Exactly what would the world be like without cigar ashtrays? What would we do? 


What DO WE DO when there is none to be found at the table?


This is the million dollar question of the day. 


No doubt we have all been to those establishments that seem to lack awareness of the basic needs of smokers. They give us this little place to sit in the corner, or maybe even an entire patio. But when we need an ashtray, there is none to be found.  


We often wonder at some times if we are being quietly judged. We probably are. When we consider that the current media campaigns against smoking have affected all levels of society, we can see how one of the more simple pleasures of life has become complicated and not so simple anymore.


Well, in spite of the attempts of the multitude to tell you that you are wrong, you are not wrong. Nor do you have to react to these little “messages” with bad form. 


You can respond quietly and positively to these little challenges of social conditioning not by protesting or walking out of the room, but by simply bringing your own cigar ashtray to the table.

That’s right. With one simple, matter-of-fact act of self-reliance, you can show the world that your life is going quite beautifully and quite well with a cigar in the one hand, and your own personal cigar ashtray advertising your favorite brand or favorite design right there on the table for all to see. 


This is a walk-softly-and-carry-a-big-cigar way of saying you intend to live long and prosper by sheer willpower alone. 


Of course, because cigar smoking is just as much a matter of style as it is of personal enjoyment, you should choose a cigar ashtray that adds an additional touch of sense and sensibility to the calm repose and sheer pleasure of the present moment.


After all this is your moment, your cigar, your illustrious ashtray. Period.


Let’s take a look now at some of the unique designs that will help you state your case for uniqueness, freedom, and your own individualized view of the world:


Classic Ceramic

The jet black Ashton is an iconic symbol blazoned in the minds of us all. This four cigar ashtray features the gold Ashton brand and crown around the edges. Thousands of these are found throughout the world in cigar shops, public cafes, and in the private dens of quiet smokers late at night. When they are not found, they are brought by cigar smokers as encouraged above.


Ceramic Car-Shaped Cigar Ashtrays

Ashton car-shaped cigar ashtrays are chic models of your favorite classics that let you savor the fullness of your own classic moment. La Aroma de Cuba Car Ashtrays add character and ambience to any setting, indoors or out.


Bram Warren Ashtrays

Every single cigar ashtray in this collection is hand-made and is a truly unique and beautiful creation. Very functional, yet also extremely decorative, they are available in many different materials including amber, onyx, tortoise shell, burnt clay, and conference bronze.


Classic Silver Color

This car cigar ashtray fits into the cup holder in your vehicle.



Porcelain ashtrays look good anywhere you place them, wherever you go. 


Stinky Cigar Ashtray

This ashtray is deep and shaped like a bowl. Its huge size makes it able to hold a mountain of debris, including ash, cigar butts, matches, even cigar bands.


If you want to make a statement of TRUE CLASS and show the world just how conscientious smokers really can be, this ashtray is the ticket for you.


Since people don`t want to litter the table, they will very often toss the cigar cellophane and cedar packaging sleeves into the ashtray. Now, with Stinky’s big bowl design, you can smoke all evening without the ashtray spilling over and making a mess.

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