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La Palina

La Palina Cigars Online A common occurrence whenever one of the La Palina cigars is touched by a favorite torch lighter is the dancing swirls of smoke that cascade around your nostrils and invigorate your senses leaving them yearning in anticipation of yet another puff of this amazing cigar. Rapture and ecstasy indeed!

The band on this unique stick is awesome and usually it is the “talk of the town” so to speak when cigar smokers are gathered together enjoying these aromatic goodies. It has a very classy band which resembles a cameo. It is simply beautiful with white, gold, and charcoal colors. The cigar wrapper is Ecuadorian. It has a nice oily sheen to it, beautifully adorning this premium cigar which has absolutely no soft spots at all. Keeping it from being too perfect to be true without affecting its quality, the wrapper has a coarse feel to it with some visible veins.

The pre-light draw has a rich bittersweet chocolate taste to it while the foot of the cigar has a spicy note to it. Some aficionados like to have a beverage handy when smoking their deliciously sweet sticks and once ignited this smoke has a leathery taste until the sweet caramel and cocoa notes flourish to a crescendo that will wow you! During the first third of this fine cigar there is a sweet cherry hue that takes you by surprise and is very lovely to the palette. The second third of the La Palina cigars has some of the same leathery and cinnamon notes with a coffee thrown into the mix and the finish notes of espresso and cherry is the best part of the entire cigar, and there is no harshness at all! The burn throughout the smoking journey is good with no touch ups and the firm, dark ash was astounding. The aromatic flavors of the La Palina cigar produced a nice dense smoke that was truly a delight to experience.

From its humble beginning, the La Palina cigars have been cigars of excellence and quality since Samuel Paley emigrated from the Ukraine in the late 1800's and became the founder of The Congress Cigar Company. His son, Bill Paley, revived this almost forgotten brand of cigars and the skilled craftsmanship have made this line one of the most sought-after cigars in the entire world. With the smooth blend that is very well rounded and not a harsh bone in its body, cigar smoking devotees everywhere are fighting to keep them in their humidors!

The La Palina cigar line is one of elegance and quality, with a finesse that is rare in a cigar, even one which provides such a magnificent smoking experience. Smooth and delicious, these wonderful smokes are justly famous for pleasing a wide variety of palates.

Your favorite online cigar shop is sure to carry the La Palina line of cigars, so the next time you want a truly unique cigar to smoke, be sure to try one. You won’t be sorry you did. These superb cigars make great gifts for that special someone in your life who loves a stogie, and you will forever win their respect if you present them with a gift such as this.

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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    The La Palina Black Label Cigar Is The Seventh Blend In The Line
    The La Palina Black Label cigar was first revealed at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show and represents the seventh blend in the line. It also represents the second collaboration between the brand and the PDR factory.
    La Palina Collection Mr. Sam Cigar Is a Hit
    The La Palina Collection Mr. Sam cigar is extremely unique and flavorful. Only about eight thousand of these stogies have been made, leaving this four and three quarter inch cigar a privilege to own and smoke by any enthusiast.
    LaPalina Maduro Cigar Is a Spectacular Award Winning Stogie
    The La Palina Maduro Cigar is a well-rounded stick that any aficionado would like to have in the humidor is created by blending the unique tobaccos, the appealing wrapper, and the aroma of the sweet and spicy flavorings.
    Taste & Price Make La Palina El Diario Cigars Ideal Dailies
    Introduced to the market in 2011, La Palina El Diario Cigars were found to be so popular that more vitolas were added in 2012.
    La Palina Classic Cigar Is a Low Cost Premium Cigar
    Cigar reviewers were surprised by the high quality of the La Palina Classic Cigar, as it is one of the value-priced products from the company.
    La Palina Goldie Collection Cigars Have Aficionados Raving
    Trying a La Palina Goldie Collection cigar is a true experience that has aficionados raving, and the unique construction of the stogie guarantees it has an appearance matched only by its flavor and strength.
    La Palina El Diario Cigars Are One Of A Kind
    La Palina El Diario cigars are truly one of a kind. They are a masterful blend of rich tobaccos that offer flavors of sweetness and spice. These are not just enjoyed by aficionados world-wide, but they are also award winning smokes.
    La Palina 1896 Series Cigars
    Wonderment never ceases as the final third of the cigar is being puffed. The espresso hue with the sweetness of cherry and caramel flow into a massive crescendo that is unbelievable, even to an experienced aficionado. During the final note of La Palina 1896 cigars, there will be no harshness.
    LaPalina Family Series Cigars
    La Palina Family Series cigars produce a crescendo of smells and tastes swirling together as a unified masterpiece. If you are looking for that altruistic attribute in a stogie, then you will love this series for sure. The hype that follows this line of sticks is definitely true, with a name you wil...
    Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 articles) Result Pages:  1