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Oliveros Cigars

Oliveros Cigars For Sale
Oliveros cigars have been in production for about eleven years under the direction of Rafael Nodal, Dr. Alina Nodal, and Hank Bischoff. With ancestral roots that date back generations to both Spain and Cuba, these families know what tobacco is all about. They have combined their familiar backgrounds to create some wonderful offerings in the industry today.

Today, the family offers a line of flavored smokes in the Oliveros cigars line. It is possible to find their honey and vanilla offerings as well as peach, chocolate, cherry, Irish cream, cappuccino, amaretto, cognac, Cuban mojito, vodka cranberry, mango margarita, and apple martini. Others such as their short lady or corona pequena offer combinations of flavors such as the bolero that features rum, mango, papaya, guava, and sugar cane. Other great combination flavors include vanilla beans, cherry extract, and tropical honey combined to give a rich bold taste in the mambo smoke. Rumba smokes include coconut milk, passion fruit, and sugar cane for the aficionado’s enjoyment. The cha cha cha line includes roasted cocoa beans, vanilla extract, and Spanish red wine. These all have Dominican binders, Indonesian wrappers, and Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers.

Oliveros cigars feature a different type of smoke and flavor that might not be found just anywhere else. It is possible to enjoy the rich way that they use the signature flavors of red wine, molasses, and honey to create a flavor sensation that isn’t found in other types of sticks.

Oliveros cigars also offer other lines such as the sun grown reserve, premium hd, black knight, king havano, eight zero, platinum series, gold series, and kopi luwak.
One reviewer offered his review on the king havano, one of the many offerings from Oliveros cigars. This particular smoke offers an Oscuro wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan Ligero filler from Esteli, Nicaragua.

He said that the wrapper was extremely clean and smooth as well as having a sweet aroma. The flavor was that of a delicious coffee taste with an earthy background note that was noticeable and a hint of spice being detected as well. Mocha would come through from time to time with the taste being very prevalent for a while and then would fall off for a while. The overall profile was rated as being very rewarding and a mild to moderate type of smoke.

All of the reviews by various different aficionados in the industry have been extremely favorable of all of the lines that these two families have offered. Most are rated as being excellent. The Nicaraguan blends that are offed are rated as the best in the business.

The great blend of tobaccos done with the expertise and know-how that reaches back three generations to the very roots of tobacco growing in Cuba makes for the wonderful different types of smokes that are offered by this company.

With so many different premium blends and flavored blends, even the most discerning aficionado is sure to find one line that will please their flavor palate and expectations of a great smoke.

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    XL For Men Cigar Reviewed
    The Oliveros XL for Men is both intriguing and satisfying. The name almost sounds like it’s larger than a cigar. The creative name conjures up thoughts of a giant smoke that is larger than life. Perhaps this is the reference that is intended of this delightfully satisfying cigar. These smokes spor...
    A Review Of Oliveros LTD Cigars
    Oliveros LTD cigars are one of the newer lines from this company. The producer is a well-respected name in the tobacco industry. The origins of this fine product can be linked back to Nicaragua, Peru, and it even has some Dominican leaves as well.
    Oliveros Flavored Cigars Review
    Oliveros Flavors cigar creations follow a tradition of tobacco products that started in Cuba in 1927. The company was reborn in the 1990s, when it began carrying smokes that contained added ingredients for a more savory experience with the Oliveros flavors of cigars.
    Oliveros Eight Zero Cigars For Sale
    For a nice long smoking experience taking upwards of 2 hours, the Oliveros Eight Zero cigar is definitely worth taking a look at. With a combination of tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Columbia, this stogie is going to be a popular addition to any humidor
    Oliveros Classic Maduro Cigar Review
    The Oliveros Classic Maduro is a great cigar which is highlighted by its very dark and extremely rich wrapper that is made of Nicaraguan Maduro. The binder is Dominican tobacco, and the filler is both Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos.
    A Review of The Classic Cameroon
    Consumers of the Oliveros classic Cameroon wrapped cigars love the full, bold flavor, the smooth burn, and the draw it helps create. These smokes have been around for a very long time and have many different styles and flavors to choose from.
    Oliveros Aging Room Cigar Review
    Oliveros Aging Room Cigars have a wrapper, binder and filler that are all Dominican. The medium-bodied Robusto was described by a reviewer as being made from a limited amount of three year old tobacco
    Oliveros Cuban Spliff Cigars Review
    The Oliveros Cuban Spliff is one of the numerous superior collections created under the Habana Cuba Oliveros Cigars brand. While the dream of producing premium cigars dates back over thirty years, three individuals saw it through a few generations later
    Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 articles) Result Pages:  1