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Cigar Accessories

Cigars Accessories

Cigar smoking is a lifestyle in and of itself, and one that is made more enjoyable with cigar accessories.  Cigar accessories let you enjoy cigars whether you are smoking at the moment or not.   Whether you are in the office, at home, or in the kitchen, you can always have something cigar-related close at hand to smoke a cigar with or to help you look forward to one at the end of the day.


The Cigar Minder

The Cigar Minder is a cigar accessory that is perfect for every golfer.  It is a cigar clip that will attach to any golf cart so you can carry your cigars from green to green.  The primary clip attaches to the golf cart and the secondary clip holds the cigars.  This prevents your cigars from getting lost, broken, or stepped on.


Cigar Coffee Mugs

Fire codes will keep you from smoking in the office, but no force in the world can keep you from drinking coffee from a cigar mug.  You can find your freedom from the micromanaging rules of bourgeois social conditioning with Cigar Coffee Mugs.  Not only do they feature beautiful images of cigars, but they also hold a great deal of coffee and are dishwasher safe.


Don Salvatore Accessories

Almost one hundred years ago, Don Salvatore began the tradition of hand-crafted humidors.  This endeavor later blossomed into the creation of all types of quality cigar accessories.   Take, for instance, the Havana Draw Enhancer™.  Its pen style has been proven over and over again to be the best way for improving the draw and eliminating the plugs in cigars of all shapes and sizes.  This is because of the Enhancer’s stainless steel shaft designed with angular, diamond cut serrations. 


You can insert the Enhancer in either end of the cigar, and you can make multiple channels on the same cigar.  This not only breaks up the plugs in your cigar, but it also eliminates the tunnel burning that other products often create.  You can also draw the Havana Draw Enhancer Pen Style partway through the stub of a cigar and smoke it all the way to the end without burning your fingers.  The Enhancer fits right into your pocket thanks to its ingenious design and can be carried with you anywhere.   


Golf Ball Markers

You can show your loyalty to your favorite brands with these golf cigar accessories.  These magnetic Golf Ball Markers clip right to your cap or golf bag.   They will not fall off because they are very small and lightweight, and each marker has a strong magnet to hold it in place.  Every marker carries the logo of one of the great cigar brands.  Golf Ball Markers are great gifts to yourself and any other smoker that loves the game of golf. 



Ashtrays rank among the most important cigar accessories.  Now, in celebration of the world famous Tatuaje cigars, you can recline next to an ashtray that celebrates and compliments this Nicaraguan classic.  These ashtrays are as beautiful as they are practical.


Wooden Matches

Never use a cigarette lighter to light your cigar.  It is bad form.  Use four-inch matches instead. 

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