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Drew Estate Maduro Egg Cigar Review

Origin: Nicaragua                                             Binder: Ecuador

Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican Piloto Cubano     Strength: Medium body

Wrapper: San Andeas, Mexico, Brazilian Maduro

Drew Estate Maduro Egg CigarDrew Estate offers three of their cigars with a Maduro wrapper. The Drew Estate Maduro is a sweet wrapper that is made from San Andeas leaf, Brazilian leaf or Nicaraguan leaf depending on the cigar you choose. The Drew Estate Maduro gives you the choice of the Chateau Real Maduro, La Vieja Habana Brazilian Maduro or Natural Egg Maduro. They also come in varying sizes.

The Drew Estate Maduro is a dark brown leaf, almost black in color, that produces a sweet, full and rich flavor. It is made from tobacco leaves that are aged as long as possible. Maduro is a mature wrapper that is full of oils and often has visible bumps and veins.

The Chateau Real Maduro is the first in the Drew Estate Maduro line. It is a Medium body, infused cigar. The wrapper is oily and a grainy rich chocolate color. It is a nice looking cigar straight out of the box. It has a hefty feel to it with no obvious flaws. The filler is made of a Nicaraguan and Dominican Piloto Cubano blend. The binder is from Ecuador and the wrapper is from San Andeas, Mexico. The flavor and taste of the cigar is a sweet mocha and woody flavor with slight hints of pepper. The draw has very little resistance. The ash is white in color and holds nicely throughout the smoke. The finish has a touch of cinnamon and sweet vanilla. It is available in multiple sizes Belicoso Favorita 6 x 50, Small Club Corona 4 x 44, Crystalis Deluxe 5.25 x 50, Nobel Habana 5.25 x 54, Gran Templar 6 x 52, Lord Tennyson 7 x 50, Magnum 46 5.625 x 46 and Gran Cru Perfecto 6 x 50/54.

The La Vieja Habana Brazilian Maduro is part of the original Drew Estate La Vieja Habana line. It is available in six different sizes. The Chateau Corona 5.50 x 46 ring, Rothschild Luxo 5 x 54, Bombero 6 x 54, Celebracion Nacional 7 x 52, Belicoso D 6 x 54 and Gordito Rico 6 x 60. The wrapper is an oily dark Brazilian Maduro with fillers from Esteli and the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua. The draw is loose and the burn corrects itself quickly. The taste is of sweet coffee and cocoa with a slight wood and pepper flavor. It is a hearty smoke and probably best enjoyed after a hearty meal.

The Natural Egg Maduro is the last in our Drew Estate Maduro line. It is a Medium to Full body cigar and probably best enjoyed by a seasoned smoker. The reason they named it the Egg is for it's bulbous middle section. The wrapper is a Nicaraguan leaf and the filler is a blend of black tobaccos from Syria, Turkey, St James Parish and other exotic locations. The wrapper is flawless in construction with a dark creamy chocolate color. The taste and aroma are of leather with a hint of cocoa. The draw is very loose and it produces thick smoke. The ash holds together remarkably well, even with the bulbous middle section. This cigar maintains its smooth taste consistently throughout the smoke. We have this beauty available in our cigar store locally as well as online for your convenience.

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