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Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes were invented by a Chinese company in 2004.  They were intended to give people something to smoke in areas where cigarettes have been banned, and to be an aid in helping some people who decide to quit smoking cigarettes wean themselves off the nicotine.


As it always happens with anything new and exciting, American reporters caught wind of the electronic cigarette and began to find fault with them.  They have recently produced a number of news exposes that claim e-cigarettes really do not help people quit, and that some types of e cigarette might even be hazardous to human health. 


Journalists seem to always need to put something negative about something positive on the morning show, do they not?


We would like you to consider some facts before you get carried away with yet the latest media campaign against smokers and anything smoking related.  It is much better to consider facts than to be manipulated by those whose agendas will move them to criticize even genius and inventiveness.   


Fact Number One:   If you decide that you want to quit smoking, the only thing that can really make you quit is YOU.  A device like an e cigarette may help, but ultimately YOU have to make the choice.

Fact Number Two:  Nothing that you take into your lungs besides non-polluted air is every 100 percent healthy for you to breathe.

Fact Number Three: An Electronic cigarette is intended to eliminate the annoyance that non-smokers tend to verbalize when they are exposed to second hand tobacco smoke.

Fact Number Four: As far as we know it, current research indicates that with or without a cigar or cigarette, physical life has a 100 percent mortality rate on this world.


Now that we have put the naysayers and critics in the proper place of being, we can now discuss something truly meritorious of our attention, and that is the revolutionary technology behind electric cigarettes.  E-cigarettes look and taste just like real cigarettes.   They contain nicotine, but they do not burn tobacco to release it and therefore do not produce tar that can accumulate in the lungs or stain clothing yellow.   


An electronic cigarette uses a battery, an LED light, and a disposable cartridge that holds nicotine that is dissolved in a chemical called propylene glycol.  Taking a puff from one of these cigarettes triggers a pressure sensor that vaporizes the nicotine chemical compound and releases it in vapor form when you inhale. 


These nicotine vary in strength, with the strongest model possessing the same amount of nicotine as a full-strength cigarette.  They last much longer, however.  Your typical cigarette will last only for about 15 puffs, whereas an electronic cigarette will last for up to 300 puffs.  The intention here is for people to transition over to e-cigarettes and stop using burn cigarettes.  Over time, this can help them phase down to a lower intensity of nicotine, and, if they want to quit, choose a cartridge that contains only a flavor of some type and possesses no nicotine at all.   


By supporting an alternative to cigarette addiction, we are by no means joining forces with anti-smoking lobby.  We are here to provide good options, not operate as social do-gooders.  Cigarette smoking has now been banned in all sorts of places (including bars if you can believe that) in cities such as Los Angeles, Austin, and Houston.  Electronic cigarettes, because they do not produce smoke will not provoke others around you.  While the vapor they produce is visible to the naked eye, it is not technically classified as smoke therefore cannot be regulated by anti-smoking bans.


Our featured product line is the Fifty-one electronic cigarette kit.  It comes with a rechargeable battery and a disposable cartridge.  It also comes with a nicotine pad and atomizing mechanism.  After you have used up the disposable cartridge, you can simply replace it.  You never need to replace the atomizer, nor will you experience nicotine build-up, clogging, or tar residue. 

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    Displaying 1 to 25 (of 25 articles) Result Pages:  1