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Why Use Cigar Scissors

Xikar Cigar ScissorsCigar scissors are a scissors-shaped tool used for cutting cigars. Instead of a straight edge, the edge is going to be more of a hook, or circle shape, so that it cuts closely around the circular shape. These will make a straight cut on your favorite smoke. The straight cut is the one you will run into the most often, and is the preference for thinner sticks. Cigar scissors come in many different designs and looks, and some of them include other tools. You can even get a pair that folds up. In order to indulge in your favorite stick, you’re going to want to remove it from your humidor and cut the closed end, which is the end you smoke. While it’s possible to “cut” the closed end with your teeth if you don’t have a cutter, you’re not going to want to do that with any sort of expensive or valuable stick. You can do too much damage to the filler or binder if you do that, and you may even cause the entire wrapper to unravel, which would ruin your smoking experience.

Cigar scissors aren’t the only tool available for cutting off the ends. If you’d rather have another option, you can look at your favorite online cigar shop and check out the other tools that are available. Cutters are a little more streamlined in their shape, and you don’t have to use them with the scissor type motion to get them to cut the end. The guillotine type cutter is easily and more safely transported in a pocket than the scissors type. You can get either a single or doubled bladed guillotine type cutter that makes straight cuts. There are also cutters that are shaped just like a folding knife.

If you’re looking for a different cut, you’re going to want to look into the v-shaped cutters, which will cut a v-shaped wedge out of the stick you want to smoke. There are different sorts of v-cutters as well, depending on whether you prefer plastic or metal. These can help you make a clean, even cut, without having to concern yourself as much with how deep to make the cut.

The third type of cutter is also different from cigar scissors, both in form and in the cut that is made. This type is a called a punch cutter. It doesn’t actually cut the stick at all, but instead punches a hole in the end of the cap. There are three various kinds of punches available: the bullet punch, the multi quadra punch, and the Havana punch. The bullet punch is similar in shape to a bullet, and you can unscrew the top to reveal the spring loaded punch. You can use a sharpening stone as necessary to keep it in perfect working order. The multi quadra punch is a multi-punch that is available in several sizes. The Havana punch is usually mounted on a keychain, much like the bullet punch. Although it doesn’t have a cap, it has a recessed or retractable blade for making the punch.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways to cut the cap off of your cigar so it is ready to smoke. Whether you choose cigar scissors or one of the other types of cutter will likely depend on your cut and stick preference.

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