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Punch CigarsThe Punch Cigar actually has a funny beginning, and probably unlike any other in the cigar world. Any of the Punch Cigars are exactly that, a good punch of a cigar, but that is not how they got their name. These cigars come in quite a litany of sizes, fifteen in fact. From the Bolos size of 4.1875 inches x 36 ring guage, to the Champion size 4.5 x 60, to the Presidente 8.5 x 52. They are also offered in a variety of wrappers. Depending on the size will depend on what's offered, there is Ecuadorian Sumatra, Maduro, Double Maduro, EMS, and Colorado Maduro.

Punch Cigars are produced by General Cigar in Honduras, but this is not where they started. This brand is among the few that have been around for well over one hundred years. It is a brand that has proven, over and over, to be time withstanding. It began in the 1840's with Manuel Lopez in Cuba. He was wanting to attract the British cigar market, which was booming, and came up with the Punch Cigar brand. He called them Punch after Mr. Punch in the Punch and Judy puppet show. It was a very popular show overseas that can trace its roots back to the 1600's. The first printed script that was produced for the Punch and Judy Show was in 1828. In fact, our first President, George Washington was said to have seen this show while he was in Paris. The brand became extremely successful in Great Britain. When Manuel retired in 1924, he gave the ownership of the brand over to Esperanza Valle Comas. Two acquisitions later, it was purchased by Villazon Company in Honduras. The brand was first imported from Honduras in 1969. In 1997, General Cigar, now General Cigar/ Swedish Match, purchased the leading Honduran cigar maker. Punch cigars continue to be hand-rolled in Honduras for the American market. The bands on these smokes still bear Manuel Lopez's name, while the lithographed boxes show a comical depiction of Mr. Punch enjoying a cigar.

The Double Corona comes in a size of 6.75 x 48. It has a dark brown wrapper that is a bit rough looking with a nice oily sheen. The draw is easy and the burn is even. The ash is a light gray color and it produces a fair amount of smoke. At the beginning of the smoke, there is a definite wood and earth taste with hints of honey. That stays consistent until the end, where there are notes of citrus. These tend to be on the full body side and would be better appreciated by a seasoned cigar aficionado. Some time in your humidor will also enhance the full body flavor of these smokes. 

The Cafe Royale size is 5.625 x 45. This is a rough looking cigar as well, with its dark tan wrapper. It has minimal veins and a nice oiliness to it. The draw is on the looser side, and the burn is straight. The flavor, as a whole on this cigar, is of a dark chocolate. There are definite woody and coffee notes with a touch of pepper towards the end. This would be a good choice for a novice cigar smoker. Rest assured that you will be pleased, no matter which Punch Cigar you choose.
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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    The Punch Bassmaster Tackle Box Cigar Set Consists Of Four Unique Sticks
    The Punch Bassmaster Tackle Box cigar set consists of the brandís most respected blends and is a perfect way to get introduced to the legendary stogie maker. Itís one of the oldest tobacco brands in history and has been around since 1840.
    Punch Gran Puro Cigar
    The binder of the Punch Gran Puro, as well as the wrapper leaves, are grown in the sun and specially selected from the highest primingís to ensure its special color and flavor.
    Punch Deluxe Cigar
    The Punch Deluxe line is a favorite for most cigar aficionados to have in their humidors. It fits many palates as well, as the Punch Deluxe cigars are a very complex cigar line. Some would say they are not for the novice, but if you are interested in trying a complex, full body cigar, any vitola fro...
    Punch Classic
    The Punch Classic line of cigars is a bountiful line of cigars. It boasts more than fourteen choices and offers a variety of three wrappers, depending on the size you choose. Your wrapper choices are Maduro, Double Maduro and EMS. The tobacco is fermented and allowed to age for years before it is ma...
    Punch Grand Cru Review
    Here are some of the things being said about this Punch Cigar: These cigars are considered one of the silkiest of the Hondurans, being extremely smooth, and no veins to be seen. The wrapper is dark and has an oily, sleek feel. The Punch grand Cru cigar band is an attractive red, gold, and black, and...
    Punch Rare Corojo
    The Punch Rare Corojo cigar is a cigar that Punch releases every year in February. This cigar tends to baffle most. Having a Sumatra wrapper, this Corojo cigar makes one wonder about the flavor before they light it.
    Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 articles) Result Pages:  1 
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