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Wynwood La Coneja Corona


Wrapper: Corojo
Binder: Corojo
Filler: Corojo
Country of Origin: USA

Medium Medium

Wynwood La Coneja Corona

Color: Natural
Size: 5 1/2 x 46

Wynwood Factory Fresh cigars are delivered to you directly from the roller's table. They are rolled, packed into boxes and shipped to you on the same day. Traditionally, cigars are made and sent to an aging room where they will sit for a period of 4 - 6 weeks. This is the way it has been done for many years but there is one major flaw: The cigars then leave that "safe" environment and travel to different conditions across the world, whether it be dry climates, humid areas, or the heat and cold. Each one of these different situations affect the way your cigars will taste and smoke. Factory Fresh gives you the opportunity and power to age your cigars specifically, according to the environment and conditions that will match your very own taste and preference. One of the manufacturers' greatest pleasures is the taste of fresh tobacco. A cigar right off of the rolling table has a unique spice and sweetness that progressively tapers off as the cigar ages. For about one week after being rolled, it retains this unique flavor profile and then it slowly mellows out. To test this out, simply light the cigar and take a couple of puffs. Next, take a sip of water and take a couple of more puffs. Do you notice how different the flavor is? This is precisely the effect that moisture has on your cigars. We want you to determine exactly how you want your cigars to rest. Although Wynwood Factory Fresh Cigars are made to be smoked immediately or even within 7 days of their receipt, your preference may be to wait one week, two weeks or a full year. Most appreciate that sweet flavor with that added umph, but the choice is yours. Let them rest on your own terms! TheWynwood La Coneja is a medium-bodied smoke and is available in the following shapes and sizes: Corona (5 1/2" x 46), Short Robusto (4 1/2" x 50), Toro (6" x 52).

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5 1/2 x 46










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