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Perdomo Cigars

PerdomoPerdomo cigars are a third generation legacy company that can be traced back to Silvio Perdomo in San Jose de las Lajas, Cuba. Silvio was a cigar roller for several companies until his imprisonment after the Cuban revolution in 1959. Silvio Perdomo was held captive in harsh conditions for three years, then for the next twelve years he was held at La Cabana and four other facilities, as an enemy of Fidel Castro. Silvio was allowed to immigrate to the United States in 1974. His son Nick Sr. whom followed in his cigar rolling footsteps,  was also against the communism  and  was shot twice, to later leave a hospital on a gurney, escaping execution. After recovering through the kindness and help of a friend, nick Sr. immigrated to the United States. Nick was able to do so with a sponsorship through the Catholic Church, he settled in Washington DC. Only to fight poverty working as a janitor for a mental institution for a meager $11 per week, Nick Perdomo Sr. and his family relocated to Miami, Florida in 1976.

Nick Perdomo Jr. bound to follow in his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps launched a home based business, after completing time in the United States Navy. Nick Jr. was working as an air traffic controller during the day, and was working with his wife in the evenings launching Perdomo Cigars out of his garage. In August 1992 the beginnings of what is widely known today as Tobacalera Perdomo was born, the new company name is Nick’s Cigar Company.

Today Perdomo’s manufacturing is in an impressive 88,000 square foot facility, the second largest in Esteli Nicaragua. The facility is often referred to as “El Monstro” (the monster), Nick Perdomo Jr. serves as the President grooming his son to be heir to this magnificent and humble company.

Today the Perdomo Cigar is considered to be one of the best in the world in flavor and in price. I find the history of these cigars to be quite intriguing. When other cigar company’s raised their price, Nick Perdomo Jr. lowered the price of his Perdomo Cigars, stating that the quality will be the same. He is noted saying he wants cigar lovers to be able to afford his cigars despite the economy or the tax increases on tobacco. The Perdomo Cigar Line includes the following cigars…

Perdomo Cuban Bullet

Strength: Medium Full             Wrapper: Dark Connecticut                

Binder: Nicaraguan                  Filler: Nicaraguan

Perdomo Edicion de Silvio

Strength: Medium Complex     Wrapper: Proprietary                          

Binder: Proprietary                  Filler: Proprietary

Perdomo Fresco 2006

Strength: Mild Medium                        Wrapper: Jamastran Connecticut        

Binder: Habano                                   Filler: Habano

Perdomo Grand Cru

Strength: Full                           Wrapper: Nicaraguan              

Binder: Nicaraguan                  Filler: Nicaraguan

Perdomo Habano Connecticut

Strength: Medium                    Wrapper: Connecticut             

Binder: Nicaraguan                  Filler: Nicaraguan

Perdomo Habano Corojo

Strength: Medium Full             Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo              

Binder: Nicaraguan                  Filler: Nicaraguan

Perdomo Habano Maduro

Strength: Medium Full             Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro            

Binder: Nicaraguan                  Filler: Nicaraguan

Perdomo Lot 23

Strength: Medium Full             Wrapper: Dark Connecticut                

Binder: Nicaraguan                  Filler: Nicaraguan

Perdomo Nick’s Sticks

Strength: Medium Full             Wrapper: Dark Connecticut                

Binder: Nicaraguan                  Filler: Nicaraguan

Perdomo Patriarch

Strength: Rich Robust              Wrapper: Corojo                                 

Binder: Nicaraguan                  Filler: Nicaraguan

Perdomo Reserve Year 10

Strength: Medium                    Wrapper: Brazilian                  

Binder: Nicaraguan                  Filler: Nicaraguan

Perdomo Squared

Strength: Medium Full             Wrapper: Nicaraguan              

Binder: Nicaraguan                  Filler: Nicaraguan

As you can see this once garage based business has become a legacy to be carried on for many years to come. The Perdomo Cigar will be passed on for so many more generations. It is amazing to know such fine flavor and superb effort can transform into one of the best hand rolled cigars in the world. I am honored to smoke these amazing cigars.

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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    The Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Cigar Is Still Popular Today
    The Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown cigar debuted at the 2012 IPCPR Trade Show and has been going strong ever since. The reason it has remained so popular is probably because the company put a lot of effort into its blending and construction, including an aging process that lasts 14 months.
    Perdomo Special Edition Double Aged Vintage Maduro Cigars Are Limited
    Perdomo Special Edition Double Aged Vintage cigars have a twelve-year-old Maduro filler. As one of the finest, premium hand-rolled cigar makers, their latest offering is carefully aged in oak bourbon barrels to bring out the full-bodied taste.
    The Perdomo Double Aged Vintage Cigars Will Have Three Releases
    The Perdomo Double Aged Vintage was one of the most anticipated cigars at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show, and also one of the hardest to sample. In total, there will be 7,500 boxes released, broken up into three smaller releases.
    Perdomo Mini Cigarillos Are All Nicaraguan Puros
    Perdomo Mini Cigarillos really can please everyone. Each stick is quite different from the other. Some are quite mild while others have a full bodied flavor, all depending on how the product is blended.
    Perdomo Reserve 10 Year Sun Grown Cigars Get Rave Reviews
    The Perdomo Reserve 10 Year Sun Grown cigars are one of the few mild stogies that get positive reviews across the spectrum. From neophytes to weathered aficionados, this stick has the flavor and feel to please them all.
    Bugatti Cigars Are An Exclusive Perdomo Line
    After years of deliberation and careful collaboration with notable enthusiasts, a premier tobacco manufacturer and designers, Perdomo has recently released an exclusive line called Bugatti cigars.
    The Perdomo 20th Anniversary Cigar Reviewed
    The Perdomo 20th Anniversary Cigar has burst onto the scene, bringing the signature flavors and accentuation's the brand is renowned for. Sporting a Cuban-style seed wrapper, this item comes with a special sunburst logo, touting the year of celebration among the classic insignias.
    Perdomo Estate Collection Cigar Review
    Few stogies elicit the response associated with the Perdomo Estate Collection series of cigars. Deeply aged tobaccos that come directly from the heart of Nicaragua are handcrafted by trained artisans to bring the taste of the fertile soil to smokers around the globe.
    Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Noir Cigar
    The Perdomo Reserve 10th Year Anniversary-Champagne Noir was unveiled during the spring of 2011 by the award winning Tabacalera Perdomo cigar brand. This collection was created to celebrate the success of the original La Tradicion Cabinet Series Reserve line-up as well as the ten triumphant years th...
    Perdomo Habano Conneticut
    The Perdomo Habano Connecticut is a medium-full bodied cigar and has a good draw and burns slowly, which is a big plus, especially in this day and age when cigars are in such competition with one another.
    Perdomo Grand Cru
    The Perdomo Grand Cru is consistently a well-made cigar with no draw problems whatsoever, though the lighter was a little too often in play. The cigars were unique in the flavor department and they hold a reasonably long and satisfying ash. The profile of this distinct cigar was well balanced, thoug...
    Perdomo Habano Corojo
    In general, “habano” is just another word for tobacco grown from Cuban seed. Needless to say, this covers a variety of cigar tobacco that isn't necessarily identified as “habano.”
    Perdomo Fresco 2006 Review
    The second third of this quality cigar finds the body moving slowly towards the mild to medium range, however, just not quite making it to that point yet
    Perdomo Patriarch Cigar
    Perdomo Patriarch cigar it is rich and complex holding ones attention, and burns slowly enough to enjoy in its entirety. The burn line is thin and even with no need to relight the cigar.
    Perdomo 10th Anniversary Cigar
    The Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary edition cigar is made from Cuban-seed Nicaraguan blend of specially aged tobacco. This is highlighted with the nuances of a creamy coffee, and a cross of the sweet taste of honey.  
    Perdomo Squared Cigar
    Perdomo Squared was introduced by Tabacalera Perdomo to have a wider reach into the premium cigar arena. It is made from a new blend making this a medium to full-bodied cigar. For extra effect the cigars generally come in a 40-count Spanish cedar box.  
    Perdomo Edicion de Silvio
    Established in 2003, the Perdomo Edicion de Silvio is just one of the many elite cigars produced under the Tabacalera Perdomo empire.
    Perdomo Nicks Sticks Review
    This cigar is a comeback from the original Perdomo Nick’s Sticks cigars rolled in Nick Perdomo’s garage and originally only available to the local market where he lived in Miami, Florida. Nick’s Sticks comes in three different wrappers Maduro, Sun Grown, and Connecticut.
    Perdomo Lot 23 Review
    The nutty flavor dies down just a bit in the second third of this stick and it becomes more earthy and wood like. I noticed a hint of cedar which complements the nutty flavor nicely, while smoking all of my Perdomo Lot 23 cigars, which I find quite tasty. This stick was no different having that ceda...
    Enjoy A Perdomo Habano Maduro
    The Perdomo Habano Maduro cigar originates from a Cuban seed filler, the tobacco is grown in three different regions Estelí, Condega, and Jalapa. This Perdomo cigar was released in 2007.
    Perdomo Cuban Bullet
    The roots of this company and family trace back to, Silvio Perdomo, who was raised in San Jose de las Lajas, Cuba. He started apprenticing in the tobacco world in the early 1930's at Cuesta y Cia. From 1937 to 1945, he worked at H.Upmann factory. He then went on to work at the Partagas factory until...
    Displaying 1 to 21 (of 21 articles) Result Pages:  1 
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