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Why Choose Mild Cigars

Mild CigarsMild cigars are recommended for beginners because more full-flavored cigars often taste too strong (or just plain bad) to new smokers. A mild cigar is typically less expensive, so you do not have to worry about ruining an expensive cigar by incorrectly lighting it or cutting too much of the end off. 

In terms of flavor, if you are new to cigar smoking, you would probably also agree that mild cigars are the best thing to start out with.  Most new smokers consider the taste of a full-flavored cigar too strong.  Seeing as how mild cigars are also less expensive, it is better to go easier on both your pocketbook and your own taste buds and smoke a milder brand until you develop the lifestyle and budget of a seasoned cigar aficionado.   

However, it is not an absolute rule that mild cigars are only for beginning smokers.  Occasional smokers and veteran smokers also smoke them at times.  Very often, veteran smokers will light them up for a certain special occasion, or to match the flavor of a particularly unique type of beverage. 

If you are a beginning smoker, your choices in mild cigars may seem a bit overwhelming.  What brand and label should you start with? 

If you are in a cigar store, don’t be shy.  Go find a staff member and ask him or her about the most popular and affordable mild cigars.  If you are purchasing online, email your questions to us  and we will reply with the information that you request.   

There are a number of mild cigars that are popular for beginners which most retailers recommend new smokers consider trying. 

For example, the Casa Torano is known to be a mild-to-medium cigar with a smooth and subtle taste that is also slightly rich enough for veteran aficionados to enjoy as much as beginners.  

CAO Criollo cigars are Nicaraguan cigars known for their mild to medium flavor.  They are ideal for beginners who have been smoking for a while, and they are beloved by experienced cigar smokers as well.   

They are characterized by hints of mushrooms, cedar, floral, chestnuts, coffee, and a slight sweetness.  Then, halfway through the smoke, a peppery flavor comes into play that builds to a robust finish.   There are also some 

The Macanudo is a premium selling cigar brand originating from the Dominican Republic. The Macanudo Hyde Park Café is favored for its lighter taste of almonds, cashews and fresh herbs.  

Gispert cigars are mild-to-medium bodied Honduran cigars.  They have a woodsy, very earthy flavor with subtle hints of leather.  They are also very inexpensive.

The Helix Blue Tubular cigar has a very enjoyable mild flavor, and is also mild in strength. This cigar would be a great choice for a beginner cigar smoker, or for an experienced smoker who enjoys an occasional mild cigar.  

The cigar is made by the General Cigar Company in Honduras.  It has a number of similarities to the more expensive and popular Macanudo.  Helix cigars are can also be obtained as artificially flavored cigars called Helix Remix, which are also great for new cigar smokers. 

When it comes to knowing what to look for in a mild cigar; well, that that is simple.  Think flavor, draw, constitution, and true value at the end of the day. 

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