Stand Out With A Corporate Christmas Gift Baskets For Cigar Enthusiast

During the holiday season, the best way to treat coworkers who are tobacco enthusiasts is with corporate Christmas gift baskets that feature cigar samplers and accessories. Every year around the holidays, many stogie producers make their finest blends available in sampler packs. While sampler cigars were once considered a way to bundle inferior products together, this is no longer the case. Instead, many brands like to showcase their expertise with these sticks, making them an easy choice for impressing a work colleague.

Sampler packs from major manufacturers, like Perdomo, Carlos Torano, Rocky Patel, Davidoff, L Atelier, CAO and Saint Luis Rey can fill out any corporate Christmas gift baskets, but they should be accompanied by other accessories. Humidifying is an important part of this smoking experience because this preserves the stick and encourages flavor development over time. Humidifiers, therefore, are an important piece every serious tobacco enthusiast should have. Fortunately, there are many to choose from, from simple sleeves that can humidify a single stogie to elegant wooden pieces that can store dozens of smokes. Davidoff and Savoy produce a number of Spanish cedar humidors that are both functional and beautiful.

Cigar cutters, draw enhancers and holders are all small items that aficionados can get great use from. Draw enhancers help open up a tight draw on a stogie, making it easier to smoke. Cigar holders allow a smoker to put down their stogie without worrying about it moving around or getting dirty. Ashtrays and lighters can also become treasured keepsakes, especially those that are designed like pieces of art. Porcelain ashtrays and flip-top lighters are nice to look at, but are also highly functional, like the best cigars and humidors on the market.

Unique Corporate Gifts for Smokers Include Designer Cigar Accessories

Unique corporate cigar gift baskets are sure to please co-workers who smoke.One of the best ideas for unique corporate gifts for smokers  might be a package that includes cigars and accessories for smoking them.  There are so many items to choose from that would make a colleague’s day when they opened up the package and found them.  Thoughtful presents are often those that are appreciated the most.  It is easy to see that a package was given a lot of thought and attention just by taking inventory of its contents.

There are many types of drinking vessels that can be included in a gift basket from those designed for wine to those that are meant for a shot of hearty liquor.  Even a travel flask can be included for those that want to take their favorite beverage along with them.  Coffee cups are a great idea for those that might want a good strong cup of java with their smoke.

Cigar accessories like apparel, lighters, holders, cutters, and ashtrays are great additions as are sampler packs that offer an array of flavors and strengths.  Other items might also include other items such as travel humidors or pocket humidors.  Torches and matches that are made of wood are also sometimes included and available for purchase.

Some unique corporate gifts might also offer chocolates and other types of food items to be enjoyed before, during or after a great smoke.  Mints and breath candies are also thoughtful additions for the smoker that might want to mask the smell of smoke on their breath.

No matter how many premium cigars are offered or other complimentary items are given, this is surely going to be a present that will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

Cigar Gifts Can Be a Single Cigar or a Novice Starter Basket

Deciding on the ideal present for a stogie lover is easy when all of the cigar gifts available today are explored. Giving can sometimes be difficult depending on who the recipient is. However, if the person loves cigars, choosing welcome presents has never been easier.

What are some great gifts suitable for any stogie enthusiast?

  • Cutters – A cigar cutter is a necessity for any smoker. Cutters allow the smoker to have a clean cut opening up the stick for thorough enjoyment. There are a number of styles and prices associated with a cutter. Look for one in a favorite color or in a monogrammed design.
  • Ashtrays – Ashtrays are quite complex these days. There are smokeless ashtrays, USB ashtrays, and even LED ashtrays. As far as this type of present goes, ashtrays provide a lot of benefits to the smoker and those people around the smoker. In addition, ashtrays allow the smoker to have a clean area. From beautiful crystal pieces of useful art to sleek modern stainless steel, decorative ashtrays can also make great containers for great cigar gift basket ideas.
  • Snuffers – A snuffer is nice because it allows the smoker to put out a stogie quickly and cleanly for later enjoyment. Snuffers come in a number of sizes, colors, and styles. Some cigar holders can also be used as snuffers.
  • Sampler packs – One of the best presents would have to be an outstanding sampler pack. These combine a variety of stogies in a single package for maximum enjoyment. Sampler packs range in price and options allowing the purchaser a very personal experience that can be shared with the recipient.

When it comes to cigar gifts, a connection between smoker and purchaser is redefined. There are a number of viable opportunities to give a better present. Whether purchasing accessories, sampler packs, fresh sticks, humidors, or certificates, the buyer can never go wrong with getting any number of items for the enthusiast.

Valentine Gift Baskets for the Aficionado in Your Life

Deciding to give an amazing present to that special someone often comes down to designing or purchasing Valentine gift baskets.  The giver gets to decide how amazingly incredible or superbly dull that present is for that special someone.  Plus, giving presents to men is not always easy with choices often coming down to the humdrum of socks, ties, or cologne.

Marvelous ideas abound when folks look for something uncommon for those Valentine gift baskets.  For example, a favorite for the smoker can be discovered in the purchase of cigars or stogies.  There are a number of choices available for the giver including the ever popular cigar samplers.  Additionally, the giver may already know what the smoker prefers in a delicious cigar.

Cigars come in a variety of options.  There are strong cigars, light cigars, and everything in between.  Some stogies can literally knock those socks off while some cigars are a light beginning to the day.  Adding one or more cigars and stylish cigar accessories such as a humidor, torch lighter, or cigar cutter to those Valentine gift baskets is an outstanding way to show some personality while giving something the recipient will appreciate.

As a person looks for Valentine gift baskets perfect for a man or a woman, cigars can be a favorite.  The musky aroma of fresh cedar or the sweet taste of spices can be an added addition to any moment giving the recipient, and often times the giver, the pleasure of something fine and classy.

Yes, Valentine gift baskets can be exciting!  Thanks to cigars, folks can give the present that will be appreciated and enjoyed for a long time.  Whether secreted away in a canister or as a centerpiece, those cigars make a great present for just about anyone.

Unique Gift Baskets for Cigar Smokers Are Sure to Please

While there are many types of unique gift baskets that could be included on the giving list, a cigar arrangement is perhaps one of the best ideas for the person who is otherwise difficult to please.  Many stores and websites offer cigar arrangements to choose from that are made in advance.  They offer the ability to put together a flavor profile or size arrangement that would suit the person that the present will be given to.

There are unique gift baskets of cigars that will surely please just about anyone who is an aficionado of great cigars.  Perhaps the greatest thing is that there are different price lines as well.  This makes it possible to select a price break that works best for the person that is giving the present.

Of course, unique gift baskets of cigars can also offer more than just cigars.  It is definitely possible to add other items that are essential for the smoking experience.  Items such as personalized cigar lighters can be added to the arrangement or different styles of cigar cutters.  There are bands and holders that can be placed in these unique gift baskets.  Think about purchasing a small or travel sized humidor made of leather.  What a great idea for that connoisseur who enjoys a smoke when out away from the home or who has to travel a lot.

For the cigar smoker who has everything or the one that is just plain difficult to please, an array of a carefully chosen assortment cigar accessories combined with a cigar sampler possibly arranged in an attractive cigar ashtray is definitely going to be an appreciated gift.  It is something that will be long remembered.

Cigars Can Make Excellent Corporate Gifts & Baskets

Corporate Gifts BasketsWhen deciding on corporate gifts or baskets for business, a lot of thought needs to go into the decision on what to make the centerpiece. One amazing centerpiece that gets a lot of positive results just happens to cater to cigar lovers. Cigars are high class, affordable, and popular; that is why cigars are the perfect addition to any presentation, whether for a past customer or as a lure for future business.

Choosing great cigar corporate gifts and baskets begins with finding a suitable stogie. There are a wide array of cigars available on the market today, with a large variation in flavors and strengths. A good medium bodied stogie may be the best idea unless the company or business is sure of the client liking a particular brand. A medium body cigar is liked by the majority of people and is befitting most occasions.

A person can also decorate and add to corporate gifts or baskets using the cigar as the main focal point. For instance, a full bodied dessert cigar can be used in a box that contains dessert goodies or a nice cordial.  A light bodied cigar can be used in a box containing early day snacks or coffee goods. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

Adding cigar accessories such as cigar lighters and cutters is another great idea for corporate gifts and baskets.  This type of present can appeal to some of the most prestigious clients a company has. However, finding the right focal point is going to insure the present is a smashing success.  Cigar laden corporate gifts and baskets are an amazing way to reach out to those that help make a business the everyday success it strives to be.

Gift Basket Online Can Bring the Exotic Home

Purchasing a gift basket online is a smart choice for fast-paced business executives as well as hurried housewives. The ease and convenience of shopping from one’s home or office makes obtaining a gift basket online an exceptional option. It offers a world of premium cigars and accessories and companion merchandise in a safe environment.

Showing appreciation and buying presents for special occasions is an important part of American culture. However, finding the time to take care of this vital part of life is becoming increasingly difficult. Obtaining cigar products from close to home as well as exotic lands takes a lot less time on the internet. When specialty cigars and accompanying gourmet food pairings are desired, they are just a few clicks away. Purchases can be made safely and securely using a secure website.

When a special present is needed, purchasing a gift basket online is an excellent idea. These provide an array of professionally paired food items and other cigar accessories with premium cigars that enhance the cigar smoking experience. The items can be chosen individually by the purchaser, or pre-made baskets can be bought. From culinary masterpieces paired with samplings of tobacco smoking pleasures from all over the globe, to a few items to accompany a good smoke, the right collection can be found for every taste and budget.

No matter whom the intended recipient is, or what kind of time crunch the giver is under, the perfect collection of cigars, products, and food pairings can be found on the internet. A simple search can reveal a myriad of options. Purchasing a gift basket online is easy, safe and extremely convenient.

Corporate Gift Baskets for Cigar Aficionados

Corporate gift baskets can be compiled of anything, and many a smoker would appreciate one full of cigars.  The primary thing for the company to keep in mind when choosing presents for the customers or clients is to make those people feel appreciated.  If someone feels appreciated by the company, it can help build customer loyalty, and ultimately, everybody wins in that situation.  The customer knows that the company appreciates them due to the well chosen corporate gift baskets full of things like premium vitolas, and the company gets the additional company loyalty from the client or customer.  As these can be either sort of generic or more personalized, the company needs to consider what stogies and other basket filler choices are their best ones and what will have the greatest impact. Unique gift baskets created with a particular smoker’s preferences in mind are the best for this purpose.

Of course, corporate gift baskets full of stogies sent to a smoker are not likely to go un-smoked.  However, if the company knows from prior interactions that the customer’s favorite stick is a certain brand, it is simple to make the change, but think of how much stronger an impact it might have.  Many prefer to fill an upscale cigar ashtray with a cigar sampler pack and a few cigar accessories. With all of the options for the corporate gift baskets, it may be just a simple change on the part of the sender to choose the particular favorites from among the many vitolas, and it will mean that much more to the recipient.  Building customer loyalty through customer appreciation can ultimately only be a win-win and ends up with everyone happy.  Be sure to consider some top quality cigars as the present option when it comes time to look into holiday or award presents, and help continue to build better client-company relations. Best of all–it’s as easy as visiting a well-stocked online cigar store.


Great Gift Baskets for Men Who Enjoy Fine Cigars

Gift Basket for Men Gift baskets for men, especially if they have a favorite cigar brand can be the answer to the question of what to get that special someone. As the holiday seasons, Father’s Day, or that special birthday draws closer on the calendar, women all over the world are going to be trying to decide what they should be giving their special someone. If he is a smoker, she should know that a gift basket for men including some of his favorite cigars would likely be a big hit.

If she knows the particular brands he prefers she can always choose those, but if she does not, she could choose to include a gift certificate from an online cigar shop to include in the gift basket for men. If she knows his preferred brands she will also need to decide if she should stick with the regular ones, or branch out and get some different brands for him to try. It’s also a fine time to give hime those premium cigar accessories he’s had his eye on: cigar lighters, elegant cigar ashtrays, or even a quality humidor.

Of course, there are other people who give smokes as presents too. Some of them are not personal gifts from friends and family, but rather corporate gift baskets or presents from people that have a business relationship with the recipient. Promotions, retirements, and holidays can be well served by trying to come up with some good ideas for contents for gift baskets for men. If the company knows some of the clients are smokers, what better idea for a corporate present than an elegantly presented cigar gift set? Whether the present of vitolas comes from the recipient’s wife or his office, he is bound to enjoy the attention and effort that went in to preparing the special present just for him.

Online Gift Baskets: Easy, Affordable, and Elegant

Online gift baskets let the sender provide a present in a lovely display without having to worry about any of the creation of the artistic end of things.  The sender can rely on the cigar shop where he is shopping to beautifully package the items, and all he has to do is choose the preferred stogies.  It might even be exactly the things he would have otherwise chosen, but this way, he does not have to fuss with baskets and cellophane and trying to make things look nice.  He can rely on the online gift baskets vendor for that aspect of things, along with the choice of vitolas, and send on his present worry-free.  He may be able to choose the individual components of the present, like particular favorite cigars he happens to know the recipient smokes.  On the other hand, he might have to rely on the vendor to provide acceptable online gift baskets and only be able to choose from prepared presents ready to be sent to the recipient.  If the vendor typically only provides the prepared items, the sender could always contact the company to find out if custom options for smokes are something the vendor would consider.

One of the primary benefits to online gift baskets with these smokes is being able to give the same items the sender would otherwise give, but to have it be gussied up by someone who knows how to make it look elegant.  The sender can pick something that represents the recipient’s tastes in cigars and not have to go all over town trying to find the individual pieces to put it together himself.