With the prices of stogies rising, it is great to know that there are wonderful cigar reviews done by many different connoisseurs and aficionados. This information is very helpful because these evaluations cover many different areas that concern smokers. Information such as how much the smoke is if only buying one or how much one can expect to pay for a box of them is all included.

Cigar reviews also include information about where to find the rarer stogies. Some are produced in a limited quantity because they are each made by hand. Other reasons might include an extended maturation time that may be demanded by the manufacturer. This can make rare sticks even harder to find.

Other things that are covered in these evaluations of the various different smokes would include but not be limited to the following:

• Wrapper information

• Filler information

• Origin of the tobacco

• Appearance

• Dry draw analysis

• Taste and flavor notes

• Rating of the body (i.e. medium or full bodied)

• Complexity of the smoke

• Description of the various stages of the stogie

• Recommended beverages as an accompaniment such as water, wine or bourbon

There are many different types and sizes of stogies on the market. Cigar reviews help the aficionado or the novice smoker sort through all of them without having to purchase each and every one. This is especially helpful because there are new tobacco manufacturers as well as stogie producers coming into the market each year. It would take a humidor that was the size of a small skyscraper to house them all and a bank account that had an endless supply of cash.

Cigar reviews can also allow for the person giving the analysis the chance to voice their own personal opinion about the smoke and why this is their overall rating of the smoke. This would be helpful to the person reading the evaluation and discovering that this particular stick has flavor notes of cocoa which is a flavor that they do not care for and would want to avoid. This keeps that person reading the analysis from wasting money on a stogie that they would never enjoy.

Cigar reviews are also helpful because they allow for the truth to be told through the typical hype that is always surrounding a new release by a company or even a new company. Many stogie shops include an area on their websites for people to post their various different opinions about the smokes. This gives each customer something to judge their next purchase on as a basis.

These evaluations can also help a person decide upon the perfect gift for a friend, family member, colleague, co-worker or client. An example would be avoiding a stogie that had strong notes of coffee because the person that will be receiving does not enjoy or drink coffee.

These evaluations are also quite helpful because most manufacturers do not disclose a lot about their products because they want the consumer to buy them and try them for themselves.

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