Xikar Cigar Cutters

Xikar Cigar Cutters

Silver Calacas XI2 Double-Bladed Cutter

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  • $67.95
Considered the best in the business by serious cigar aficionados, XIKAR Cigar cutters are bold, masculine, and beautifully engineered. Available in a ...Read More

Also available as 3D Mayan Cigar Cutter,Black & Red XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Black Calacas XI2 Double-Bladed Cutter,Black Metal V-Cut,Black Pull-Out Punch With Key Ring,Black Twist Punch With Key Ring,Black V-Cut Key Chain,Black X875 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Blue & Black XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Blue & Orange XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Blue & Red XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Blue XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Burl Wood Wing Cigar Cutter,Carbon Fiber,Carbon Fiber Key Chain V-Cut,Carbon Fiber XI2 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Enlightened Silver Calacas XI2 Double-Bladed Cutter,Gold & Black Cutter XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Gold & Red XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Granite Gray XI2 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Green & Gold XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Gunmetal Pull-Out Punch With Key Ring,Gunmetal Twist Punch With Key Ring,Gunmetal V-Cut,Gunmetal V-Cut Key Chain,Lapis XI2 Double-Bladed Guillotine,M8 Bead Blast 70 Ring Cutter,M8 Black Cutter,M8 Chrome / Silver Cutter,M8 Gunmetal 70 Ring Cutter,Mesh V-Cut,Noir XI2 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Orange & Black XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Orange & Navy Blue XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Pearl XI2 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Phantom / Redwood Cigar Cutter,Red & Gold XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Red Spark Plug Punch With Key Ring,Red XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Red XI2 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Silver & Black XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Silver Bandido Calacas XI2 Double-Bladed Cutter,Silver Pull-Out Punch With Key Ring,Silver Twist Punch With Key Ring,Silver V-Cut,Silver V-Cut Key Chain,Silver XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Titanium Black XI3 Double-Bladed Guillotine,Titanium XI1 Double-Bladed Guillotine,VX2 V-Cut Gunmetal,VX2 V-Cut Red,VX2 V-Cut Silver,Vivid Black Calacas XI2 Double-Bladed Cutter,White Spark Plug Punch With Key Ring,X0 B2 Honeycomb Cutter,X0 Black & Black Cutter,X0 Black Cutter,X0 Blue Cutter,X0 Bronze Cutter,X0 Chopper Orange Cutter,X0 Chrome Cutter,X0 Gunmetal & Honeycomb Cutter,X0 Gunmetal Cutter,X0 Red and Black Cutter,X0 Silver with Black Blades Cutter,X11 Double Bladed Guillotine Cutter,X8 Carbon Fiber Cutter,X8 Mesh Look Cutter,X8 Silver Cutter,XI1 Room 101 Blingtastic Double-Bladed Guillotine,XI1 Room 101 Daruma Double-Bladed Guillotine,XI1 Room 101 JYA Double-Bladed Guillotine,XI1 Room 101 Skulls Double-Bladed Guillotine,XI2 USA Cutter,XI3 Phantom Cigar Cutter,XI3 Phantom Cutter,XO Phantom Redwood Cutter,XO Phantom Spalt Cutter,XO Redwood Cutter,Xikar Bead Blast MTX Multi-Tool Cutter,Xikar Black MTX Multi-Tool Cutter,Xikar Chrome/Silver MTX Multi-Tool Cutter,Xikar First Class Gift Pack.

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  • QuantityTotal$67.95
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