LaCima Cigars Nicaraguan Pure but Not Simple

LaCima Cigars Offer Full Bodied Splendor.The LaCima cigars, both the classic and the ENg lines, are the brainchild of two masters in the trade; Arsenio Ramos and Gracia y Leon.  Whenever aficionados hear either of these names they know that they are in for a treat unlike any other.  These lines are new and have only been around for about a year and a half, but both have won critical acclaim from those in the industry.

LaCima cigars are known as Nicaraguan puros.  This basically means that the binder, filler and wrapper are all Nicaraguan tobaccos grown from the same area.  With the ENg line being rated as more of a medium type of offering and the Classic line being a more full bodied type of offering, there is something for just about any type of cigar smoking preference to be found within these two lines.

LaCima cigars are reviewed as being full of a great peppery taste that hits the flavor notes of just about any kind of pepper that there could possibly be, from red peppers to green peppers; these sticks have them all.  The tingling sensation of eating a really spicy dish is the same tantalizing taste sensation that these sticks bring to the palate.  Add to this a bit of bitterness with a hint of sweetness and the flavor profile is ramped up quite a bit.  Add in some nutty notes along with brief passing wafts of leather and the taste just keeps coming.

LaCima cigars offer a great taste combination that is perfect whether it is the first smoke of the day or that great after dinner stick that so many people love to enjoy after a meal.  Aficionados are bound to stock more of these two wonderful lines in their humidors as time goes on.

LaCima Classic Cigars Leave Smokers Wanting More

La Cima Classic Cigars leave smokers wanting more.Choosing an amazing, all day smoke has been made easy with La Cima Classic cigars.  Delicious dark chocolate melds seamlessly with a spiciness that will leave those folks appreciating a full-bodied smoke and begging for more. Combining secret techniques with wonderfully sun aged Nicaraguan tobacco ensures a better grasp on every toke of this amazing stogie.

Having a La Cima Classic cigar in every humidor is a wonderful goal for such a fine smoke.  There are tons of reasons to appreciate and enjoy such great commodities.  Sure, a great smoke is a nice gift for one’s self or others, and the possibilities are limitless.  In cigar gift baskets, these make a wonderful centerpiece drawing the attention to the woodsy aroma with hints of the darkest chocolate.

La Cima Classic cigars have a reputation in the tobacco industry because they are seamlessly perfect.  Each smoke has been hand rolled for maximum benefits.  Delicious veins are barely noticeable on the dark wrapper.  The smell is simply breathtaking with the best of Nicaraguan tobaccos used to please even the most hardcore enthusiasts.

Deliciousness is often a matter of opinion.  Every reviewer raves about this creation.  A La Cima Classic cigar is a great way to enjoy the best without spending a lot of money.  The land is perfect in Nicaragua having dark, rich soil and the perfect combination of sun and natural shade.  Nothing compares to these.

When it comes to having the best in tobacco, La Cima Classic cigars provide a superiority that cannot be replicated by other companies.  Deliciousness blends with a woodsy aroma.  It leaves the smoker coming back for more.

La Cima ENg Cigar Delights All Day Long

La Cima ENg CigarsWith the release of La Cima ENg cigars, the privately held company has mastered the medium-bodied stogie to the delight of smokers across the globe.  Availability is definitely made easy with a variety of popular sizes providing easy choosing for the smoker.  Everything about this stogie is classy, and the construction is an amazing example of how a stogie should be made.

The La Cima ENg cigar is definitely a trendsetter.  With the popular Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, the smoker is guaranteed a better experience with each toke.  The high quality Ecuadorian Connecticut is used primarily for premium smokes, and this is a premium stogie like no other.

Nicaragua is the home for the popular filler and binder.  With origins deep within the Nicaraguan countryside, La Cima ENg cigars are a delicious example of why Nicaragua is the home for the finest smokes in the world.  The climate and environment are the perfect setting for tobacco growth.

Choosing just one smoke for the humidor is not always easy, but the great news is that these are wonderful because of the perfect all-day flavor.  The La Cima ENg cigar is woodsy and smooth with an even burn for less mess and more enjoyment.  Even the ash and smoke is beautifully colored and smells delightful.

Making the better choice means understanding La Cima ENg cigars.  Providing a large array of sizes, every toke provides an evenly medium-bodied taste that is appreciated and enjoyed by all levels of partakers any time of the day.  Visiting your preferred online cigar store and adding a few of these to the humidor just makes good commonsense.