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Room 101 CigarsCigar enthusiasts everywhere are quickly discovering the amazing quality of Room 101 Cigars and are just as quickly jumping on the bandwagon by becoming devoted smokers of the brand. Many aficionados find it hard to believe a smoke with such a superb blend of flavors and aromas could possibly come with such a frugal price point. Which allows smokers to stock up with a bundle of these extraordinary sticks without suffering when balancing their bank accounts. However, as Room 101 Cigars gains in notoriety, the company’s list of celebrity clientele also continues to gain momentum as well, proving these cigars are appealing to a wide range of enthusiasts.

As a fairly new line, musician Matt Booth founded Room 101 Cigars in 2003 after being deployed to the Middle East as a United States Marine. It was there that Booth became impressed by the richness of culture the people embraced. Upon returning home at the end of his deployment he continued to feel a connection with his experience, which would eventually lead him to create FU, which stands in a way as the official seal of the Room 101 Collection.

Years later, Matt Booth was dabbling with creating a cigar smoker’s accessory line, which included lighters, cutters, and  humidors  when he was introduced to Dylan Austin and a few Camacho family members by a mutual business associate in Las Vegas. Almost instantly a connection was formed that would extended far beyond them being simple acquaintances. It was obvious Booth’s ideas were out of the realm of what was available at that time, and the circumstances were perfect for extending his plans. In no time, Booth found himself in Danli, Honduras touring the Camacho facilities and learning about the entire process of crafting handmade cigars. Thus, the blueprint for Room 101 Cigars was born.

Each cigar is created and distributed by Camacho in Danli, Honduras. Perhaps the most intriguing draw of smokers to these cigars is the exclusively grown Semilla 101 wrapper leaf, which is solely harvested for Room 101 Cigars. Adding to the beauty of the rosado wrapper is the perfect sheen created by light oils, as well as a few very thin veins visible upon inspection. These sticks are overwhelmed with aroma well before setting fire, and have a stocky stature with a firm resistance to a light squeeze, all the while creating the perfect harmony of characteristics for a premium cigar smoking experience.

Arriving in a custom-made slide top cedar box with a matte black lacquer finish and dressed in a stunning black and silver band with a custom tax stamp, the genius of Matt Booth, Franco Vescovi, and Dylan Austin cannot be ignored. In fact, the design has been described as combining an American tattoo with a Japanese flare. No matter which of four vitolas are chosen, they are sure to please. But, because only 12,500 of each vitola have been manufactured, it is important to grab as many as possible once they are found to ensure getting in on the action.

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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    Room 101 Master Collection Three Is The Last Of The Premium Blends
    The Room 101 Master Collection Three is the third in a line of special premium blends the company has put all of its energy into. It appears Matt Booth and his boutique are going to keep it a trilogy, making this blend the last of the line.
    The Room 101 Big Payback Is Great For Any Cigar Enthusiast
    In response to the devotion and support received over the years, Matt Booth developed the Room 101 Big Payback to show his gratitude. Once solely dedicated to luxury level custom jewelry, in recent years the company began to evolve to include leather jackets, knives, and premium cigars.
    The Room 101 Master 1 Cigar Is The Newest Addition
    The Room 101 Master 1 is the newest addition for the self proclaimed "luxury lifestyle brand". From the inspiration behind the collection, to the diverse client base, founder Matt Booth has once again created a stylish cigar that is sure to stand the test of time.
    Room 101 HN Series Cigars Are Flavor Filled Yet Never Harsh
    With the flavor being remarkable throughout, many reviewers have stated that Room 101 HN Series Cigars rank among the best they have ever smoked.
    Room 101 Namakubi EC Cigars Are Full Flavor Bombs
    What most reviewers take from the Room 101 Namakubi EC cigars is their intensity. Black licorice, though, is definitely a polarizing flavor, as aficionados have strong opinions about in either way.
    Room 101 Releases Their Daruma Cigars At IPCPR
    Matt Booth’s company has a habit of sending out a limited release at the annual IPCPR trade show, and this year, it’s the Room 101 Daruma cigars.
    Room101 San Andreas Cigar Reviewed
    The newest edition to hit the shelves courtesy of Matt Booth is Room 101 San Andreas cigars. This particular line is going to be continually offered. These sticks are a bit different from other lines that this company offers.
    A Cigar Review Of Room 101 Namakubi
    Room 101 Namakubi cigars carry a mystique about them because of their unique name and complementary packaging. Reviewers enjoy the Room 101 Namakubi for its strong flavor and versatility.
    Room101 Connecticut Cigar Review
    The medium-bodied Room 101 Connecticut is the third addition to this family of cigars developed by Matt Booth, and the reviews are stating that this newest addition is blowing those predecessors out of the water.
    Room 101 LTD Conjura Review
    Elaborating on the four Room 101 LTD Conjura vitolas will provide further insight as to just how desirable these rods really are. First of all, the sizes of the cigars are as follows: the first measuring 4 inches long by 48 ring gauge, the second measuring 4 ¾ inches long by 50 ring gauge, the thir...
    Room 101 Cigar Line
    I will definitely be revisiting the pleasantness of the Room 101 cigar. Moreover I will positively recommend this cigar to connoisseurs.
    Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 articles) Result Pages:  1