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Partagas Cigars The history of Partagas Cigars dates back as early as 1845 making it one of the oldest existing brands of cigars. Originally from Spain, Jaime Partagas founded his own cigar company and factory in Havana, Cuba after many years of working in the tobacco industry. His ownership in a number of premiere plantations in Cuba enabled him access to some of the best tobacco in the region, which ultimately helped the Partagas Cigar brand grow and succeed. In addition, Jaime was also known for bringing in lectors to read and entertain his cigar rollers.

Following Jaime Partagas’s death by possible murder the factory and brand changed hands a number of times, but it was Ramon Cifuentes and his father that paved the way for what the brand is today. Success didn’t come without obstacles however. At a point when Partagas Cigars was a leader in the industry in Cuba and around the world, Ramon was required to flee the country due to Fidel Castro’s harsh control of the government. It wasn’t until seventeen years later, in the Dominican Republic that he was capable of producing his premium cigars once again. While the factory in Havana was eventually taken over by a government owned tobacco company, Ramon sold the Partagas name to the General Cigar Company in 1978, reviving the brand and jump starting a rewarding path for it in the American market. After a short period of time in Jamaica, the production process was brought to Santiago. Today, the Partagas name is still used to represent the two separate companies. The Havana factory, which is also known as the Francisco Perez German Factory, continues to be accountable for a high level of the brand’s production and is a must-see landmark for many cigar smokers annually. General Cigar set itself apart by introducing a red and gold band design, with the year “1845” replacing the original “Habana” on the packaging.

The Partagas Cigar stands out in every cigar shop for what it’s most famously known for, their exceptional wrapper leaves. Ramon Cifuentes discovered that the elite leaves were not to be found in Cuba, but in the African country of Cameroon. The sub-tropical weather offers the ultimate environment for growing amazingly rich wrapper leaves. The strong, yet not overpowering flavor of the leaves as well as the incredible character of each cigar keeps it closely rooted to its Cuban history.

Partagas Cigars offers a wide range of cigar options for many different smoking tastes. The Benji Master Series is available in one size and has a medium spicy flavor, while the Partagas Black Label is an extremely full bodied cigar available in nine various vitolas. The Partagas Classic is a medium to full strength smoke, whereas the Partagas LR Decadas 2007, Partagas LR Decadas 2008 and Partagas LR Decadas 2009 provide a smooth and medium experience with San Agustin Hon binders. The Partagas Serie S is also a medium to full strength cigar that is available in a Natural wrapper. Lastly, the Partagas Spanish Rosado sports a Connecticut Broadleaf binder and presents a medium to full strength with some added spice.

With its history as rich as its flavor, Partagas Cigars is a definite necessity in every cigar smoker’s humidor.

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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    A Review Of Partagas 1845 Cigar Line
    Choosing Partagas 1845 cigars is a smart choice, whether because of its exceptional flavor or the manufacturer’s long history in the industry. Reviewers thoroughly appreciate the dark brown Ecuadoran wrapper and the specially aged Dominican filler tobaccos.
    Partagas Spanish Rosado
    The Partagas Spanish Rosado cigar was brought to us by the talented makers that began their passion for cigars many years ago, with rich Cuban roots. This beautiful stick was named accordingly as the wrapper is a beautiful red tint, and it is exclusively grown for General Cigar in the San Agustin Va...
    Partagas Serie S Cigars
    Partagas was introduced and founded in 1845 by Jaime Partagas. However, it only advanced after Ramon Cifuentes and his son successfully journeyed the brand to the Dominican Republic in 1961, when Cuba was under Fidel Castro's rule. Once in The Dominican, Ramon Cifuentes realized that the prime wrapp...
    Partagas LR Decadas 2009
    The Partagas LR Decadas 2009 is one of the cigars that the two great cigar makers, Partagas and Ramon Cifuentes, along with his son who was named after him, made the Partagas line of cigars the leading Cuban cigar.
    Partagas LR Decadas 2008
    Few cigar lines can claim the limited nature of the Partagas LR Decadas 2008 because out of every batch of Dominican long filler leaves, there is only one single leaf that is selected to be used in the Partagas LR brand. While this is impressive, the selection process for the wrapper is staggering, ...
    Partagas LR Decadas 2007
    The first Partagas Limited Reserve cigar was released in 1991. These limited edition cigars are famous not only for their low production amounts, but for their extremely superior construction. The filler’s tobacco leaves are carefully selected as only one in about every one hundred are placed in o...
    Partagas Black Label
    The Partagas Black Label is a prime example of how much the rich history and strength of the Partagas brand continues to thrive when paired with Ramon Cifuentes’ amazing talents and traditions.
    Partagas Classic
    Wrapper: Cameroon Binder: Mexican San Andrean Filler: Dominican Piloto, Mexican Strength: Medium – Full Origin: Dominican Republic Sizes: #1, #10, Aristocrat, Fabulosos, Humitube, Maduro #8, Miniaturas, Naturales, Padre, Puritos, Robusto, Sabroso The Part...
    Partagas Benji Master Series
    Just like the cigar company began, the Partagas Benji Master Series is the product of a long time cigar maker in Cuba. Born in Havana, Benji Menendez has not only followed in the footsteps of his father, grandfather, and uncles, but is heir to the largest cigar factory in the Cuban market.
    Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 articles) Result Pages:  1