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Trader Jacks Cigars


Trader Jack's CigarsTrader Jacks cigars are made by the J.C. Newman Company. This is the oldest company of this type that is still owned by the family in the United States. This company began in 1895 in Cleveland, Ohio. J.C. Newman was of Hungarian descent and after opening his business, he then moved it to Ybor City in 1954 which is located in Tampa. The reason for the move at that time was to be more situated in an area that was as close to Cuba as possible which was the primary source for his tobacco at that time. This area was called “Cigar City”, and today J.C. Newman is the last company operating there.

Manufactured in the Regensburg factory built in 1910 which was nicknamed the “El Reloj” (Spanish for “The Clock”), Trader Jacks cigars and many other brands sustained the company.

J.C. Newman now distributes products to over 80 countries worldwide.

In the beginning, his first brand was called A.B.C, (Akron, Bedford and Cleveland). This was named after a local streetcar line of the same name. His business expanded to include two additional factories in Ohio. While the depression was rough to weather, his business continued to grow and has done so ever since.

Today Trader Jacks cigars are packaged in a reusable package that touts there is no need to take them out of this and put them in a humidor. Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan tobaccos make up the blend for Trader Jacks cigars. You will also find a very distinct note of spices from the islands with a subtle taste of vanilla infused as well.

When describing Trader Jacks cigars, reviewers often note that upon opening the package, there is a smell of jerk sauce, cognac, and cocoa beans. The taste has been related to that of spicy chicken. They hold a nice head and a very long ash. They are dark brown in color or natural colored with a Connecticut wrapper. They are extremely smooth in texture, and they produce an abundance of smoke. Probably the biggest praise, besides the taste, was the affordability of these sticks. They are priced so that even the smoker on the tightest of budgets could afford them. The flavor remains throughout the smoke from beginning to end. Time and time again, novice smokers and aficionados alike were all convinced that this is definitely a smoke that they will continue to purchase and smoke on a regular basis.

Many times as a product moves from the original manufacture to a larger scale production, something is lost along the way. This is not the case with these wonderful J.C. Newman offerings. The taste, affordability, availability, and blend of tobaccos make this a premium smoke that has won praises from everyone in the industry. With rave reviews from both smokers and retailers, this is a rare gem among the many brands that are available today.

So stop and pick up a pack today, and enjoy the experience, know-how, and taste that come from the oldest family in the business!

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