Top 10 Best Cuban Cigars

1. Montecristo No.2- You would be hard pressed to find a cigar with more esteem and critical acclaim then the Montecristo No.2. It is more than the best-selling Cuban cigar in the world, but among the highest rated… which is a rare achievement. It is one thing to be popular in the Cuban smoking world, but the Montecristo No.2 has its share of prestige among the cigar enthusiasts here in the US. In 2013, the Monte No.2 was rated the Cigar of the Year by Cigar Aficionado magazine, garnering a 96 point score. To be able to achieve such a high score even after being in production for so many years means this is one of the finest cigars ever made.

2. Partagas Serie D No.4- While Montecristo No.2s have worldwide recognition, the Partagas Serie D is the cigar for the true aficionado. This cigar is on every cigar geeks wish list and for good reason. They are among the most flavorful, well-constructed, and reliable Cuban cigars ever created. I have seen the word perfect in Serie D reviews more so then in any other cigar review I've read. IT has a perfect draw, perfect burn, perfect construction etc. With almost all ratings in the mid to high 90s, the Partagas is the Cuban cigar that all others are compared to.

3. Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona- For many Americans, the Double Corona is a lost size. While the Churchill has become the standard, long smoke size in the states, In Cuba the Double Corona still reigns supreme. In fact, there are two of them on this list. First we have the Hoyo de Monterrey. This is one of the best medium bodied cigars to come out of Cuba in a long time. It has an exquisite profile combing notes of sweet spice, coffee and even a little citrus towards the end. With its long size, this is a perfect long smoke on a warm sping evening.

4. Bolivar Belicoso Fino- Any cigar smoker worth their salt is familiar with the Bolivar Belicoso. Behind the Montecristo No.2, this is the one of the world's most popular torpedo shaped smoke. It is known for being amongst the strongest Cuban cigars on the market. Don't let its strength fool you, as the profile is exceptionally well balanced. Notes of earth, leather, nuts, and chocolate combined effortlessly for a plethora of smooth, delicious flavors. The Bolivar Belicoso has been rated in the Top 25 cigars of the year 4 times, including being named #4 this year. That is unheard of but makes sense after you've smoked one.

5. Cohiba Behike- I know many of you must be thinking that this cigar is too far down on the list. While the Cohiba Behike has been called the cigar of our time, I decided to also factor in price and availability. While every other cigar on this list is readily available around the world, the Behike is beyond rare. Along with Davidoff Cubans and original release Opus X, the Cohiba are seen as the unicorn of the cigar world. I've never had the chance to smoke one myself, but seeing its consistent ratings of 90+ and is designation as the Cigar of the Year in 2010, its safe to say it is worth the hype… if you can find it.

6. Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill- While the Romeo Churchill is amongst the most popular cigars in the Cuban resume, for deep cigar enthusiasts it is the short Churchill that takes the cake. It is a solid medium body rolled into what we would call a robusto size. It has a wonderfully complex profile, consisting of notes of apple, toffee, leather, and nuts. 3 times we have seen this cigar in the Top 25 of the year and has one of the most reasonable prices amongst any Cuban cigar on this list. If you are in an area of the world where you can buy these, make sure you stock up.

7. La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No.3- Its odd that many people forget that La Gloria Cubana was originally a Cuban brand, even though Cubana is literally in the name. While it has only two vitolas in their Cuban portfolio, one of them is remarkable. The Medaille D'or No.3 is a think, lancero styled smoke. Its blend of aged Cuban tobaccos create one of the rare mellow Cuban cigars that is still full of flavor. With its ratio of wrapper to filler, you can expect a burst of flavor with each puff. You'll be able to taste wonderful notes of leather, honey, and fruit.

8. Punch Double Corona- The second of our largest sized smokes, the Punch Double Corona deserves a place in every cigar fan boys humidor. The Cuban Punch brand is well known for its high level of quality control. Every morning, a team of experts smoke some samples from the previous days production to make sure they hold up. You can be sure that they look forward to lighting up the Double Corona. It is the epitome of complexity with notes of dark fruit, vanilla, nuts and some pepper.

9. H. Upmann No. 2- How could we not include an H.Upmann on this list? While the cigar may be famous for being a favorite of President Kennedy, cigar smokers worldwide know it for its reliability and complex flavor notes. It has a wonderful profile with rich notes of chocolate and nuts followed by a peppery finish. Twice listed on the Top 25 cigars of the year, the H. Upmann No. 2 is the perfect every day cigar for the Cuban cigar aficionado.

10. Cohiba Siglo V- It is fitting that a Cohiba Lonsdale sized smoke ended up on this list, seeing as how according to various sources, Cohiba invented the size. The Siglo line was actually created to replace the Davidoff Cuban line after Zino Davidoff pulled out of Cuba in the early 1990s. Since then, it has established its own solid reputation. It is smooth, as only a Cohiba can be. A special process was used for some of the filler tobaccos, which lead to this line being called the "special of the special for Cohiba".

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