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Vegas VIP

Vegas VIP November 10 - 13, 2016

with Serious Cigars Crew
We've opened up 50 spots for you to join the Serious Cigars crew at the Big Smoke in Las Vegas. This is a great way to "do" the Big Smoke. Those who have gone with us before can tell you it is well worth the price. Most say they would not even go to the Big Smoke if we did not have this program in place.

Here is an outline of the plans: 

Thursday (Nov. 10) - attend the Serious Cigars welcome party in the evening
Friday (Nov. 11) - lunch together at In-N-Out Burger via Serious limo. Attend Friday night Big Smoke. Hanging at the bar after.
Saturday (Nov. 12) -  lunch together at In-N-Out Burger via Serious limo. KILLER Celebration dinner. Hanging at the bar after.

Sounds simple? It is simple but tons of fun. Just wearing the SC colors gets you so much attention inside the Big Smoke. It's a blast!!

Of course, you'll receive the always awesome SC goodie bag (shirt, cigars, etc) in advance of the trip.

Spots are $50 per person. You are responsible for your Big Smoke ticket, airfare, transportation while in the city, hotel and meals outside those outlined above.

To join the group you must attend the Big Smoke on Friday evening.

If you are new to the program, it might sound a bit strange. The $50 is really to hold your spot so we don't have people flake out. The goodie bag of cigar related items is well worth the money itself. With the nights out, the lunches and the killer dinner, the value of this deal is $250 minimum. We have a great time hanging out together, meeting others from around the country, and spending time with the manufacturers. 

If you want to be part of the Serious Cigars crew, send an email to Ron@SeriousCigars.com or call him at 281-397-9800.