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Brick House Cigars

Brick House CigarsCigar enthusiasts everywhere are jumping for joy over Brick House cigars. This is due in part to the extraordinary flavors and construction of these cigars, and partially because the price per stick is so affordable. This allows smokers to grab a handful and not feel guilty about their cigar smoking habit and the  hit their bank account is going to take. Brick house is a brand that is becoming increasingly popular, and with awards for Best Bargain Cigar of 2009 by Cigar aficionado, and Cigar of the Year by Two Guy’s Cigar Shop, it is no wonder that Brick House cigars are winning over even the most seasoned aficionados. After all, it is rare to find a smoke with this kind of quality at a discounted price.

In addition to the flavorful blends, skilled craftsmanship, and unbeatable pricing, Brick House cigars have an intriguing history as well. The brand was proudly introduced by Julius Caesar Newman in 1937. Newman was the founder of the J.C. Newman Cigar Company and set out to create cigars that would bring honor to his family, which is exactly what he accomplished.

Thus, Brick House cigars were assigned their name as a tribute to the home Julius Caesar Newman lived in as a child. The Newman family lived in the only brick house in a small countryside village in Hungary, which doubled as a meeting place for the locals. In fact, the top floor of the home was used for residential purposes, whereas, the ground floor served as a tavern where the locals would congregate nightly to drink, smoke, and eat. Many memories were made in this home, not only among the family, but for the locals as well, making it the perfect setting for Newman to name his new company after.

These cigars are beautifully constructed by hand in Nicaragua. They sport a classy label with gold, red, and black colorings, which encompass an off-white background with embossed details. Another beautiful sight to see is the Nicaraguan Havana Subido wrapper. It is rustic and displays a leathery appearance that is complemented by many intersecting veins. Although these smokes are packed tightly and are firm to the touch without any noticeable soft spots, they provide a perfect draw on the loose side, which almost serves as a direct contradiction to the way these cigars are packed. Thus, it is easy to slide into a relaxed state while toasting one of these little jewels.

Building on construction and performance, the flavors that are compiled into cigars made by Brick House are mind-boggling. Notes of earth, rustic strengths, and sweet creaminess all make their way into the flavor profile. In addition, molasses has also been reported as a nice surprise.

Overall, cigars made by Brick House do not disappoint. Outstanding construction, copious amounts of thick, sweet smoke, and a flavor profile that is rich in complexity are all part of the package. Given the reviews, it is definitely worth picking up a few and storing for later, especially when it is so easy to grab a few for a price that is beyond reasonable.

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    The nuttiness and earthiness that is portrayed in the look of the Brick House Classic cigar is also present in the taste department as well. The middle of the cigar produces not only a hint of wood, but also a jalapeno and chili pepper type of heat. However, toward the end of the smoke the nutty fla...
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