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Cigar Spotlight

The cigar industry is full of camaraderie, good people, and memorable experiences. While so many businesses focus on maximizing profit and selling unremarkable products, cigar makers focus on the people that will enjoy and appreciate their efforts and creativity. Serious Cigars also believes that people come first, and this belief is the inspiration behind the Cigar Spotlight. 

The Cigar Spotlight will regularly showcase some of the most interesting people in the industry, regardless of where they work or what they do. Most aficionados are familiar with the owners and master blenders related with various cigars, but it requires the effort of each and every person to make the business run smoothly. The Cigar Spotlight will be more focused on these less-known, yet extremely important people. As Serious Cigars grows, and we forge more connections with cigar producers, farmers and blenders, we expect to find an abundance of interesting people who are worth talking about. 

The aim of the Cigar Spotlight is to allow some of these folks the opportunity to introduce themselves, talk about their background, and share some of their favorite aspects and memories of working within the industry. Most people in the industry have been around cigars for most of their lives, and many have family members in the business as well. These people invariably have some of the best stories regarding this prestigious industry. With the Cigar Spotlight, we hope to give our visitors further insight into the industry, and the people who make our favorite hobby possible.

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