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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    The Flavor Profile of Hex Nicaraguan Cigars Pleases Aficionados
    The blend of Hex Nicaraguan Cigars is medium in body and strength, making it a viable choice for someone who enjoys darker, natural flavors without getting hit with a nicotine bomb.
    Is a PsyKo Seven Cigar Bold in Both Flavor and Looks
    The PsyKo Seven cigar is a new release from Ventura Co., one of the newest popular brands on the market.his flavor bombing treat combines bold looks and bold tastes.
    How Are Patron Infused Cigars Made With Tequila?
    Patron infused cigars blend the best of two worlds, that of tobacco and fine liquor. Produced by Ted’s Cigars, these stogies are “seasoned” with one of the most iconic tequilas in the world, giving them a unique flavor not found anywhere else.
    El Reloj Classic Cigar Combines Value with a Fine Blend
    The El Reloj Classic cigar is a value smoke in price alone. Its slim, imposing look makes it look and feel like a classic Cuban.
    Why Are El Reloj Cigars Considered Classics?
    The El Reloj cigars were debuted by the J.C. Newman Company at the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show, but they have managed to stay under the radar for the most part.
    Can Value Cigars Like Casa Bella Connecticut Be Flavorful
    Casa Bella Connecticut Cigars are mild to medium bodied and mild in strength as well, so they are perfect for novices looking for an easy to handle stick.
    What Are Reviews Saying About Casa Bella Bundles Cigars?
    The Casa Bella Bundles cigars were one of three blends showcased by Sindicato at the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show. Sindicato is an extremely young company, having been established in March 2013.
    Raices Cubanas Is Said To Have A Strong Punch
    The Raices Cubanas is a stogie that celebrates the factory it is made in, the Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas S. de R. L. With smokers focused on brand identity more than ever, the factories that are responsible for crafting the sticks they enjoy are often forgotten.
    Why Does The George Rico STK American Puro Cigar Stand Out
    The George Rico STK American Puro cigar stands out for a couple of pretty unusual reasons. For one, all of the tobaccos in the blend are grown in the U.S., hence its puro build. Also, it uses fire-cured tobaccos which, while gaining in popularity, are still pretty rare.
    Sindicato Introduces The Affinity Connecticut Cigars
    The Affinity Connecticut cigars are one of the three blends Sindicato showed off during the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show. Sindicato is a new company in the tobacco industry, made up of dozens of retail owners looking to enter the production side of the business.
    Casa Bella Cigars Know What Smokers Like
    The Casa Bella Cigars value blend packs a lot flavor and is sharply built for a stogie that only costs a couple of dollars per smoke. This has quickly made them a popular choice among aficionados on a budget.
    The AKA Respect 2013 Cigar Is A Renewal Of An Old Favorite
    The AKA Respect 2013 cigar is the Texas based brand's renewal of an old favorite. Introduced at this year's IPCPR trade show event this smoke adds a twist to American Kick Ass Cigars' very first line-up back in 2011. It has a fresh blend of premium, aged tobaccos with various updates throughout.
    Information About Juan Lopez Nicaraguan Cigars
    Where do the Juan Lopez Nicaraguan cigars come from?
    Why Would A Smoker Pick Cuban Rounds Nicaraguan Cigars?
    Why would a smoker pick Cuban Rounds Nicaraguan cigars over other stogies? Not every stogie a smoker lights up needs to be a premium, top shelf stick. In many situations, a smoker just wants a nice, agreeable smoke that can be used to fill some downtime.
    Cuban Rounds Dominican Cigars Are Enjoyed By Smokers
    Cuban Rounds Dominican cigars are hand rolled in the traditional style of Havana. They have a wonderful smoothness and the fine flavor of aged tobacco. These products are hand rolled with pressed leaves from seeds of Cuban tobacco.
    Many Find Nat Cicco Factory Rejects a Strong First Option
    The economical price, consistency and laid back profile of Nat Cicco Factory Rejects make them one of the best options on the market for seconds and a strong first option too.
    Nat Sherman 1930 Collection Cigars Are For Aficionados
    Nat Sherman 1930 Collection Cigars are smokes for true aficionados, with a fine burn, plentiful smoke, developed flavors and just enough punch to keep anyone’s attention.
    Nat Cicco 1965 Aniversario Liga #4 Cigar Honors the Original
    The Nat Cicco 1965 Aniversario Liga #4 cigar is noted for its full bodied flavor with a favored touch of nuttiness that pleases the fans of this fine stick, old and new.
    Fan or Not - Duck Commander Cut Em Cigars Are Worth a Try
    Fans of the A&E hit television show Duck Dynasty can now sit back in their recliner and enjoy officially licensed Duck Commander Cut Em cigars, while the Robertson family goes about its duck call fabrication business on-screen.
    Duck Commander Cigars Share the Show's Passion & Principles
    Like the Robertsons, this stick perfectly captures the rustic feel of the outdoors. It’s an ideal stick for fans of the show and aficionados who want a relaxing smoke.
    CAO Flavours American Slyce Cigars Are Top Notch
    While some aficionados are skeptical of infused stogies, CAO Flavours American Slyce cigars avoid being just a gimmick or harshly sweet. They are another top-notch entry into the brand’s line of infused smokes.
    The El Centurion Classic Is Another Masterpiece
    The El Centurion Classic cigar is yet another masterpiece by the legendary Don Pepin Garcia. This stick was originally released in 2007, but was only available in limited quantities.
    Diesel Unholy Cocktail Cigars Are A Hit
    The Diesel Unholy Cocktail cigar is another respected blend from the expertise of AJ Fernandez. Fernandez was a student under Don Alejandro Robaina, a master blender for many years.
    Nording 50th Anniversary Cigars Have Been Praised By Aficionados
    The immediate introduction of flavor, the razor sharp burn, and the gray ash that holds firm all the way to the nub is evidence of a fine construction that produces an exceptional overall experience.
    Tres Reynas Limited Edition Cigars Have A Rich Heritage
    Two of the most recognizable families in the tobacco industry have joined together to create the Tres Reynas limited edition cigars.
    Three Queens Are Behind Tres Reynas Cigars
    Displaying 1 to 26 (of 26 articles) Result Pages:  1 
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