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Liga Privada T52 Cigars

The Flying Pig By Drew Estates
Nicaragua                                  Wrapper: Sun-grown, stalk-cut Habano
Brazillian Mata-Fina                   Filler: DR, Honduras, Nicaragua

The Flying Pig The Liga Privada T52 is not your regular Drew Estate flavored or infused cigar. Made with a stalk-cut Habano wrapper, it is the sister cigar to the No. 9 which is made with the even more rare Oscuro wrapper. Both the No. 9 and the T52 are traditional cigars, more in line with the excellent La Vieja Habana also produced by Drew Estate. It, too, is made of Steve Saka’s signature blend of seven different varieties of tobacco from the Esteli, Nicaragua Drew Estate farm. Though known for their edgy urban marketing and well-crafted flavored and infused cigars, Drew Estate has a passionate dedication to quality that is apparent in every cigar they produce.

The Stalk-cut Habano wrapper is hand-fermented, not sweated; the binder is Brazilian Mata-Fina; and the filler is a combination of Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Honduran tobaccos. Rolled by experts, each finished cigar is then aged to perfection for at least a year.

Though extremely rare and expensive these days, stalk-cutting is done so that the tobacco retains its natural oils, sap, and nutrients, which produces a richer, flavor-filled, and beautifully oily leaf. It makes the cost of the leaf go up dramatically as it reduces the income potential per stalk for the farmer.

Not surprisingly for a Drew Estate cigar, the Liga Privada T52 is a work of cigar art. In keeping with their absolute commitment to quality, the exquisitely glistening colorado maduro (dark auburn) wrapper contains Saka’s favored blend. It is so naturally oily that it almost feels slippery. To the touch, the cigar is firm, but not too hard.

The pre-light aroma smells pleasantly of sweet tobacco and spices with a hint of pepper and blends perfectly with the cold draw flavors, which leave a touch of pepper on the tip of the tongue.

As you’d expect with an oily wrapper the Liga Privada T52 is a breeze to light, burns as wonderfully straight as Drew Estate cigars do, and leaves a glisteningly light gray to white ash that holds like a stalactite. The smoke it produces in moderate amounts is delicately scented with cedar. After lighting, the smoke has the wonderful aromas associated with pre-embargo Cuban cigars.

After lighting, the flavors begin with mellow notes of leather, earth, cinnamon, spice, and great South American espresso with a touch of the expected pepper. Though the Liga Privada T52 begins slowly, the flavors and strength of this cigar build slowly and inexorably in strength until before you know it, it becomes incredibly smooth, creamy and strong. It is after the midway point that the pepper and spice overtake the espresso flavor.

Liga Privada T52 goes well with a diverse collection of pairings. Sipped alongside this wonderful cigar, coffee, scotch, and even Jagermeister all go well with this cigar.

This cigar is not for beginners with untrained palates. Known for their well-constructed non-traditionally named and flavored cigars, with Liga Privada T52, Drew Estate proves conclusively that they produce great cigars through their attention to quality and detail. The Flying Pig is cigar smoking at its finest. For experienced smokers this cigar should definitely be on your list of smokes to try.

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