Ever wonder about what changes are happening with your favorite brands and manufacturers or what news is going on in the cigar industry?

John Miller is the New CEO of Swisher International. 

Davidoff will be shipping New Year of the Dog starting November 1st.

Raphael Nodal has been named the head of Product Capability for Altadis USA.  He will oversee all Tobacco operations for the manufacturer. .

Robert Caldwell is releasing two new blends from his Lost and Found Series.  Although originally only available in Sweden, Robert has announced they will now be offered in the US. .

Foundation founder Nick Melillo has taken over full distribution of his Upsetters line.  Formerly, distribution was being handled by Miami Cigar & Co. .

Fratello has begun to ship its brand new Navetta line.  It was made to honor founder Omar Frias’s time working for NASA. It uses tobaccos from Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. .

The newest addition to the Tatuaje Monster Series has begun to hit the shelves.  Named “The Michael” after Michael Myers, it features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper over Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos. .

The new Pappy Van Winkle Tradition has begun to ship to retailers.  This is the second incarnation of the Pappy Van Winkle cigar from Drew Estate.  The first was a limited edition that was sold exclusively through the Pappy Van Winkle website.  This addition will be a general release.

Davidoff has released the final two additions to its new Master Selection Line. .

Late last month, a truck load of cigars from Drew Estate was stolen.  The truck mostly contained Tabak Especial and Undercrown Shade. The investigation is ongoing. .

601 cigars have gone through some changes over the past couple years. Eddie and Erik ended their partnership to both pursue their own brands. They are still good friends. While there are a couple lines of the 601 left, most are gone forever. The best selling 601 Maduro was the all time favorite.


Camacho has discontinued the following cigar lines: Coyolar, SLR Select and 10th Anniversary. Their portfolio has been slimmed form 11 lines to 6: Corojo, Corojo Maduro, Connecticut, Criollo (previously Havana), Triple Maduro and Diploma. Of these six, all except the Triple Maduro and Connecticut have been re-blended.


Room 101 OSOK was a limited edition cigar created by Matt Booth to honor Edgar Hoill and is gone forever. we are happy the Namakubi EC line is a fusion of this wrapper and binder, with the filler of the original Namakubi line.


Rocky Patel has discontinued several lines: 1961, Decade Limitada, Squared, Patel Bros, Renaissance, Special Edition Humo Jaguar, Spring Collection, Summer Collection, Winter Collection. The brand continues with a nice selection of high quality cigars.


Butera Maduro cigars are gone forever, but the Royal Vintage and Vintage Select series are still available.


The Maria Guerrero brand was discontinued by the manufacturer in 2000. They are gone forever.


We no longer carry La Unica. These smooth, mild to medium smokes featured a Connecticut wrapper.


La Escepcion Cigars are gone forever. Originally a Cuban brand that stood in the shadows of Hoyo de Monterrey until General Cigar unveiled its new expression of the brand by honoring its full-flavored tradition. La Escepcion debuted with a bold ensemble, boasting the world's first Ometepe binder. Handcrafted in Honduras, this medium-bodied smoke featured a unique blend of proprietary Nicaraguan tobaccos and was enveloped in lustrous Honduran Habano Talanga.


Padilla is bidding farewell to the following lines: Miami, Signature 1932, Dominus and Artemis.


Juan Lopez is no longer available. This stick, a dark and incredibly rich square pressed cigar, was made with 100% ultra rich Nicaraguan tobacco.


We bid farewell to Da Vinci Cigars. These smokes were known for their chocolaty brown Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper that embraced a richly full-bodied Nicaraguan binder and filler.


H Upmann Classic cigars are gone forever. H Upmann has introduced a new blend, 1844 Reserve, that replaces the Classic.


EP Carrillo Short Run 2010 cigars are gone. These were, as they say, a short run and very limited. The Short Run 2011 is still available for your smoking pleasure.


Don Pepin El Centurion is back.


The 601 Ecuadorian Connecticut series is gone forever. This smoke was an exquisite blend of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos wrapped with a beautiful, rich and oily Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Blended with rich, aromatic Nicaraguan fillers and binder, this is far richer and more full-bodied than any Connecticut wrapper cigar you have smoked. Oh, how we will miss you!


Defiance Cigars are no longer being manufactured. The brand was established for two simple reasons: to give cigar lovers a premium cigar with no equal and to give them a voice to fight for their right to smoke it!


601 Cubao series is no longer being manufactured. If this is your favorite brand, you better stock up while they last!


Romeo y Julieta has new packaging for their 1875 and Reserva Real lines. Same great blend with re-designed boxes.


Romeo y Julieta Edicion Limitada is, as its name suggests, a limited edition and is no longer being made. Get them while we have them.


Illusione Nosotros - Remember those? They were gone as soon as they hit the shelves. Nosotros was a great smoke that Drew Estate made for Illusione. Things just did not work out and BAM, they were gone. Retired for now.