 Although they were always of the highest quality, Davidoff tended to make most of their blends in a smaller size and using a more mellow blend. As times changed they began to create larger sizes and more complex blends. Recently, we have seen the highly rated Davidoff Winston Churchill and the Churchill Late Hour series, as well as their Nicaragua blend and their recent 702 release.

 The price tag might be higher than usually, but when you are dealing with a high end, luxury product, you see where your money goes. There are exceptionally smooth, flavorful and have some of the best construction of any cigar line ever created. Treat yourself to the premier line and enjoy a Davidoff today.


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