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Cigar Cutter

Cigar cutters remove or put holes in the caps of cigars before you smoke them.  There are three methods by which  Cigar Cutters can cut a cigar.  One of these is the simple straight cut, which involves simply slicing the end off of the cigar cap.  The other is called the wedge or V cut.  This kind of cut leaves a portion of the cap in place and simply cuts a wedge from the middle of it.  The third type of cut is known as the hole punch.  This actually creates a hole in the center of the cap and lets you to draw smoke through the hole.  You must be very precise in selecting the size of your hole punch.  If you punch a hole that is too small, you will have tar buildup around the edges and it will affect the flavor of the cigar.  Many cigar smokers prefer a cigar cutter to a punch for this reason.


Straight cuts are typically made by either a single-blade or double-blade cigar cutter.  Both types look like little guillotines.  A good number of people prefer double-bladed guillotines because they say they make cleaner cuts than straight blades.  This, of course, depends greatly on the type of cigar you are smoking, and, to a very real extent, on your own abilities in cutting cigars. 


V-cutters are intended to make even cuts from both sides of the cigar.  They go deeper than double-bladed and single-bladed cigar cutters.  Many smokers often argue that because of this V-cutters are much better to use when smoking heavier gauge cigars.   


All sorts of debates rage throughout the cigar-smoking centers of the world as to which one of these methods of cutting a cigar is really the best method to use.  All sorts of debate also rages over which cigar cutter will take the cap off better than all the rest.


At the end of the day, we really do not want to argue here.  We simply wish to point out that it all boils down to two very simple things, really.  One is these things is size of the cigar you are smoking.  The other thing is the burn rate at which you wish to smoke your cigar.


Many of you have been smoking cigars for years now, and you know what your own personal opinions and preferences are in these matters.  We know you can make an intelligent decision about which cigar cutter will work best for you.  Our job is simply to help you find it here on our site so you can obtain your heart’s desire.   


Serious Cigars seeks to give you all the options without taking an official stance on which type of cut—or which type of cigar cutter—is better than all the rest.   


A few of our more notable types and brands include, but are not limited to, the following:


Single-Blade Cutters

This is the most basic type of cigar cutter.  The Sure Cut single-blade disposables feature a back plate that keeps you from accidentally cutting off the cap of the cigar.  One precision slice will take off just a smidge from the end so you can enjoy a long, satisfying draw.  The prevention of a mis-cut keeps the wrapper from unraveling as well.  The Sure Cut can also be used to cut Torpedo Shapes with 2-3 quick cuts. 


Double-Blade Cutters

Many smokers prefer a double blade cigar cutter because they find it easier to make a cleaner cut.  Serious Cigars has Sure Cut double-blade models, plus a few more styles that you can choose from.  Our Savoy Double Blade cigar cutters are some the sharpest we sell.  Made from stainless steel, each one comes with a leather pouch and carries a lifetime warranty.  They are ideal gifts for the smokers in your circle of friends.


Davidoff Cigar Cutter

The Davidoff Cigar Knife is one of the most sophisticated tools you can use or give as a gift.  Built like a pocketknife, it is so much more than that.  Its most unique features is the punch cigar cutter that looks like a blade, but features raised circles with sharp edges on the flat of the steel.  You can use any one of these three circles to make whatever size punch you wish simply by pressing the cap against the circle and rotating it to make an incision.

Xikar and Craftsman’s Bench

We also carry cigar scissors, V-cutters, and various punches made by Xikar and Craftsman’s Bench

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