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Camacho CigarsCamacho Cigar Company was founded in Miami in 1961 by Simon Camacho. After being exiled from Cuba, Simon persevered through the hardships of living and working on foreign soil, and successfully created a premium handmade cigar company that has enjoyed numerous high rankings. Camacho cigars come exclusively from the furtive Jamastran Valley of Honduras, and are renowned for their extra-flavorful blends. Their cigars are made with original Cuban Criollo and Authentic Corojo seed tobacco and have been hailed as “The Best Habano Outside of Cuba” by many cigar experts and connoisseurs.

Camacho Cigars then changed hands after the death of Simon Camacho to a family of Cuban tobacco growers named Eiroa. The family owned and operated company, Caribe Imported Cigars, acquired Camacho Cigars in 1995 and has taken the brand to new heights. With more than 100 years of tobacco growing history under their belt, The Eiroa’s continue to make new strides in the cigar industry and are now part of a larger highly acclaimed cigar group named Oettinger Davidoff Cigars.

Camacho Cigar Offerings Available:

Ultra Premium Lines: (Limited Editions)

Camacho Triple Maduro: This is this first all maduro cigars on the market. It has Maduro wrapper, binder, and fillers. Five different maduro varieties of Honduran tobacco make up this cigar and the blend exceeds expectations on flavor. This is a full bodied cigar, but not overpowering.

Camacho Diploma: Authentic Corojo tobacco takes the stage in this full-bodied smoke, rich in flavor.

Camacho Select: Having one of the best Cameroon wrappers on the market, this medium to full bodied cigar comes in five sizes.

Camacho Tenth Anniversary: Made to mark Camacho’s 10 years of growing Authentic Corojo tobacco. It has Corojo throughout in its wrapper, binder and filler.

Camacho Liberty 2007 Series: Created as a nod to the U.S.A. Its unique barber pole-like wrapper interchanges light Corojo leaf with dark Maduro Leaf.

Camacho Liberty 2009 Series: created by owner Christian Eiroa to outdo the 2005 Series that was hailed as best Liberty of the bunch.


Premium Lines: (Camacho’s Main Lines Produced in Larger Quantities)

Connecticut: Camacho created this line to satisfy their customers who enjoy a milder smoke. This is a mild to medium-bodied cigar with a filler blend consisting of Dominican and Honduran tobacco. Its Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper lends itself to a smooth smoking experience.

Corojo: According to Camacho, this is the only cigar in the world made of Authentic Corojo tobacco.

Coyolar: The Coyolar is a full bodied smoke that has enjoyed high praise for its exceptional flavor. Its binder, wrapper, and filler are all authentic Coyolar tobacco.

Havana: The Havana line uses authentic Corojo for its filler and binder with a Habana Criollo wrapper, all grown in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras. This is Camacho’s nod to the old-style Cuban cigars and is very similar in flavor.

Core Brands: (Brands that do not reflect the Camacho Name in the Series)

Baccarat the Game: This is a top seller due to its smooth nature and affordable price tag. It is a mild-bodied cigar that has a sweetened tip, excellent for beginners. Its filler is Jamastran Habano; the binder is Mexican Dulce, finishing with a Connecticut wrapper.

La Fontana Consigliere: Christian Eiroa dedicated this cigar to Salvatore Fontana, his mentor and “Consigliere”. This Godfather themed cigar is medium to full-bodied and the three sizes are appropriately named the Part I, II, and III.

LegendArio: This line is Honduran Puro and is medium-bodied.

Camacho Cigars signed a working partnership under the Bayer Food Chain Management program with Bayer CropScience on June 29, 2010. This new union has launched Camacho Cigars as the first and only tobacco company in history to be in compliance with the strict international standards for Food Manufacturing Practices and Good Agricultural Practices, which sets them apart.

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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    The BG Meyer Slackers Cigars Are Intended To Be Enjoyed On The Go
    The BG Meyer Slackers cigars are the second entry into screenwriter Rob Weiss’s brand, a brand that falls under the Camacho name. Camacho recently went all out with a major rebranding effort, going for a much bolder look and feel than it had executed previously.
    The Camacho Double Shock Cigar Has A Unique Look & Bold Taste
    Of all of the company’s new look cigars, the Camacho Double Shock may be the most unique looking of them all. Owing to its namesake, these smokes come in pairs and resemble barbershop pole style, with two wrappers overlapping each other to produce a stark look.
    Camacho Is Now Offering The BG Meyer Standard Issue
    Like other cigars in the Camacho portfolio, the BG Meyer Standard Issue is the latest offering from a “Board of the Bold” member. Famous for penning the TV series, Entourage, Rob Weiss joins other Brand Ambassadors, Mike “Da Bears” Ditka and West Coast jewelry designer to the stars, Matt Boo...
    The Camacho Ecuador Cigar Was Made For Experienced Aficionados
    The Camacho Ecuador is a release that embodies the manufacturer’s bold new approach, in both marketing and in flavor. When Camacho decided to completely rework its branding in 2013, most of the media’s attention was focused on the brand’s visual changes.
    The Camacho Ditka 89 Cigar Represents The Chicago Bears
    The Camacho Ditka 89 line is the company’s fifth cigar in its series of tribute lines to Mike Ditka. This particular stogie represents Ditka’s jersey number when he played as a Tight End for the Chicago Bears.
    The Camacho New Corojo Cigar Is Simply A Good, Solid Smoke
    What makes the Camacho New Corojo cigar blend different from the original?
    An Overview Of The Camacho Blackout LE 2013 Cigar
    The Camacho Blackout LE 2013 cigar is the first line since the company underwent a major rebranding and facelift in June. The brand is now focused on all things bold, from marketing to the blends that go into its stogies.
    Reviewers Recommend The Camacho Triple Maduro Cigar
    Those looking for a bold, in-your-face smoke, should think about a Camacho Triple Maduro cigar. It is the only stogie made completely from Maduro tobacco leaves. Seasoned smokers describe it as intense, rich, and not for the light-hearted novice smoker.
    Camacho Corojo Cigars Are Masterpieces of Flavor
    Many acclaimed smokers stated that Camacho Corojo Cigars are beautiful, smooth, and full of flavor with great draw, and great tasting smoke.
    Camacho Connecticut Cigars Are Spicy with a Sweet Surprise
    Those that prefer a gentler, sweeter stick will find a lot to like with these delicious Camacho Connecticut Cigars.
    New Camacho Diploma Cigar Adds Boldness
    The Camacho Diploma cigar is full bodied and full strength, so get ready for nicotine and a complex profile!
    Camacho Criollo Cigars - Not Your Grandpa's Cigars!
    Reviewers of the new Camacho Criollo Cigars, formerly known as Camacho Havanas, already marvel at the stogies’ remarkable resemblance to fine Cuban tobacco products.
    Camacho Cigar History & Line
    Camacho Cigars began it’s history in 1961. Founded by Simon Camacho, it has played a major role in the history of the cigar,
    Camacho SLR Cigar review
    With the boldness of the Camacho SLR, it might be best paired with a good whiskey or a single malt scotch. No matter when or where you choose to indulge in this treat, you will be happy you have one of these sticks waiting for you in your humidor.
    Camacho Triple Maduro Cigar Review
    The Camacho Triple Maduro starts with some woody and espresso flavors and gives off a lot of smoke. The first third is mostly the espresso and woody flavors, but there are hints of dark chocolate with some notes of creaminess. During the second third, there is some black pepper flavor kicking in, bu...
    Camacho Liberty Cigar Review
    The Camacho Liberty is a cigar series that the cigar aficionado looks forward to every summer. With this series being blended by Christian Eiroa himself, extra care and detail are taken with these cigars.
    Camacho Select Cigar Review
    The wrapper on the Camacho Select is made from African Cameroon and is a medium brown color. It has some soft spots and some medium sized veins throughout.
    Camacho Legend Ario Cigar
    The Camacho Legend-Ario has an earthy flavor throughout. It starts out with a bit of a pepper flavor and after about the first inch, the peppery taste blends into a sweet earthy flavor. The burn is fairly even and it produces a fair amount of smoke.
    Camacho Conneticut Cigars Reviews
    The fairly new Camacho Connecticut line is the latest in new beginnings experienced by the Camacho brand since its early beginnings when Simon Camacho founded it in 1961. Released in May of 2009, this is a double-first for Camacho and the Eiroas: it is their first Connecticut-wrapped blend, and it i...
    Camacho 10th Anniversary Cigar
    The Eiroas, doing business as Caribe Imported Cigars, acquired the Camacho brand (founded in 1961 by Simon Camacho which produced the original Churchill cigar) in 1995, five years after Simon’s death. Camacho Cigars, currently a part of the Oettinger Davidoff Group, is still run by Julio’s son a...
    Camacho Havana Cigars
    Camacho Havana cigars are made solely with carefully aged tobaccos grown in Honduras. They have actually been preferred over three well-known Cuban cigars in a blind test by 11 of 14 cigar aficionados on the basis of their power, body, and flavor. Though the brand originated in the 1960s and was fir...
    Camacho Coyolar Cigars
    Handmade of the potent all-Honduran grown long-filler tobaccos, the Camacho Coyolar Puro begins with the pleasant flavors of wood, spice, and a rich coffee; its potency is evident from that first peppery burst of smoke.  The dominant notes of wood and leather are added with a creamy nuttiness as it...
    Camacho Corojo Cigars
    The Camacho Corojo cigar is a full-bodied smoke for the mature palate and is definitely not for the faint of heart, nor the novice cigar enthusiast. It is, however, quite famous for the stories of new cigar enthusiasts who attempt this well-known and full-bodied smoke before their palates are deve...
    Camacho Havana Cigars
    Camacho Havana Cigars are characterized by a medium to full body strength. Admittedly, they are a more powerful blend than those typically intended for beginning smokers. Experienced aficionados, however, find the strength just right for the palate. Many say, in fact, that this cigar is the close...
    Camacho Cigars
    Camacho cigars are considered to be the very Habano cigars of non-Cuban origin. This is due to the fact that tobaccos used in these cigars come from seeds imported from Cuba into Honduras. Since that time, they have since become a staple in the world of cigars.
    Displaying 1 to 25 (of 25 articles) Result Pages:  1