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Boveda Packs - 2 Way Humidity Control

Boveda BadgeBoveda Packs are really the industry standard when it comes to humidity control. Besides having the the only product with 2 way humidity control, Boveda packs are the easiest way to maintain your cigars.

You choose from the 4 levels of humidity, it's up to you. 65%, 69%, 72% or 75%. If you like your cigars a little on the drier side, choose 65% or 69%. If you like them to be average humidity, choose 72%. If you want them a little wetter, select 75%.

It is totally up to you and everyone is different. Your climate also can determine if your cigars need more moisture so keep that in mind. If you live in Las Vegas, use the 75% packs for sure.

The rule of thumb for the quantity of packs you need in your humidor is; 1 pack for the humidor and 1 for every 50 of capacity. It does not matter if you have 1 or 2 cigars or the humidor is full, you have to humidify the total space, just like a refrigerator.

Boveda also offers holders for the packets to place in your humidor in both wood and metal. There is also a cool new humidor that is avaialble.

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