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Don Pepin Cigars

Cuban born Don Jose “Pepin” Garcia is a highly acclaimed cigar roller that came to America in 2001, and a year later set up his first cigar factory, El Ray de los Habanos, Inc., also known as Don Pepin Cigars. Don Pepin comes from a large family of tobacco growers and cigar makers in Báez, a little town in Villa Clara province in Cuba. As just a young boy, Don Pepin began working in his uncle’s cigar factory in Báez. Two years later he began working at the Félix Rodriquez import cigar factory, and was there from the age of 13. Don Pepin lived in Cuba for 51 years, and during that time he perfected his skills as cigar roller and blender, and has been considered to be the best cigar artisan in Cuba.
Just how talented is the man behind the Don Pepin cigar? Well if you aren’t impressed yet by the sheer number of years Don Pepin has been making cigars, let’s take a look at his resume, if you will.


• Achieved Highest Ranking Possible for a Cigar Roller, Class 8, or “Master Roller” which can take a person 20 years to finally achieve
• Named Tobaquero Maestro or “Master Blender” and has received numerous accolades for his blending abilities, as well as, helped blend cigars like Cohiba, Partagas, and Montecristo
• Won the Productivity Prize for rolling 320 Julietas in 4 hours
• Named the “teacher of all teachers” in rolling and blending cigars
• 1990’s: In charge of Quality Control for Cohiba and Consultant to several cigar makers

Although Don Pepin was highly recognized in his own country, he was fairly unknown when he first immigrated to the United States. He left Cuba, spent some time in Nicaragua, then in 2002 he opened up what is now considered the hottest cigar factory in Miami, manufacturing not only Don Pepin cigars, but creating blends for other companies as well.
Pete Johnson’s Tatuaje brand was the first cigar Don Pepin made on his own. The huge success of Tatuaje launched Don Pepin into the admiring eyes of boutique cigar lovers, and from there, he has created many other award winning client blends as well. To keep up with his popularity and demand for more production, Don Pepin opened Tabacalera Cubana S.A. factory (TACUBA) in Estelí, Nicaragua in 2006. TACUBA is larger than the factory in Miami and employs 62 master rollers that turn out over 3.5 million cigars per year.

Don Pepin client brands include: 5 Star, Tatuaje, Inc., Ashton, Cigars International, Cigar.com, Inc., EO Brands (United Tobacco), Holt’s Cigar Company, Troya Cigars and also various limited production cigars as well.

All Don Pepin cigars are made in the classic Cuban tradition, with the goal to re-create the taste profile of Cuban cigars without using Cuban tobacco. He uses Nicaraguan tobaccos and occasionally uses Ecuadorian and Connecticut shade tobacco for some of his wrappers. They are all medium to full bodied and have been known to pack a punch. His cigars continue to receive top ratings, as well as being included in Cigar Afficiando’s “Top 25 Cigars of the Year”.

Pepin Cigar Brands

• Don Pepin Garcia -Black Edition
Don Pepin Garcia –Blue
Don Pepin Garcia - Series JJ
• Don Pepin Garcia – Series JJ Maduro
• El Ray de los Habanos
Vegas Cubanas


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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    My Father Cigars Are Produced In Nicaragua By A Cuban Master!
    Today, Don Pepin’s focus is on recreating Cuban stogies without using Cuban tobacco. He has found that the Nicaraguan tobacco is the closest in flavor to the Cuban tobacco he used to grow and roll.
    The El Centurion Classic Is Another Masterpiece
    The El Centurion Classic cigar is yet another masterpiece by the legendary Don Pepin Garcia. This stick was originally released in 2007, but was only available in limited quantities.
    El Centurion Cigars Are Back To Stay!
    El Centurion cigars are back to stay! Originally introduced in 2007 by Don Pepín as a limited release cigar, a modified version of the masterpiece is in production to commemorate Pepín’s 10th anniversary.
    Don Pepin Sur Oeste Cigars Are Made For The Southwest
    The company known has My Father has produced another quality stogie in the Don Pepin Jaime Garcia Sur Oeste cigar.
    Don Pepin La Duean Cigars Are Perfect
    Pete Johnson blended the limited edition Don Pepin La Duena series cigars for Janny Garcia. The wrapper is made of Connecticut Broadleaf. The binder and filler are a Nicaraguan and Connecticut Broadleaf blend of sun-dried aged tobaccos.
    Don Pepin Flor De Las Antillas Cigars Reviewed
    This particular smoke features a wrapper that is Nicaraguan Sun Grown tobacco and the binder as well as the filler are also Nicaraguan tobaccos. This stick is billed as being between a medium to a full rating as far as strength goes and the flavor and body are both considered full
    Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial
    Jaime Garcia Especial cigars come in six different vitolas. The Petite Robusto is 4 ½ x 50, the Robusto is 5 ¼ x 52, the Belicoso is 5 1/2 x 52, the Toro is 6 x 54, the Toro Gordo is 6 x 60, and the Super Gordo is 5.75 x 66.
    Don Pepin Cigar Line & History
    Don Pepin Cigars began production in 2001 in Miami, Florida. However, the story of Don Pepin Cigars dates back forty years to a small factory in Cuba.
    Don Pepin Tabacos Baez Serie H Cigar Review
    The tobaccos are the words, the building blocks like paragraphs and pages that the craftsman uses to construct his story. The master craftsman in this story is the Don Pepin in the title of Don Pepin Tabacos Baez Serie H.
    Don Pepin Vegas Cubanas Cigar Review
    Made before Pepin was a household name, the Don Pepin Vegas Cubanas smoke a little differently than his most popular brands, although they are still quite enjoyable. Below is a review of the VC Robusto.
    Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Cigar Review
    Special does describe the Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial cigar. Some cigars are about a time: the early morning flush of a new dawn, the calm at dusk following the storm, or as Rudyard Kipling put it: “Thought in the early morning, solace in time of woes, Peace in the hush of the twilight, balm ere...
    Don Pepin La Reloba Cigar
    Released in May of 2010 by My Father Cigars (a subsidiary of Don Pepin’s started and run by his son Jaime), the Don Pepin La Reloba cigar is available in four sizes and two different wrappers.
    Don Pepin Tabacos Baez Cigars
    Don “Pepin” Garcia comes from a tobacco making family and first entered the tobacco business when he was only 11 years old. He worked at a cigar factory that belonged to one of his uncles in that same town of Baez. During his long career in Cuba (he left in 2001) he was one of the most honored r...
    Don Pepin Serie JJ Belicoso Cigars
    To make a great cigar requires talent and training; the best rollers receive the title of “Maestro.” The Don Pepin Serie JJ was created by a manufacturer that has both. Don ‘Pepin’ Garcia received the rank of Tabequero Maestro while he was rolling and blending cigars in Cuba.
    Don Pepin El Rey De Los Habanos
    Overall, the Don Pepin El Rey de los Habanos cigars are strong performers, especially given the light body they offer. Furthermore, the quality of craftsmanship just cannot be beat by other cigars. Of course, the best part is the nearly identical flavors of the Cuban seeded Nicaraguan tobaccos to th...
    Don Pepin Blue Label Cigars
    To Don Pepin, creating fine cigars is not enough; it is noticeable that he is as concerned with the look and presentation of each cigar that bears his name. In honor of his Cuban roots, Don Pepin’s Blue Label cigars closely resemble their Cuban cousins. The wrapper is an oily Nicaraguan Corojo O...
    Don Pepin El Centurion Cigar
    Flawless in construction, the Don Pepin El Centurion has reasonably large, jagged veins on its dark brown Habano wrapper. It has a good amount of give to it that makes it nicely resilient. The chic orange, red, and gold band, added to the beautiful appearance of the El Centurion cigar, makes it abs...
    Don Pepin Cuban Classic Cigars
    Don Pepin is a master cigar roller and blander. He learned his trade at some of the best factories in Cuba before emigrating. Garcia now operates two of the world’s most popular cigar factories in Miami and Nicaragua. Some of the best quality Cuban-style cigars are produced by his operation. T...
    Don Pepin My Father LeBijou 1922 Cigar
    My Father Le Bijou 1922 is Don Pepin Garcia’s tribute to his own father who was born in 1922. The term “Le Bijou,” is French for “The Jewel.” With a sentimentality that is probably elicited by Jaime’s opening tribute to his father, Don Pepin, with the My Father blend, this accolade to h...
    My Father Don Pepin Cigars
    The American story of the original My Father cigar only began in 2003 when master cigar roller, Don José “Pepin” Garcia brought his family to Miami’s Little Havana and began producing cigars of exceptional quality and flavor nearly from the start.
    Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Cigars
    Don Garcia Pepin is a true master when it comes to making cigars. He began in Cuba and now operates his impeccable organization out of Miami and Nicaragua. Cigar connoisseurs throughout this great big beautiful world of ours consider his Cuban Classic Black Label extraordinarily similar to fine Cu...
    Don Pepin Garcia Cigars
    Cigar aficionados the world over would all agree that Jose “Don Pepin” Garcia is truly a cigar maker among cigar makers. He makes several lines of cigars under his own name, and he also makes cigars for other brands as well. People come to him from all over the industry because of his impeccab...
    Displaying 1 to 22 (of 22 articles) Result Pages:  1