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Drew Estate Cigars

Drew EstateDrew Estate Cigars were created from the very beginning by Jonathan Drew with the idea to develop cigars that were completely different from the traditional stick. Thus, his company has generated a reputation among a new group of cigar enthusiasts, which honors him as the one responsible for the rebirth of the cigar. Those intrigued by Drew Estate Cigars will delight in learning about the distinctive tobaccos and exclusive infusions brought together in perfect harmony in each cigar. Because these new age cigars are loaded with personality, their following has grown exponentially, which has resulted in Jonathan Drew landing a top spot among Nicaraguan cigar makers.

One of the keys to the success of Drew Estate Cigars is that a variety of cigars are offered at a reasonable price per stick. This allows an opportunity for the cigar smoking consumer to sample the cigars and determine which smokes are best suited for his taste. In addition, the expansion from making cigars with just unique tobaccos and infusions to premium cigar making has attracted an even broader audience, reaching almost anyone with a love for cigars.

At first glance, these smokes are unusual in every aspect, which is only to be expected by such a revolutionary maker. Perhaps the most distinctive characteristic that sets Drew Estate Cigars apart from the others is that Drew uses a shaggy foot. A shaggy foot is exactly what it sounds like in that the Nicaraguan filler leaves protrude out longer than the actual wrapper. Although the look is not as regal, it makes for happy smokers because it allows the flavors and aroma of the binder and filler tobaccos to remain separate from those of the wrapper.

After setting fire, it becomes quite evident that these cigars are ACID cigars. ACID cigars are a mixture of vital oils and premium long leaf Nicaraguan fillers, which are strategically introduced to create a heavenly aroma that is not likely to be mimicked. In addition, Drew cleverly infuses his cigars with palate-pleasing flavors to add to the already superb performance. The Java infusion is perhaps the most sought after infusion, which blends the aromas of cocoa and espresso beans with some of the best Nicaraguan tobaccos to produce a delicate flavor.

Likewise, if the smoker appreciates the Java infusion, the Java Latte will most likely be pleasing as well. Although it is the exact same infusion process as the Java infusion, this cigar is wrapped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf, which rewards the palate with a creamy feel. Just like adding a drop of cream straight into a cup of freshly brewed coffee, the soul will be revived upon completion.

All in all, Drew Estate Cigars are some of the most original and intriguing cigars available on the market today. Whether a novice or trained aficionado, anyone interested in cigars must try one of these unique sticks. With that in mind, the consumer should be prepared to buy a few because once one has been lit, the palate will be demanding more.

Our Cigar Shop  is located in Houston Texas, however we also service all 50 states including New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., El Paso, Texas, Dallas TX DFW, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Boise ID, Atlanta GA, Raleigh-Durham NC, WashingtonC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville AR, N Dorfolk VA , Madison WI.

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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    About The Undercrown Manifesto Cigar By Drew Estate
    The Undercrown Manifesto is one of those sticks that has to be seen to be believed. Also known as the Krump, it takes its name after the person that provided Drew Estate with the molds needed to produce the sticks.
    Drew Estate Now Offers The Undercrown Flying Pig Cigar
    The Undercrown Flying Pig is a cigar many aficionados have been waiting for. Known for its fat and short perfecto cigars, Drew Estate now offers the vaunted Undercrown line.
    Reviewers Give The Drew Estate Norteno Cigar A Nine Out Of Ten
    Created by master blender, Willy Herrera, Drew Estate has released the Herrera Estelí Norteno, a full-bodied, bold stogie that is reminiscent of pre-Castro Cubans. This is the second collaboration between Herrera and Drew, with the Ecuadorian Habano Herrera Estelí Nicaraguan being their first.
    The Drew Estates Kentucky Fire Cured Cigar Line Creates A Buzz
    The Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured cigar undergoes a very rare process that creates a notably unique smoking experience. Reviewers often mention the distinctive robust, smoky flavor with distinct hickory notes that results from this curing process.
    Drew Estate Nica Rustica Cigar Has Good Reviews From Consumers
    The Drew Estate Nica Rustica is a handmade cigar produced by Drew Estate, an American Company with an inspiring story that has specialized in cigars and smoking accessories since 1998. This specific stick was released mid-October of 2013 and is manufactured in Nicaragua.
    My Uzi Weighs A Ton Cigar Review
    When it comes to names, the Drew Estate My Uzi Weighs a Ton cigar has to top the cake, but the uniqueness does not stop with the unusual name. In fact, this is a smoke that lives up to the name.
    Drew Estate Undercrown Cigars Reviewed
    This stogie has a wrapper from Mexico, from the Otapan field, from a delayed harvest which was delayed to improve the flavor and increase the sugar levels. This results in a stick with only minimal veining, but containing plenty of oils.
    Drew Estate Natural Cigars
    The Drew Estate Natural line defies all the laws of the Drew handbook, however, it is comprised of only natural blends, absent of any flavoring agents as typically used in his popular ACID cigars. Instead, the Drew Estate Natural cigar is exactly what its name suggests. These cigars use South Americ...
    Drew Estate Maduro Egg Cigar Review
    The Natural Egg Maduro is the last in our Drew Estate Maduro line. It is a Medium to Full body cigar and probably best enjoyed by a seasoned smoker.
    Drew Estate La Vieja Habana Cigar
    The Drew Estate La Vieja Habana is truly a cigar to enjoy. You can choose the wrapper according to your preference and how you enjoy your cigars. Whether it is a morning smoke while enjoying your latte, or after a hearty steak, there is one for every novice or aficionado of cigar smoking.
    Drew Estate Isla Del Sol Cigar
    All in all, the Drew Estate Isla Del Sol has a very consistent cocoa profile, which results in a smooth and creamy smoking experience through the entire length of the cigar. This is a fast burning stick with such great flavor that you will find yourself soon wanting another! For someone looking fo...
    Chateau Real Cigar Review
    Upon lighting, it “smacks of spice”, with creamy caramel and coffee undertones taking center stage. The robust Brazilian binders that secure a mellow blend of long fillers contribute to its rich, yet smooth and creamy taste. The smoke is full and white. As you approach the middle of the smoke...
    Drew Estate Ambrosia Infused Cigars
    The Drew Estate Ambrosia Kaya has been compared to the ACID line in smoke and in quality. The only difference is the taste. Non-aromatic smokers should run from this one, but if you are an ACID fan, and enjoy an aromatic smoke, it is highly recommended that you pick up some of these whenever you r...
    Liga Privada T52 Cigars
    This cigar is not for beginners with untrained palates. Known for their well-constructed non-traditionally named and flavored cigars, with Liga Privada T52, Drew Estate proves conclusively that they produce great cigars through their attention to quality and detail. The Flying Pig is cigar smoking a...
    Liga Privada Number9
    The Flying Pig lights up with extreme ease while the smooth draw produces a lot of thick, dark gray smoke. Though the aroma is on the light side, it is delightfully pleasant smelling with the clean, somewhat, pungent scent of cedar. The burn was surprisingly even, producing a very tightly packed, br...
    Drew Estate Cigars
    For a year or so, they lived on dreams that always seemed to require more money than they had, and though the bank account was always low, they somehow they kept Drew Estate going, little by little branching out and expanding their operations. They finally established themselves as a company with th...
    Displaying 1 to 16 (of 16 articles) Result Pages:  1