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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    Gallo Pinto Cigars By Guayacan Are A Must Have For Aficionados
    Gallo Pinto cigars are produced by Guayacan, a small stogie production company out of Tabacalera Aromas de Jalapa located in Esteli, Nicaragua. Guayacan is owned by Noel Rojas, who is often considered “the little engine that could” due to his determination in getting the business of the ground.
    The Hiriochi HR Cigar Is Part Of A New Brand By Cubanacan
    The Hiriochi HR cigar is part of a new brand put together by Cubanacan and is yet another big change for a company that has experienced plenty of them in the past year. For the last several months, the company has trimmed down its portfolio, aiming to focus on its Conseros and Mederos lines.
    The AJ Fernandez New World Cigar Reviewed
    The AJ Fernandez New World cigar carries the name of the famous master blender, but it has more going for it than just a name. The stick was revealed at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show, and it stands out for a couple reasons.
    The CAO Columbia Cigars Is A Return Of An Old Line
    The CAO Columbia cigars are a return, to some extent, to a line of puros produced back in 2008. It was a short-lived release and discontinued once General Cigar Co. acquired the brand. However, it is now back, though there have been a lot of changes to the blend and its construction.
    The CAO Nasty Nutcracker Cigar Continues A Trend From The Company
    The CAO Nasty nutcracker cigar continues a trend that the company started last year with its Angry Santa and Evil Snowman sticks. In 2013, both of these interesting looking smokes were modified versions of the popular La Traviata line.
    The CAO Rabid Reindeer Cigar Review
    In 2013, General Cigar Company prepared a few blends for the Christmas season and branded it with darker, more sinister marketing, and the CAO Rabid Reindeer cigar is the 2014 follow-up.
    A Review Of The CAO Sinister Sam Cigar
    The CAO Sinister Sam is a follow-up to General Cigar Company’s unusual and unexpected Angry Santa and Evil Snowman blends.
    Review Of The CAO Flathead 450 Also Known As The Sparkplug
    The CAO Flathead 450, or the Sparkplug, is an addition to the third regular production line by master blender Rick Rodriguez. The initial release of this line had four vitolas at the 2013 IPCPR Tradeshow.
    Don Sixto Plasencia Cigars Are Full Bodied But Light In Strength
    The Don Sixto Plasencia cigar is a collaboration between General Cigar Co. and Nestor Plasencia. It is a lighter stogie that still packs a ton of flavor, so it’s ideal for aficionados of all levels of who want something to relax with or enjoy after a small meal.
    Estilo Cubano Cigars By Ventura Cigar Company Reviewed
    Estilo Cubano cigars are made with experienced aficionados in mind with a lot of punch and flavor. They pair well with a dark coffee or perfectly end a big meal. This makes them ideal breakfast sticks, tailor-made for lazy weekend mornings.
    CAO Flathead Cigars Are An Ode To Nostalgic Americana
    Reminiscent of 1950’s muscle cars and pin-ups of beautiful girls, CAO Flathead cigars are an ode to nostalgic Americana.
    AKA Nth Degree Cigars Create A Unique Smoking Experience
    When looking for a crowd-pleasing stogie, look no further than AKA Nth Degree cigars. With a blend of three different tobaccos aged for four and five years, and a medium-bodied finish, these smokes create a pleasing bouquet of flavors that dance across the palette.
    CLE Eiroa Cigars Are Christian’s Full-flavored Favorites
    CLE Eiroa cigars are premium Honduran puros preferred by Christian himself. Even smokers that don’t normally appreciate Honduran tobacco may like find these because they don’t taste like any other Honduran puro on the market.
    CLE Cigars Have Finally Arrived!
    After months of anticipation, two new lines by CLE Cigars have finally arrived on the market this summer. The product release targeted for June/July 2013 coincides with the opening of the Aladino Cigar Factory in Honduras, where both new lines – the EIROA and CLE PLUS -- are produced.
    Emilio Draig K Limitado Has Caused a Paradigm Shift
    Reviewers were unanimous in their adoration for the flavor profile and construction of the Emilio Draig K Limitado Cigar, and some believe Griffith may have caused a paradigm shift with the Colombian wrapper.
    Cohiba Edicion Diamante Cigars Are Unique
    The Cohiba Edicion Diamante cigars are unique for several reasons, and are the embodiment of the word premium. For many, it is worthy of being a collectable, and may find its way into some humidors for a very long time.
    CAO Left Coast Trapezoid Cigars Are Not Your Typical Stogie
    The CAO Left Coast Trapezoid Cigar isn’t your typical fare when it comes to some of the most common stogies. This particular product measures an enormous 6 3/4 x 72 and continues the fashion of creating large gauges and different size bodies from this outstanding company.
    CAO Concert Cigars Are A Nod To Their Nashvile Heritage
    CAO Concert Cigars are the second release since the General Cigar Company acquired the brand. Introduced in September of 2012, these smokes are a nod to the Nashville heritage of the CAO brand before they were relocated to Virginia.
    Xikar HC Squared Cigars A Medium Bodied Smoke
    The 2012 introduction of Xikar HC Squared Cigars gave its brand a further boost amongst its industry competition. While known for its wide range of smoking accessories, the company has found great success in the manufacturing of stogies.
    Oliva Serie V Melanio Cigars Are Released At IPCPR
    Gilberto Oliva and his family’s cigar company created Oliva Serie V Melanio Cigars as a tribute to their ancestor Melanio who harvested tobacco in the 1800’s.
    Try A Casa Magna Box Pressed Cigar A Superior Smoke
    Casa Magna Box Pressed series cigars are a new format of the top-rated 2008 Colorado from these creators. Re-released in 2012, this extension of the original lineup has been another success for SAG Imports and the talented Quesada family.
    The AKA Solace Cigar Brings A Balanced Flavor
    The most recent addition to the AKA line, the AKA Solace cigar is a smoke that supplies a well balanced mix of flavors for a reasonable price. This American company makes their products in a factory in Danli, Honduras and takes pride in providing interesting tobacco blends with quality construction ...
    Just For Retail 770 Maduro Review
    The JFR 770 Maduro cigar is part of a limited edition line produced by Casa Fernandez and Tabacalera Tropical.
    A Review Of The JFR Corojo 99 Super Toro
    The JFR Corojo 99 Super Toro cigar is from manufacturer Tabacalaera Tropical. The tobacco is supplied from Casa Fernandez, a 30-year old Nicaraguan company with a vast reputation for quality tobacco products.
    Romeo Y Julieta Havoc Cigars Bring A New Flavor!
    Romeo y Julieta Havoc cigars hail from Honduras. Reviewers are singing the praises of this unique smoke. Lines that come from this company are usually made from products that are grown in the Dominican Republic. This new line is modernized for aficionado’s maximum enjoyment.
    Displaying 1 to 25 (of 25 articles) Result Pages:  1