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H Upmann

H Upmann CigarsThe H. Upmann Cigar brand name is representing premier cigars that are made for a Franc-Spanish tobacco company Altadis USA. The brand was established in 1844 and is among the oldest of the brands in cigar history. Around 1840, Herman Upmann a banker from Europe opened a branch office in Havana. This provided him with the opportunity to send cigars back to Europe.

In 1844 Upmann invested in the H. Upmann Cigar Factory and the brand as born. Upmann is sometimes given credit for the invention of the cedar boxes that are used during the packaging process. Back in the 1840’s they used the original boxes with the Upmann name and logo as advertisement. He would package other cigar brands in the boxes and to give to customers until he opened his own cigar factory in 1844.

The H. Upmann cigar factory is now known as the Jose’ Marti’ Factory, located in Havana. In 1922 both the bank and cigar business went bankrupt. J. Frankau & Co., a British firm bought the failing cigar brand. J Frankau & Co. continued production until 1935, when the company was purchased by Menendez y Garcia & Co., the makers of the world famous brand Montecristo. After the Cuban revolution, Menendez and Garcia moved the Upmann brand to the Canary Islands, then to its current home in the Dominican Republic. The production of H. Upmann cigars is still active for the American market under the ownership of Altadis USA. The line today includes the H. Upmann Black and Gold, H. Upmann Classic, H. Upmann Edicion Limitada, H. Upmann Reserve Maduro, H. Upmann Sun Grown, H. Upmann Tubed Classics, and the H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon.

A popular story about the cigar brand is that on the night before the embargo act was signed, John F. Kennedy had his aide Pierre Salinger hunt down all the H. Upmann Petit Coronas he could find in Washington DC, as they were his favorite brand. Pierre was able to locate a total of 1,200 of his favorite cigars. This story has been confirmed by Pierre himself, and helps make this brand even more famous.

The H. Upmann cigars are premium cigars that are highly recommended and a great tasting line of cigars. The line is full of sticks with complex flavors and smooth taste. There is a cigar for every occasion in this line, from celebrating an event such as a wedding or the birth of a child, to simply having a mellow midday smoke. With this brand being one of the oldest known, it has come quite a long way from a failing brand in the early 1900’s to now being a worldwide known and respected line. Altadis USA is a thriving cigar manufacturer, and therefore the H. Upmann name is definitely going to be around for much longer. Hermann Upmann would have been a very proud man had he been able to see the impact that his cigar brand would have on the cigar smoking industry. His name continues to carry on with high respect and a tantalizing effect on the taste buds of aficionados everywhere.

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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    H Upmann Legacy Cigars Feature Full Flavor Fusion
    Geared toward flavor instead of power, H Upmann Legacy Cigars are a good choice for both novice enthusiasts and experienced smokers who enjoy a tastier, more more relaxed smoke every now and then.
    Relax with an H Upmann Havoc Cigar
    An H Upmann Havoc Cigar is a medium-bodied cigar that will will last long enough to enjoy a good card game or a round of golf. The tastes floating across one’s palate lend themselves well to being paired with a nice single-malt Scotch.
    H Upmann 1844 Reserve Cigar Review
    If there was just one cigar that would fit anyone’s preferred flavor profile, and has a reputation in the industry second to none, it would have to be the H Upmann 1844 Reserve cigar.
    H Upmann Edicion Limitada
    The H Upmann Edicion Limitada is one of the globes most celebrated cigars that any smoker has had the pleasure of experiencing.
    HUpmann Black & Gold Cigars
    H Upmann Black Gold cigars have a very inviting and billowing flavor of spiciness with a hint of a nutty note, later developing a woodsy, earthy tone. This makes for a very exciting smoke for any level of cigar smoking connoisseur.
    H Upmann Classic Cigar Review
    The H Upmann Classic is a mild cigar that is delightfully smooth. Originating in the Dominican Republic, this unique brand of cigars was once used as a promotional item for a banking enterprise by Mr. Herman Upmann.
    H Upmann Reserve Maduro
    The best thing about an H Upmann Reserve Maduro is that it is a great cigar to smoke on both special occasions, as well as an early morning enjoyment. Many say it is an everyday smoke, or one for beginners, however, fine enough for any special occasion as well.
    H Upmann Vintage Cameroon Cigars
    Origin: Nicaragua Wrapper: Cameroon Binder: Nicaragua Filler: Dominican Rep./Nicaraguan/Peruvian Strength: Medium Hand-made H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon cigars are back! Established in the 1840’s this company is one of the oldest brands still in exis...
    H Upmann Tubed Classics
    Origin:Dominican Republic Wrapper: Indonesian TBN Filler: Dominican, Brazil Strength: Mild to Medium Binder: Dominican If you are a cigar connoisseur, you have most likely enjoyed one of the H Upmann Tubed Classics. They are part of the Classic li...
    H Upmann Sungrown Cigars
    The H. Upmann Sun Grown line of cigars is quite an attractive one. The band is large and very intricate with the year 1844 stamped on it, and the artwork is magnificent.
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