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Macanudo Cigars

Macanudo Cigar LogoMacanudo cigars are made by The General Cigar Company and are among the number one selling cigars in the United States. The Macanudo name is recognized by all cigar smoking enthusiast, and by many non cigar-smokers as well. The history of Macanudo cigars has taken generations to develop, just like the cigar itself. The origin of Macanudo begins in Jamaica, and there is not much information available about the original owners, and the infant days of the brand. In 1969, the Macanudo brand, including its factory, were purchased by the Cullman family. They were one of the first entrepreneurial families to come to America back in 1848. The Cullman’s dabbled in cigar making, but were never really successful until Joseph Jr. Cullman came up with a crazy idea. They didn’t realize that years later, with the help of his son Edgar, this idea would put Macanudo cigars in the forefront of one of the leading cigar brands in history.

The timeline is as follows:

• 1848 - Ferdinand Cullman brings his family to America and works the tobacco industry with his son Joseph Cullman.
• Through the next 100 years the Cullman family continues to work the industry with nominal success.
• Joseph Cullman’s son, Joseph Jr. comes up with a revolutionary idea to plant Havana seed in the fields of Connecticut, and the result was a complete transformation of the Cullman family’s cigars (not yet owners of Macanudo)
• Cullman’s light, distinctive Connecticut Shade wrappers gain popularity among cigar enthusiasts.
• After World War II, Yale graduate Edgar Cullman joins Cullman Bros., Inc. and goes to work on the family’s Hartford, Connecticut tobacco farm.
• Early 1940’s – Edgar Cullman goes to work for H. Anton Bock, a New York City cigar company and learns how to roll and cultivate tobacco.
• The late 1940’s- Edgar Cullman assumes control of the Connecticut wrapper operations and Florida tobacco interests.
• 1961 – Edgar Cullman buys The General Cigar Company at age 43.
• 1963 – The General Cigar Company buys its first premium brand, Gold Label.
• 1969 – The General Cigar Company buys The Temple Hall Factory in Jamaica, which included the brand Macanudo, not yet sold in the States.
• 1971 – Edgar Cullman launches Macanudo cigars into the United States with the slogan “The Ultimate Cigar”.

After launching Macanudo in 1971, Edgar Cullman purchased the US rights to Partagas from Cuba’s Cifeuntes family in 1974, and the two brands have anchored General’s premium cigar business ever since.

The Macanudo cigar line consists of five premium brand series. These include the Macanudo Robust, Macanudo Maduro, Macanudo Café, Macanudo Vintage, and Macanudo Gold. Each series has their own unique cigar names with various flavors. Macanudo still uses Connecticut Shade for its wrappers, and Jamaican and Dominican tobaccos for fillers. The origin of the binder is Mexico’s St. Andres Tuxtla Valley. Macanudos today are still being rolled by hand. The Cullman’s always emphasize the importance of an exquisitely rolled cigar with a well-rounded crown, for which Macanudo is recognized.

As of 2002, Swedish Match AB controls 64% of General Cigars; however, Cullman and his son Edgar M. Cullman Jr. manage the company. If you were to visit General Cigars today, you would see the elder Edgar Cullman in his office, probably smoking his favorite cigar, Macanudo Vintage No. IV. However, he does have his beloved pre-Castro Cubans tucked away in his humidor for special occasions. Edgar describes the cigar business as “romantic”, and surely every cigar connoisseur would absolutely agree.

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    The Macanudo 2014 Estate Reserve Limited Edition cigars bring the brand back to where it all began. The line began in 1968 by the Fernando Palicio family, who were in Cuba at the time.
    The Macanudo Estate Reserve Is A 45th Anniversary Celebration
    The Macanudo Estate Reserve is General Cigar’s celebration of the brand’s 45th anniversary. While other brands have come and gone, and the industry is now awash with trendy blends, the Macanudo remains the top-selling brand in America.
    Macanudo vintage 2006 Cigars Reviewed
    Making an appearance on the market in November of 2012, the Macanudo Vintage 2006 Cigar is a prime example of what the Macanudo line can offer. These premium sticks are enveloped in a Connecticut Shade wrapper that is from a crop grown in 2006, and carefully aged to perfection.
    A Review Of Macanudo Cru Royale Poco Gordo Cigars
    This line began production in 2010 and one of the featured smokes was the Macanudo Cru royale Poco Gordo cigar. The Connecticut shade wrapper comes from Ecuardorian Habano seed and the binder is a Dominican Republic tobacco leaf that is called La Vega Especial.
    Macanudo Robust Cigar
    Overall, the Macanudo Robust cigars rank among the top of the leader board for many reasons. From the attention given to the harvesting process and aging of the tobaccos twice, to the incredible construction and price,
    Try A Macanudo Maduro
    As far as look, the Macanudo Maduro is dark and smooth, and a little less oily than most cigars. The wrapper has few small veins and is a solidly dense cigar.
    Macanudo Vintage Maduro 97
    With a name as popular and well respected as that of the Macanudo cigar brand, it goes without saying that the Macanudo Vintage Maduro 97 ranks among many of the top cigars available.  In fact, the intensity with which each one of these magnificent sticks is made ensures the stellar reputation of ...
    Macanudo Vintage 2000 Series Cigars
    Overall, the Macanudo Vintage 2000 series reigns in the company of those with gallant reputations. With so much attention given to these precious sticks from the beginning, it is no wonder they are quickly disappearing forever. Anyone that can get their hands on one of these cigars will no doubt fin...
    A Review Of Macanudo Gold Cigars
    You can count on the same great taste that delivers peace and relaxation from the Macanudo Gold cigar. Every cigar is made of traditional quality that one would naturally expect from this brand.
    Macanudo Classic Cigars Online
    The Macanudo Classic sports a woody, almost cedar like flavor, and the wrapper yields an even burn with a long white ash. The aroma emitted from this cigar is delicate and light. Not a heavy cigar, and it can be paired with a glass of Merlot to help bring out its mild flavors.
    Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 articles) Result Pages:  1