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Davidoff Cigars

DavidoffWhen you hear of Davidoff Cigars, the name “Davidoff”, itself automatically makes you think affluence and luxury. Zino Davidoff, the man behind the Davidoff Cigar brand, created a line of high- end men’s products such as ties, fragrances, glasses, cognac, briefcases, and humidors that complimented his affluent cigar smoking clientele. His success at building a multi-million dollar business in the 20th century on tobacco product is truly remarkable and therefore has made Davidoff cigars synonymous with quality in the industry.

Davidoff Cigars has a rather complicated history that starts with the birth of its founder, Zino, in 1911 Russia, or present day Ukraine. His parents were either cigar merchants or cigar manufacturers in Kiev who fled to Switzerland in 1911 to avoid Russian anti-Semitism, and opened a modest cigar shop in Geneva. After finishing school, Zino traveled to Latin America to learn the tobacco trade where he worked for two years on a plantation. This is where Davidoff first developed a love for Cuban cigars.

Upon his return from Switzerland in 1940, Davidoff took over his parents’ cigar shop which grew into a lucrative business after World War II. Neutral Switzerland became a haven for wealthy tobacco customers at that time which afforded Zino to successfully market Hoyo de Monterrey Chateaux Series of Cuban cigars among others. During this time he also was responsible for creating the first desktop humidor that preserved the same conditions with which cigars were rolled in Havana, Cuba.

In 1970, Davidoff sold his tobacco shop to the Max Oettinger Group, but not before he started the Davidoff Cigar line three years prior. Zino was approached by Cubatabaco which was Cuba’s state tobacco monopoly at the time, to create his own personal brand for his stores. Davidoff launched his line one year before he sold his tobacco shop to pursue what is now the Davidoff empire.

There are two types of Davidoff Cigars: Cuban Davidoffs, and Dominican Davidoffs.

The original line, Cuban Davidoffs, was produced in the El Laguito factory in Havana which was established to roll Fidel Castro’s personal cigars, Cohiba. Cuban Davidoffs were officially discontinued in 1991 after the relationship between Davidoff and Cubatabaco dissolved due to numerous disputes over quality and ownership of the brand. One would speculate that the event that led to their break-up was in 1989 when Davidoff publically burned over 100,000 of his cigars that he deemed unfit to sell due to poor quality.

Dominican Davidoffs were already in production a year before the cancellation of his Cuban line and are still available today. After moving his operation to the Dominican Republic, rather than trying to re-create the flavor profiles of his Cuban line, Davidoff set out to raise the bar for Dominican cigars. Dressed in claro Connecticut wrappers, these immaculately tailored cigars are blended by Hendrik Kelner who is unmatched in the Dominican Republic for his knowledge of tobacco and cigar making. Kelner’s company, Tabacos Dominicanos S.A., has produced some of the most sought-after handmade smokes to come out of the island.

Davidoff Cigar offerings available today include: Series Anniversario, Series Classic, Series Grand Cru, Series Mille, Series Special, Series Millennium Blend, Puro d’Oro, and Limited Editions.

Davidoff Cigars are medium to mild and are known for their rich and wonderfully complex flavor.

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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    Review Of The Davidoff Limited Art Edition 2014 Cigars
    The Davidoff Limited Art Edition of 2014 is the first in the Limited Art Editions to be made by Davidoff. Featured on each of the boxes is commissioned works by Dominican artist Quisqueya Henriquez who’s work provokes a blend of Caribbean and Latin cultures.
    The Davidoff Royal Salomones Cigar Is Part Of The Limited Release Series
    Always known as the luxury cigar brand, the new Davidoff Royal Salomones are another triumph in the brand’s stogie offerings. Meticulously crafted by the company’s master blenders, this sumptuous cigar is part of the limited release Royal series.
    The Davidoff Royal Robusto Cigar Review
    The Davidoff Royal Robusto cigar stands alone with excellence, flavor, and perfection. They are handled from seed to packaging at a factory located in the Dominican Republic. The company carefully controls the creation and processing of each cigar.
    Davidoff Nicaragua Cigar Is a Must Have Puro
    The Davidoff Nicaragua Cigar is known exclusively for its contents of 100% Puro Nicaraguan blend tobacco coupled with a wrapping of a golden brown, 10 year old Habano Seed Nicaragua Rosado.
    The Davidoff Year Of The Snake In Honor Of Chinese New Year
    February marks the beginning of Chinese New Year and the release of the Davidoff Year of the Snake cigar. The snake has long been revered as the zodiac symbol for wealth and infinity, while Davidoff has always been the staple of luxury for many aficionados.
    Davidoff White Edition Release For 2012
    The Davidoff White Edition 2012 cigars were released in the United States on August 01, 2012. They were highly anticipated, as Davidoff has built a tradition, since 1999.
    Griffins Special Edition 2011 Cigars By Davidoff
    The Griffins Special Edition 2011 cigars are handmade by Davidoff cigars. They are rolled in Geneva, with Dominican and Republican filler leaves. It is said to be very evenly packed.
    The History of Davidoff Cigars
    Ancient traditions, fertile soil and ideal climate conditions are used to produce the fine tobacco products used in a Davidoff Cigar.
    Davidoff Sampler Packs
    To acquire a Davidoff Sampler is to get the privilege of experiencing a variety of well crafted, premium cigars. Their collections include the 12 Count, 3 Count Tubos, 9 Count, Puro d’Oro, and the Robusto Collection.
    Davidoff Toro Especial Sel 702 Limited Edition
    Davidoff Toro Especial Sel 702 cigar would make a terrific complement. On the other hand, no matter what is paired with one of these cigars, the untouchable reputation of the Davidoff brand alone, will speak for itself.
    Davidoff Thousand Cigar
    Overall, this line of Davidoff cigars exhibits quality and perfection in every aspect. With a flawless construction, pleasing aroma, and stellar reputation, it is no wonder this series is at the top of the list of seasoned aficionados from all over the world.
    Davidoff Reserva 12 Cigar Review
    The wrapper for the Davidoff Reserva 12 is made from the Ecuador Special Sun Grown. It is a darker wrapper, with medium sized veins throughout. The burn is flawless, as is the case with most Davidoff cigars.
    Davidoff Small Cigars
    The Davidoff small cigars, Exquisitos, are made with the award winning Davidoff Millennium blend for a rich and powerful smoke. The Exquisitos are hand rolled in the Davidoff factory in Santiago de los Caballeros.
    Davidoff Special Cigars
    Upon first laying eyes on one of these beauties, one will notice the expert craftsmanship that goes into making each and every cigar unique because they are handmade. Soon after, the bright Connecticut wrapper will capture the smokers attention and lure him in like a love goddess dangling a forbidde...
    Davidoff Puro D Oro Cigar Review
    Overall, the new line of Davidoff Puro d Oro cigars is an almost perfect embodiment of superiority and sophistication. From the uniqueness of the Dominican Yamasa leaf that is harvested specifically to unite the flavors within to the native fillers, this line is causing quite a fuss among those that...
    Davidoff Maduro Robusto Cigar
    At first light, classic Davidoff flavors appear with a good balance of cedar and coffee. New sweet flavors coming from the maduro leaf are also evident, such as notes of sambuca/licorice. Charred oak, banana peel and even a little bit of saffron have been reported as well by some sophisticated pal...
    Davidoff Grand Cru Cigar Review
    Incomparable describes the Davidoff Grand Cru cigar. It has an intensely complex taste which is both sweet and spicy with underlying tones of delicate toasty notes as well as sweet hay. The carefully blended mixture including salty Olor, acidic San Vicente, and peppery Piloto Cubano tobaccos produce...
    Davidoff Classic Cigars
    Pairing up with a Cuban cigar company in the 70’s revolutionized their cigars, but ended when the family packed up once more— this time for the Dominican Republic. Using the centuries-old techniques learned by Zino, and the choicest four years-aged tobacco leaves, combined with the consistent Da...
    Daivdoff Capa Dominicana Cigar
    Cited in Smoke Magazine Online, Phillip Wynne, the owner of Felipe Gregorio, Inc. (which produces cigars in both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua) maintains that “While educating and equipping tobacco farmers is undoubtedly one of the hurdles being overcome, much of the difficulty involved in ...
    Davidoff Millenium Cigar Lancero
    Before getting started, it has to be noted that Davidoff Millenium Lancero smokers are a breed unto themselves. Michael Herklots of the Davidoff shop in Columbus Circle in NYC says that the aficionado who prefers Davidoff Millenium lancers is “An educated one. A confident one…—he doesn't need ...
    Davidoff Aniversario No. 2 Cigar
    This choice harkens back to a quieter time when conversation, culinary delights, and fine cigars were a way of life, reflecting a more introspective age when thoughtful moments didn’t have to be planned—they were a part of everyday life. If you enjoy the finer things of this life, good food, del...
    Displaying 1 to 21 (of 21 articles) Result Pages:  1