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Schrader CigarsA name you may not be familiar with quite yet, in regards to cigars, is Schrader Cigars. Fred Schrader is the man behind this newly released line. He is well known in the wine business, Schrader Cellars in the Napa Valley, for producing some of the best Cabernet's, and thus decided to launch himself into the cigar business. Upon his acclaimed success for his 2007 Schrader GIII Cabernet and 2007 Schrader Cabernet Sauvignons, he wanted to celebrate with a cigar, but not any cigar would do. He went out in search for the best tobacco to be blended into his own Schrader Cigar line.

Unless you are a wine enthusiast, you may not quite understand the zest Mr. Schrader had upon his success. However, his success really is ground breaking. Wine Spectator magazine appointed his 2007 Schrader Cabernet Sauvignons with two one hundred points, two ninety-nine points, and one ninety-eight points. This was the first time in the magazine's history to ever award an American wine with a perfect score. In fact, all six of the 2007 Schrader wines were given the highest rank possible, which is also something that an American wine producer has never achieved. Those marks are definitely a reason to celebrate, and a fabulous reason to create one's own cigar.

Fred Schrader is a cigar enthusiast himself, and he went out in search of some of the most unique blends of tobacco when creating his Schrader Cigars. He sought out his friend, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje, to help him distribute these cigars, but he is the developer behind them. The Schrader Cigars are considered a super premium cigar, which really should not come as a surprise when the man behind them is an acclaimed wine producer. The first Schrader cigar released is called the Hispaniola. It is offered in only one size, 7 ½ x 56. It is tapered at both ends of the cigar to give it a unique salmon shape. These are hand rolled cigars and made at the Para Ti factory. Para Ti is a small factory on the outskirts of Santiago, Dominican Republic. This line was made in limited production of 11,500 boxes, with each box containing ten cigars individually encased in their own coffin. The wrapper has the same Dragon label as the Schrader wines.

When we talk about the unique blend of tobacco used in the creating of the Schrader Cigar, it really is a masterful blend. The wrapper is a beautiful, leather brown color. It is made from 2001 Honduran Colorado Habano. The filler is a blend of three tobaccos, 2008 Criollo '98, 2001 Corojo, and 2005 Havana Vuelta Arriba, all from the Dominican Republic. The binder is also the 2008 Criollo '98. These tobaccos were allowed to age perfectly before being rolled, giving them their distinct flavors.

Speaking of flavors, these cigars haven't been around long enough to know what some time in the humidor will do, but one can only assume that it will make it an even more enjoyable smoke. This is a complex cigar with flavors that blend and mellow nicely. It starts out as a mild smoke and smoothly transitions into a medium body smoke. The flavors range from floral and leather, with notes of sweetness in the first part of the cigar. Woody flavors and notes of citrus come marching in towards the middle. There are also hints of nuts in the background. Towards the end, the floral and sweetness that you taste in the beginning are no longer present, and the woodiness and nuts are most flavorful. Since these were made in limited production, one would be wise to go to your local cigar shop and enjoy one of these masterfully blended cigars that are soon to be known by everyone.

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    Schrader Hispaniola Cigar
    The Schrader Hispaniola is a limited edition cigar, launched in the fall of 2010. Fred Schrader, owner of Schrader Cellar Wines in Napa Valley, California enlisted the help of his friend Pete Johnson of Havana Cellars to distribute his new line of cigars.
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