Serious Cigars has cigar Lighters of all types and sizes. Everything from small, Zippo lighters to blazing table top lighters can be found in our repertoire. Torch Flame and circular flame lighters provide windproof lighting. Elegant designs and craftsmanship make cigar lighters excellent gifts that become heirlooms and mementos for years to come.


These cigar lighters are made by the leading cigar manufacturers from around the world. They carry the logos of famous brands. Just a few of these brands include, but are not limited to, the following



Atoll has always aimed to make the very best hand-made cigar lighter in the world. Featuring fine Italian leathers and rare exotic hardwoods, these lighters are truly superb in performance and elegant in form. 


Blazer Zplus

If you have burned through an old Zippo, do not throw it away. You can actually keep on using it with The Blazer Zplus. This insert fits right where the old insert was and transforms your throwaway into the equivalent of a brand new cigar lighter.



X·tend Dupont cigar lighters are some of the most coveted cigar lighters in the world. They burn with a laser flame that shoots out of the top. 



Lotus lighters are made with a sportive European design and state of the art manufacturing. 



The Porsche cigar lighter is an example to us all that form truly follows function. The circular flame jet can operate reliably even in storm winds, while the jet flame has a piezo ignition and rib structure designed for safety



The Prometheus circular flame jet utilizes 23 merged flames to create a windproof light. The Torch Flame Prometheus will open and close automatically when you press and release the ignition button. 


Rocky Patel

Table top cigar lighters made by Rocky Patel are some of the best you can buy. The Winter collection table top lighter is made to go with the winter collection cigar.



The triple torch, table top cigar lighter made by Tatuaje features a modern architectonic design that makes it truly one of a kind. Single action ignition opens the protective burner cylinder housing and ignites the flame at a perfect angle. 


The Burner

This fine, high quality table top cigar lighter can be your new best friend. Unlike many torch lighters that char the end of the cigar, the Burner has a quick flash light that lights without charring. A butane canister on the lighter will hold enough fluid to last for two full hours of continuous burn time. This is equivalent to an entire box of cigars. 


The Govner

This unique micro-torch lighter will burn with a sharp flame that is truly fantastic. It holds enough fuel to burn for a full hour. 



Xikar lighters are meant to combine functionality with class and reliable use. Backed by a lifetime warranty, all Xikar cigar lighter give smokers exactly what they need at home, in the boardroom, or in the cigar lounge. In many ways, they are fire reinvented, and they represent true refinement with sense and sensibility.

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