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Tatiana Cigars

Tatiana CigarsTatiana Cigars have been topping the list of favorites among cigar lovers. A growing trend among many enthusiasts involves expanding their previously trained palate to evolve and take on the role of sampling flavored cigars, in addition to the traditional rods of the past. Even though it has taken some a little longer to jump on the bandwagon, this is definitely a trend that cannot simply be ignored or brushed aside. In fact, the popularity of these flavored cigars does not show signs of losing interest any time soon. Thus, it comes as no surprise to seasoned aficionados that one of the most sought after brands of flavored cigars in the world is Tatiana Cigars.

These hand rolled beauties are made only from the highest quality Cuban seed Dominican long filler tobaccos, and swaddled in wrappers native to Indonesia, giving them even more reason to be a smoker’s favorite. In addition, enthusiasts can expect a smooth, calming smoke to fill the room, which is a direct result of the two year aging process all the tobacco must go through in order to be considered worthy. Once the process is complete, Tatiana cigars also provide a variety of options in regards to packaging. For example, these cigars can be purchased by the box, tin, in tubes, by the bundle, or according to the different exotic flavors offered. Whichever packing is chosen, one thing is certain, they are sure to please the palate of the cigar lover.

Although the flavors, construction, and performance of Tatiana cigars are top notch and lend themselves to enough praise, the story behind the name of the brand is even more captivating. Cigar Aficionado wrote an article about Miami Cigar and Company in 1996, which included a detailed story about the family and each of their roles in regards to the business. Tatiana, however, was omitted from the story because she was still a high school student and not considered active in the family business. This upset Tatiana immensely that she was not mentioned in the article, considering she often helped her mother in the office. Therefore, as a way to apologize to Tatiana, the company took on the name Tatiana Flavored Cigars.

Since then, Tatiana has decided to take on an active role with Tatiana Cigars and has achieved great success in managing such a thriving line of flavored cigars. In fact, the Tatiana brand dominates among flavored cigars in general, holding more than 43 percent of the market. Perhaps this is because these cigars appeal to a large scale of men and women. Women are inquiring more and more about these cigars by Tatiana, due in part to the lovely aromas put off.

With great cigars, like those offered with the Trio and Mocha lines, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the appeal. For example, the Trio line, which includes Groovy Blue, Night Cap, and Waking Dream, range in flavor from black Amboise raspberries with vanilla, honey and cognac, to Marcona Almonds, Café Arabica, Criollo Cocoa, and on to Vanilla Crème, Piedmont Hazelnuts, and Single Malt Whiskey. The Mocha line simply uses a mocha flavor to compliment coffee tones, which nicely enhance the tobacco without overpowering it. Thus, Tatiana’s receive high marks all the way around.

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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    Tatiana Mocha Flavored Cigar
    The Tatiana Mocha cigar is a box-pressed cigar made with a Sumatra wrapper. It is offered in three sizes, Caramely 6in x 50 ring gauge, Stobona 5 x 58 and Eden 5 x 46. Tatiana Mocha cigars are made with a long leaf tobacco blend from Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua.
    Taitana Minatures
    Of the Tatiana Miniatures cigar line, the vanilla and honey are among their top sellers. The Cherry is flavored with premium cherry oils. The rum has flavors of molasses, with hints of spice.
    Tatiana La Vita Flavored Cigars
    Tatiana La Vita cigars are smaller variation of the Tatiana Classic. If you want the taste of the Classic, but a little smaller length and ring-gage, then Tatiana La Vita is for you. Weighing in at only 5 inches long with a 38 ring gage, these little guys will smoke for 25-35 minutes. Tatiana La Vit...
    Tatiana Cigar Tins Are Full Of Flavor
    The best selling flavors of the Tatiana Tins are the Vanilla and Honey, so what better ones to choose from for a review. The Vanilla is filled with rich Dominican long fillers and then wrapped in a beautiful brown Indonesian wrapper. The tobacco has been allowed to age for two years before it is use...
    Tatiana Dolce Flavored Cigars Review
    Each flavor of the Tatiana Dolce cigars is so tasteful that you can almost imagine yourself someplace exotic while smoking this cigar. The sweet combination of the tropical flavors and tobacco will have you feeling like you are soaking up the sun on the beach.
    Tatiana Classic Cigars
    The fragrant aroma will leave an enduring impression on not only the smoker, but also on the others in the room. Its alluring and pleasant smell will invite all of your senses to keep coming back for more. After smoking this cigar, it becomes quite obvious why it has been ranked as one of the leadin...
    Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 articles) Result Pages:  1