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Fonseca Cigars

Fonseca CigarsFonseca Cigars was established in 1892 by Don Fransisco E. Fonseca. He started his first factory in Havana at that time, and later, registered the cigar brand in his name in 1907. His wife, Donna Teresa Boetticher, continued the business even after the death of her husband in 1930. She merged brands with T. Castaneda and G. Montero to create the Castaneda, Montero, Fonseca SA firm. The Fonseca Cigars are still produced in the Lazaro Pena factory in Havana and continue to be wrapped in fine Japanese tissue paper. In the beginning, the cigars were packaged in tin tubes, but now, they are packaged in aluminum tubes. The boxes that the cigars are packaged in still have Mr Fonseca's picture on it today.

These cigars are considered to be on the milder side for a Cuban cigar. They are also less expensive than some of their Cuban counterparts. Their popularity remains throughout Spain and Canada, which is where most of their marketing is done.

There isn't much in the way of history of the brand, but clearly, since it has been around for over one hundred years, there is something truly unique. Fonseca Cigars is the only brand to wrap Habano cigars in the Japanese tissue paper. They are also only available in limited distribution. This is to guarantee only the finest products are used, and the highest quality standards are in place. This ensures that the Fonseca name remains synonymous for perfection of the cigar and the ultimate in cigar smoking.

To get a greater view of the brand would be to step into your local B&M. Lets take a look at a few of the Fonseca Cigars that are on the market. One is the KDT Cadete, the smallest of this Cuban brand. It is wrapped in rice paper and has a ring gauge of 36. The draw is even, as is the burn. The ash holds together nicely and it produces large plumes of white smoke. The flavors are of earthy notes and roasted nuts. There are hints of pepper in the background. The taste is consistent throughout. It is also less complex than others in its category. It is a perfect smoke for any time of day. It is also great for a new cigar aficionado, or for someone wanting a brake from richer cigars. It has also been touted as being the best Havana cigar for the price.

The next one to preview is the Fonseca Habana Selection. It was released in 2006 and is a commemorative cigar with very limited distribution. It has a Cuban Criollo '98 wrapper and a Cuban-seed binder that are both grown in Nicaragua. The filler chosen for this cigar was aged for at least five years. The cigar feels firm with no soft spots. The visual construction is solid, which in turn, is confirmed by the feel. The burn is razor straight and needed no re-lights. The ash holds tight, and is white in color. This cigar also produces large amounts of white colored smoke. The flavor is smooth and consistent. It is a medium to full body smoke that is spicy and peppery.

The Fonseca brand may have merged with other names years ago, but one thing remains true, the perfection of the cigar. For a Cuban brand cigar, these are milder than most, which make it a cigar you can truly enjoy at any time. The time that is spent in mixing and mastering the cigars is proof alone that the legacy will continue on for a hundred or more years to come.

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