Camacho is the bold cigar of choice for aficionados looking for a rich, heavy, and flavorful smoke. They are known for their complexity, strength, and unique use of various tobaccos in their blends. Let’s not forget, Camacho was the first company ever to utilize maduro tobacco for the wrapper, binder and filler. Camacho puts the same passion and creativity into all of their blends, including the fan favorite, Camacho Ecuador.

 While I am a fan of the entire Camacho line, and I feel like they each bring something unique to the table, the Camacho Ecuador is the most balanced of the lot. It is hand rolled with aged Dominican Pelo de Oro and rich Honduran filler tobaccos, giving you a combinations of earth and leather with a dash of cedar and nuts. Its Brazilian Mata Fina binder adds a powerful mid layer to the cigar. The finishing touch, and the highlight of this cigar is the exquisite Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. It has almost no blemishes, it is oily, and packed with spicy rich flavor.

 We at Serious Cigars always felt that usually you should go with the most mellow option of a cigar brand in order to get a feel for the cigar. However, with Camacho we 100% suggest to try out the Ecuador. It is not the most mellow cigar in their lineup, but it is the most balanced. Each of the layers of tobacco compliment each other perfectly for a top of the line, complex smoke.

 The tradition of cigar smoking is far older than any of us and will be here long after we are gone. Its an art form, a passion, a hobby with roots dating back hundreds of years. That’s is why I appreciate companies such as Cornelius & Anthony, who creates new and exciting blends, but themed their cigars on their family background. They understand and appreciate not only their own history, but the storied past of cigar smoking. This is why, I believe, Debonaire Cigars has also seen tremendous success.

 Debonaire was created by two individuals with deep cigar backgrounds. They are committed to creating the finest blends using only the best aged tobaccos throughout central and South America. Their brand is a throwback to a simpler time, where gentleman of high standing would relax and enjoy their cigars while discussing the topics of the day. It is a beautiful homage to a simpler time where cigars played an important part in the daily lives of the upper class gents.

 Serious Cigars is proud to announce that we now carry several lines from this luxurious company. Another terrific aspect about Debonaire is their versatility. They have blends for every type of palate. For a smooth, mellow to medium you can enjoy the Debonaire Daybreak. If spice is more your thing, enjoy the zesty Debonaire Habano. Finally, for the rich, chocolate fans out there, enjoy the robust and flavorful Debonaire Maduro.

 Its time for us to all remember where we came from and how far we’ve come. Lets take a moment to appreciate not only what we have today, but the amazing cigars we all have the pleasure to enjoy. Pick up your box of Debonaire cigars right now at Serious Cigars.

As the great Don Carlos Fuente once said, “you cant rush the hands of time”. Truer words have never been spoken. The Fuente family has taken this mantra and used it to become one of the leading manufacturers of premium cigars in the world. From their 8-5-8 and Chateau lines to their luxurious Hemingway and Don Carlos cigars, Arturo Fuente has always been first and foremost about quality and patience. No cigar in the world better exemplifies these principles then the legendary Fuente Fuente Opus X, which is one of the best and most sought after cigars in history.

 For nearly 100 years since the creating of this company, they have never let time stop them. Through various disasters in Nicaragua to full brans burning down in the Dominican Republic, they have always persevered and have crafted the worlds finest products.

 In celebration of the excellence espoused by Arturo Fuente, we are giving you a chance to own one of their best looking accessories, the coveted Hands of Time ashtray. For the next two days, visit either our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page and like, comment, and share the picture of the ashtray. Whoever does all three and leaves the best comment will win this one of a kind, beautiful piece.

 Unlike the Fuente philosophy, time is now a factor. By tomorrow night, the contest will end and we will choose a winner so make sure to check out all of our social pages for your chance to win.

 Patek Phillipe, Rolls Royce, Bollinger…these are names that have become synonymous with luxury. When it comes to cigars in the luxury category, Davidoff reigns supreme. Not only do they make the most sought after and illustrious cigars on the market, their storied past and renowned founder makes them a pillar in the history of the cigar industry. From a small shop in Switzerland to Madison avenue in New York, the Davidoff brand has become one of the most well-known and respected cigar brands in the world.

 Zino Davidoff ran a small tobacconist shop in Geneva starting in 1936. He had become very well-known through the tobacco world for running one of the most prestigious, high end cigar shops in the world at that time. In 1967 he wrote The Connoisseurs Book of the Cigar, an early guide book to cigar etiquette, which is now on the shelves of every aficionados bookshelf. This made him a central figure in the industry, and he was soon approached by the Cuban government who were interested in attaching his name to a cigar.

 The original Davidoff brand was then born, and went on to be the cigar of choice for high society. They continued to produce their cigars in Cuba until 1991. After several arguments between the factory and Zino over quality, and the fact that he publicly burned over 100,000 of his own cigars several years earlier feeling they were subpar, the two decided to cease their working relationship.

 Immediately after this, Zino moved production of his name brand to the Dominican Republic, where they continue to be made today. They started out suing the same front marks as their Cuban versions such as the Aniversario and the Gran Cru.

 Although they were always of the highest quality, Davidoff tended to make most of their blends in a smaller size and using a more mellow blend. As times changed they began to create larger sizes and more complex blends. Recently, we have seen the highly rated Davidoff Winston Churchill and the Churchill Late Hour series, as well as their Nicaragua blend and their recent 702 release.

 The price tag might be higher than usually, but when you are dealing with a high end, luxury product, you see where your money goes. There are exceptionally smooth, flavorful and have some of the best construction of any cigar line ever created. Treat yourself to the premier line and enjoy a Davidoff today.

 For Nearly 2 decades, Rocky Patel has been a force to be reckoned with. He is one of the premier blenders in the cigar industry and is one of is most visible members. What makes rocky even more interesting, especially with what the cigar industry is currently facing, is his law background. Before becoming one of the most prominent members of the cigar community, Rocky Patel was a legendary Hollywood attorney, representing some of the most recognizable movie stars of the time.

 With FDA regulations currently shadowing over the industry, Rocky has been front and center fighting the good fight. He appeared on Fox news just a few months ago, representing the industry against regulations that could hurt it irrevocably. Being born and India, Rocky immigrated to the United States, so he thoroughly understands the value of freedom and the promise of freedom America has always represented.

 To celebrate the 4th of July and to honor this amazing figure who has fought for us all, we are doing a two day only contest. Wednesday Morning, we will posting a picture of a Rocky Patel Liberty ashtray on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Like, share and comment the picture in order to enter to win. Whoever leaves the best comment will win this amazing and patriotic piece of cigar history. Make sure you check out our Facebook and Instagram pages so you don’t miss it… Let Freedom Ring!

Every year the Camacho brand releases its highly anticipated Camacho Liberty cigar. This is a release that has the cigar connoisseur waiting with bated breath. Starting in the summer of 2002, the Camacho Liberty series was released. They are typically made with Habana tobacco, of which there is only one crop, which makes it a very distinct stick. This year, the company has decided to go back to its roots, and is calling this release the Camacho Liberty 2018 Throwback Toro. This is in reference to its blend, which as the same as the 2005 release.

The Camacho brand and name plays a significant role in the history of cigars The Camacho brand began in 1961, by Simon Camacho. He opened up his first factory in Miami, and began producing cigars made from Central American provenance. In 1995, after the death of Mr. Camacho, Camacho was purchased by Caribe Imported Cigars, a company owned by the Eiroa Family. After several years of success, the Eiroa Family sold the Camacho brand to Davidoff.

This years blend uses 100% Honduran tobacco, including aged Honduran Corojo tobaccos for the filler and binder as well as a stunning Honduran Maduro wrapper.

The wrapper is a semi dark chocolate color and is consistent throughout with medium sized veins. There are two bands on the wrapper that come off with ease to ensure that there is no damage when you remove them. The cigar is lighter than others and is evenly filled with no soft spots.

The aroma is of the Spanish Cedar it comes encased in. As with the aroma, the taste is of the cedar and spices when you first start. The second third has more of a coffee taste with a nice hint of nuts. The final third is a terrific finish of spices, cedar, nuts and coffee. It is a medium strength cigar with a mildly smooth and creamy finish. The draw has little resistance and produces a fair amount of smoke. Because of that, it tends to burn a bit fast. The ash holds together well, even into the second third of the cigar and the burn line is very thin. The draw is fairly easy during the pre-light and continues throughout the rest of the smoke.

As with each Liberty release, they are quite limited in number. This is not only an amazing and storied brand, but is perfect for your 4th of July Holiday. Light up the new Camacho Liberty Series 2018 today at Serious Cigars.

An original Indian Motorcycle is the Holy Grail of the biker community. Although the company has recently revamped and has started putting new bikes onto the market, an original vintage Indian are highly priced and highly sought after. This mechanical piece of art evokes notions of craftsmanship, quality, and skill.

Three years ago, a company called Debonair Cigars wished to launch a new brand that conjured up the same characteristics, so what better name to choose then Indian Motorcycle. These delicious cigars are hand rolled gems that use aged Dominican tobacco for a smooth, rich core. They are available in two distinct wrappers. First you have the rich and chocolatey broadleaf wrapper. If you enjoy a something more on the spicy side, they also have a zesty Habano.

Serious Cigars is proud to announce that we will begin carrying the Indian Motorcycle Cigar line. Now our customers can enjoy the flavors, quality and prestige that comes with smoking this amazing cigar. Check back soon for your box!


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