Tatiana Mocha Cigars

Wrapper: Indonesia                                     Binder: Honduras

Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico            Strength: Medium

Tatiana Mocha CigarA flavor infused cigar that is worth your trying is the Tatiana Mocha. It is a box-pressed cigar, which tends to lend itself on the more flavorful side as well. It is available in Eden 5in x 46 ring gauge, Stobona 5 x 58 and Caramely 6 x 50. Tatiana Mocha cigars are wrapped in an Indonesian Sumatra wrapper with a filler that is blended from three countries.

Let’s go into a little history of the brand before we delve into the fabulous taste of these Tatiana cigars. In 1989, Nestor and Mariana Miranda started their company and called it Miami Cigar and Company. They are both originally from Holguin, Cuban. They came to the U.S. and settled in Miami, Florida. The headquarters of the company are there also. Miami Cigar and Company sold over forty thousand cigars during their first year of business. Now they sell millions of cigars every year, and are successful purveyors the world over.

Draw/ Burn: The draw on the Tatiana Mocha is a bit loose, but it does not affect the burn. The burn is even throughout the smoke.

Appearance: It is a solidly constructed cigar with a dark wrapper. There are medium size veins that run throughout. There are no visual defects, and no soft spots.

Flavor/ Taste: The flavor is consistent throughout the entire cigar. It has a rich base of semi-sweet chocolate with bits of a vanilla flavoring. The strong coffee flavor blends nicely with the vanilla and chocolate. In the final third of the cigar, there is a hint of nuts that starts to come through. It is a nice blend with the chocolate, vanilla and coffee flavors that are already present.

Tatiana Minatures

Wrapper: Indonesian Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominica Strength: Mild, Full Body

Tatiana Minatures CigarRepublic, Virginia, Florida and Pennsylvania. Their production affiliations are in Mexico, Brazil and Holland.

Tatiana Minatures come in the following flavors: Honey and Vanilla are among their top selling flavors. They are both filled with Dominican tobacco that has been infused with the finest honey and vanilla oils. Cherry is flavored with premium cherry oils. Chocolate has a rich chocolate and tobacco blend. Rum has a mix of tobacco and molasses, with delightful hints of spice.

Draw/ Burn: The draw is loose. The burn is flawless and needed no touch-ups. Even for little cigars, they produce volumes of smoke.

Appearance/ Construction: The construction feels solid, and the Indonesian wrapper is a shade of golden brown.

Tatiana Tins

Origin: Dominican Republic Filler: Dominican

Wrapper: Indonesia Binder: Dominican

Strength: Mild to Medium

Tatiana TinsSome of the best flavored cigars that are offered by Miami Cigar and Company are the Tatiana Tins. They are all sized at 4 inch x 30 ring gauge. They are hand rolled cigars that are available in tins of ten. Tatiana Tins are made in the Dominican Republic, filled with Dominican long leaf filler and wrapped in an Indonesian wrapper. The flavors that are offered are Amaretto, Cappuccino, Cinnamon, Tropical, Rum, Cherry, Vanilla, Mandarin and Honey. Their newest additions are Groovy Blue, Night Cap and Waking Dream.

History: Miami Cigar and Company opened it’s first production facility in Miami, Florida in 1989. Nestor and Mariana Miranda are the founders of the company. The company that started as a family business is still so today. Tatiana Miranda, Nestor and Mariana’s daughter, is the brand manager of the Tatiana Flavored Cigar brand. This brand is also named after her. The brand was released in 1996. Miami Cigar and Company sells millions of cigars every year. Their Tatiana Flavored Cigar line is one of the best selling brands in the country.

Appearance: The Indonesian wrapper is a medium brown color, and there are minimal veins present. The cigar feels solid in its construction, which is confirmed by the feel of no soft spots.

Draw/ Burn: The draw is a bit loose, but smooth. The burn is even during the entire smoke.

Flavor/ Taste: Amaretto has a tobacco that has a mellow almond flavor. Cappuccino has a rich espresso flavor. Cinnamon has sweetness and spice that is not overpowering. Tropical has sweet tropical flavors. Rum is a blend of molasses with hints of spice. Cherry has premium oils infused with the rich tobacco. Vanilla has a flavor and aroma of sweet vanilla, which blends nicely with the premium tobacco. Mandarin is a sweet orange flavor with hints of spice. Honey has a sweet honey flavor. Groovy Blue tastes of raspberries, honey, cognac, and vanilla. Waking Dream has notes of whiskey, with flavors of hazelnuts and a creamy vanilla. Night Cap has a flavor of coffee and cocoa, with notes of vanilla and toasted almonds.

Tatiana La Vita Cigar Review

Cigar: All Flavors                                 Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Indonesian                            Strength: Mild
Filler: Dominican Cuban Seed

Tatiana La Vita CigarHistory: Tatiana Cigars are more than able to hold their own when it comes to superb flavor. Ranking as one of the most popular infused flavored cigars in the world, Tatiana has left quite the impression amongst smoking connoisseurs world wide. The Tatiana La Vita line is a smaller version of the Tatiana Classic, and is offered in six mouth watering flavors: cherry, chocolate, cinnamon, honey, rum, and vanilla.

Appearance: Wrapped in Indonesian grown wrappers, each La Vita is perfectly constructed, weighing in at 5” long and a 38 ring gage.

Draw/Burn: Each Tatiana La Vita possesses a very level draw, and a burn that is uniform throughout the entire smoke.

Taste: La Vita Cherries fill the room with a cherry aroma that is nothing less than purely delightful. Whether you choose the sweetness of the La Vita Chocolate, or the wonderful Honey version, there is no doubt you will be pleased with this wonderful smoke. This is due to the pairing of premium tobacco that has been infused with just the perfect amount of delicious flavors, creating just the right balance. The cinnamon and rum flavored smokes offer a nice little kick of spice, while the vanilla leaves you with a creamy smoothness that will keep you wanting more. Whichever smoke you decide to indulge in, you can rest assured that it will be a pleasant experience to remember.

Tatiana Dolce Cigar

Wrapper: Indonesian             Binder: Dominican
Filler: Cuban seed                 Strength: mild
Sizes: 5“ long x 30 rg

Tatiana Dolce CigarsHave you ever heard the phrase packed with a punch? How about the phrase that says all good things come in smaller packages? Well, either of these phrases could adequately describe Tatiana Dolce cigars. These cigars have all of the same great taste that you would expect from one of the leading cigars in the United States, but they are rolled in a slimmer shape of a cigar.

These cigars will not let you down in the taste department. They still come in a variety of flavors that will make your mouth water. There are so many different types of beverages that can be paired with these flavors to create an explosion of pleasure for your palate. For example, a group of morning, social coffee drinkers may want to experience the flavor of a Tatiana Dolce vanilla, or even the amaretto. If you are in need of a vacation, then escape to an island in the corner of your mind with the tropical flavored cigar. But if warm and cozy are in your area of needs, then pair a honey cigar with a glass of whiskey. You will quickly find that it is time to relax and kick back. Whatever mood you find yourself in, you can be assured that it will be complimented with one of these cigars. Not only will the flavor captivate your senses but the fragrant aroma will as well.

Try this slimmer version of the Tatiana Classic and let your mind take you to a place that is calm and serene. Don’t let your taste buds down, enjoy that quality smooth taste, with the same even smoke, from a skinnier cigar that is packed with a punch. And remember, just because this stick is smaller in size, it is still guaranteed to satisfy.

Tatiana Classic Cigars

Wrapper: Indonesian                         Binder: Dominican
Filler: Cuban seed Dominican            Strength: mild
Sizes: 6 “ long x 44 rg

Tatiana Classic CigarHave you been longing for a cigar that is smooth and sweet in taste? Or one that will leave your senses aroused, yet relaxed? How about one that is also affordable enough to enjoy on a daily basis? If you have been yearning for one such as this, then the Tatiana Classic is the cigar for you.

The Tatiana Classic cigar line  comes in an assortment of flavors that will please and wow your taste buds. From rich classic flavors, to exciting exotics, this flavorful cigar is one that will not be easy to put down. Vanilla classic, cinnamon classic, classic chocolate, honey classic, classic cherry, and rum classic are some examples of the variations that these cigars are flavored with. If you are a smoker who enjoys the social aspect of smoking, then this little gem will not let you down. This cigar is affordable enough to be enjoyable for yourself, and is cost efficient enough that you can share them with your friends. They are available in boxes, tins and bundles.

Hand rolled in an Indonesian wrapper, and it contains the finest tobacco from the Dominican Republic. This filler has been aged for a minimum of 2 years, and is full of flavor with every puff. Not only will the person smoking the cigar enjoy the fragrant aroma from these classics, but others in the room will also be amazed at the perfumed scent that will surround the air.

So quit paying too much for a high quality cigar. Enjoy the wonderful array of flavors, with a high-class taste and affordable price tag. Your senses will thank you.

Tatiana Cigars Review

Tatiana CigarsCigar aficionados everywhere are discovering they are falling in love with Tatiana cigars, usually beginning at first sight. With a killer build and desirable inside, Tatiana cigars are impacting the lives of not only men, but a growing number of women as well. The demand for these flavored Tatiana cigars is steadily increasing, scoring the brand a firm spot among the most sought after cigars. For those seeking a little pizzazz away from the normal barnyard routine, this is the stick for you.

Background: Tatiana Flavored Cigars are named after Tatiana Miranda after a major mix up on the part of Cigar Aficionado. After an article was written highlighting the Miranda family business and how each member of the family contributed to its success, Tatiana became very upset because she was the only member of the family that was omitted from the article. At the time Tatiana was still in high school and could not devote as much time to the business as the rest of the family, so her role was simply looked over and not reported, when in fact, she did help her mother at the office in her time away from school. As a way to apologize and make it up to her, the label took on the name Tatiana as a means of reconciliation.

Construction: Each cigar is rolled by hand in the Dominican Republic, wrapped in an Indonesian grown leaf, filled with Cuban seed Dominican long fillers and aged for two years before heading out for purchase.

Flavors: The flavors are what make the cigars so special. They include a variety of flavors such as: mocha, sweet coffee, raspberries, vanilla, honey, cognac, almonds, cocoa, vanilla crème, hazelnuts, and malt whiskey.