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Quesada Tributo Cigars

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Quesada Tributo The 5th generation of the Quesada family has introduced Quesada Tributo cigars to the world as a tribute to their ancestors. Created with love and remembrance, Quesada Tributo cigars represent a tobacco legacy that has molded and shaped this  Empire into what it is today. This is truly a very special cigar.

Quesada Tributo cigars represent the start of a new era for the Quesada 5th Generation. Quesada is seeing huge opportunities opening up in his business as his production has more than tripled during the past five years. Events on the horizon include the emergence of the a manufactured brand, Romeo y Julieta, into the empire of Tabacalera, the Spanish tobacco giant. The brand gives Tabacalera an entry into the U.S. market for the first time. This manufacturer has also started a joint venture with Mike’s Cigars of Miami and J. R. Tobacco to manufacture new brands in a new factory. Quesada has an ongoing commitment to growth and quality for his tobacco enterprise, and with Quesada Tributo cigars opening a new chapter for a new generation of tobacco blenders, this is sure to be an exciting journey for a family that has come so far in the cigar business.

The Quesada Tributo brand was made by Manuel Quesada and his team of daughters, nephews, and nieces, who are known as the “Fifth Generation”. these cigars come out of MATASA (manufactura de Tabacos S.A.) in Santiago. Unlike other cigar manufacturers who have been involved in multi-million dollar purchases, building enormous factories, Manuel has taken a quieter approach to building his business.

During the first beginnings of the cigar renaissance in 1992, MATASA and Quesada were among the founding members of Pro-Cigar, an organization established to promote Dominican cigars. Today Pro-Cigar is a consortium of some of the finest cigar manufacturers in the world who have been instrumental in putting the Dominican Republic on the map as “Cigar Country”
Manuel Quesada started in the family enterprise at the age of 13 in Cuba. He came from a family of leaf brokers who became one of the major exporters of Cuban tobacco to the world market, although they journeyed from humble beginnings. Quesada’s great-grandfather came to Cuba from Spain with his family as bakers. The bakery proved too small for him and his brother, who were the last to come to Cuba. When a debt to the family was paid with tobacco, the family told the two youngest brothers to take the payment and turn it into a livelihood. That is just what they did by starting their leaf purchasing company in Cuba together. In 1960, they were forced into exile, transferring their entire business to the Dominican Republic, where they had been buying and selling tobacco for years. It was in the Dominican Republic that the Quesada family began manufacturing cigars, slowly making their way into the forefront of the tobacco industry.

To quote Quesada, “For many years we have carried heavy hearts missing those we have lost, but now that burden is lifted and we are ready to celebrate their lives through this cigar and this Tributo.”

Tributo cigars…”It’s more than just a new cigar, It’s our family!”

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    The Quesada Espana Is A Unique Cigar For Many Reasons
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    The Quesada 40th Anniversary Cigar Celebrates 40 Years In The Industry
    The Quesada 40th Anniversary cigar is the company’s way of celebrating 40 years in the industry, and if this smoke is any indication, it’ll be a happy birthday for aficionados everywhere.
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    The Quesada Oktoberfest Bavarian cigar is available as the Bavarian (5.5 x 52) and the Uber (6 x 65). It is a Dominican Puro made in the Dominican Republic. The wrapper is of a Cibao Valley, Dominican Republic leaf.
    Quesada Tributo Manolin Review
    The Quesada Tributo Manolin is named after the 5th generations grandfather and the father of Manuel Quesada who is the current President of MATASA, Manolin Quesada.
    Quesada Tributo Julio Cigars
    The Quesada Tributo Julio is the 5 inch x 50 ring gauge cigar offered in the Tributo series. This cigar is a tribute to Julio Fajardo. He was the best friend to Manuel Quesada and MATASA's General Manager. He was also one of the Quesada familys beloved friends and family that perished in a tragic pl...
    Quesada Tributo Alvaro Ligero Cigar
    The history of the Quesada Tributo Alvaro is as rich as the tobacco used in these cigars. These cigars were also ground breaking in using a hybrid wrapper, something of which has never been done before. The wrapper is made of a blend of four different tobacco leaves.
    Quesada Tributo Alvarito Cigar
    These Tributo Cigars are not available online. however if you contact us you can purchase them via mail order from one of our friendly cigar experts. The Quesada Tributo Alvarito is a tribute cigar to Alvaro Quesada Jr. It is only the second time the Quesada family has placed their name on any cigar...
    Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 articles) Result Pages:  1