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Nat Sherman Cigars

Nat Sherman Cigar Headquaters in NYCForged from the ashes of the Great Depression, Nat Sherman Cigars have become an international staple for cigar aficionados around the world. The company’s humble beginnings started in New York City, where the titular owner began what would eventually become one of the most recognizable and sought after brands within the premium tobacco arena. This prestigious company is family owned, spanning several generations.

The Nat Sherman Cigars Sterling line offers up 5 different sized vitolas, featuring a combination of Dominican fillers and binders with a premium Ecuadorian wrapper. These stogies provide a nice, creamy smoke and are said to contain complex flavors without being too over powerful in its overall profile. Keeping with the brand’s tradition, the Sterling Line comes packaged in an elegant, but traditional slide-top cabinet box.

Their 1930 stogie line combines the tobacco fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic and offers up a now world-recognized Dominican wrapper, bearing the company’s name in deep red. The 1930 is adored for the perfect balance of the strength of the body, the flavor profile, and the tantalizing aroma. One of their richer products, the 1930 also contains a complex set of flavors that range from nutty to sweet, maintaining an overall light experience.

The company isn’t afraid of pushing boundaries, and in its search for something better, created the Nat Sherman Timeless Collection #2, rolled by the infamous Manuel Quesada. This premium stick boasts Nicaraguan, Honduran and Dominican Republic tobaccos. Reviewers say that the notes of espresso and rich cedar are only enhanced further by the hints of nutmeg and delicious dark chocolate.

The famous Metropolitan line, a nod to the company’s origins, is one of the most recognizable stogies in the world. Bearing the dark blue colors on a band of bright red, featuring a classic timepiece, the Metropolitans are known for their unique draw. The smoke has been described as sweet, yet creamy. The flavors range from a light coffee, to an earthy side, with nuttier and sweeter undertones. This medium bodied stogie has been remarked as being the embodiment of Connecticut, containing a wide array of flavors. Although the overall smoke is rather mild, it stands up fine with the body’s solid construction and perfect ash. This one-of-a-kind mix of premium, exotic flavors, yet intimate and local manufacturing has been bringing in customers to try its products for close to a century now.

It’s easy to see that Nat Sherman Cigars pride themselves on their premium line of products, which do well to set them apart from the other run-of-the-mill bargain tobaccos. This isn’t new-age thinking, but rather a classic and timeless approach to this favorite past time.

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    Nat Sherman Panamericana Cigars Are A Shop Exclusive
    The Nat Sherman Panamericana cigars are being handled with some importance by the company, as it is assuming the role of a shop exclusive, the company’s Townhouse shop in New York City, that is. Although, that was only the first step.
    Reviewers Are Raving About The Nat Sherman Epoca Cigar
    The Nat Sherman Epoca is one of the most historically significant blends in tobacco history. When Sherman bought Schwab Brothers & Baer in 1929, this blend was the first Sherman took ownership of. Like any classic, though, it’s best to update it occasionally as tastes change and processes improve....
    The Nat Sherman Epocha Cigar Review
    Want to know what makes the Nat Sherman Epocha cigar a solid smoke? Is it because it was the first cigar brand owned by Nat back in 1929? Maybe it is because the Epocha is a blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos. Any cigar blended from this storied family is always sure to be a crowd pleaser.
    Mellow Out With The Nat Sherman Host Series Of Cigars
    The Nat Sherman Host series of cigars are the ones you smoke when you want just to mellow out. They were a personal favorite of Mr. Sherman, himself, who enjoyed these sweet handcrafted Honduran smokes.
    The Nat Sherman Nats Cigarillos Review
    The Nat Sherman Nats are a series of cigarillos that are marketed to people who don’t have the time to smoke a full size cigar. They are also on the milder side so smokers of all experience levels can enjoy them.
    Information About Nat Sherman Timeless Nicaraguan
    Unveiled at the 2012 IPCPR in Orlando, the Nat Sherman Timeless Nicaraguan is an extension of the brand's original Timeless line-up.
    Review Of The Nat Sherman 1930 Collection Cigars
    Commemorating the year the Nat Sherman opened his eponymous tobacco store, the Nat Sherman 1930 Collection are a nod to the rich history this company has in the American cigar manufacturing industry.
    Nat Sherman Timeless Cigars Reviews
    Nat Sherman Timeless cigars will offer you one of your best smoking experiences with its balance of sweet and spicy flavors that pique the palate. This particular collection is the creation of Michael Herklots to make cigars that appeal to aficionados.
    Nat Sherman Host Cigars Are A Great Medium Strength Smoke
    Nat Sherman Host Cigars are medium bodied and medium in strength, so it is ideal for a huge range of enthusiasts. Their dessert-like flavors and light feel make them perfect for lounging on a slow day or for finishing off a hearty dinner.
    Nat Sherman 1930 Collection Cigars Are For Aficionados
    Nat Sherman 1930 Collection Cigars are smokes for true aficionados, with a fine burn, plentiful smoke, developed flavors and just enough punch to keep anyone’s attention.
    Nat Sherman Host Cigars Come With Honduran Fillers
    Nat Sherman Host cigars are produced by one of the oldest companies in the country.
    Nat Sherman Timeless Cigars Are Getting Good Ratings
    The Nat Sherman Timeless Cigar Collection is composed of two sticks that have entirely different blends, each from a separate manufacturer.
    Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 articles) Result Pages:  1