La Libertad Cigars Have A Unique Flavor Profile

La Libertad Cigars are medium bodied but taste like the best full strength stogies.From experienced tobacco growers from both Denmark and Sweden, the La Libertad cigars have made their debut.   Offered by two companies that have merged to form Villiger Stokkebye International, this line has everyone talking about the great Peruvian tobacco that is used to make these sticks.

These smokes offer up Nicaraguan, Peruvian and Dominican tobacco leaves that come together nicely to offer a unique flavor profile that has not been seen in lines offered by other companies.  The La Libertad cigars are billed as being a medium bodied stick, although that shouldn’t fool anyone because this is a flavorful offering that might seem a little stronger than it really is in the end.

With flavor profiles that offer everything from a fresh earthy note to sweet caramel and rustic leather, the taste leaves no room for improvement. The notes of spiciness and barnyard flavors were said to make it as appealing to the palate as it is to the eye.   While the wrapper may look rustically old-fashioned, the flavors and the enormous amount of smoke that is produced definitely puts the notion of being old-fashioned to bed.

The wrapper may not be oily or flashy, but it has all of the taste that any smoker could ask for and then some.  The three sizes offered are Short Perfecto, Churchill and Robusto. Any of these sticks would make a great cigar gift idea for the novice or the aficionado. It is not too powerful and the flavors are combined brilliantly, offering the smoker a rather mild yet flavorful experience.

La Libertad Classic Cigar Is Noted for Flavor and Value

La Libertad Classic CigarThe La Libertad Classic cigar is the lovely product of Villager Sons Limited, a Swiss-based manufacturer that is a relative unknown stateside. That may not be the case for much longer given the quality of this stick.

The best word to describe this smoke’s appearance is “rustic.” It has a traditional, no bells or whistles look to it. The wrapper has a milk chocolate color with only minimal veining. The paper is slightly oily and it was said that there are no soft or hard spots that would belie sub-par craftsmanship. Most smokers say it has a firm feel to it overall. The red, gold and black band is emblazoned with the brand name and icon.

Flavor is what makes the La Libertad Classic cigar stand out. The aroma of the wrapper is earthy, with some faint floral hints. When lit, the paper doesn’t possess much flavor itself, but it is very mild and agreeable.  This allows the smoker to take in the Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. The flavor profile begins with some strong earthy and spicy layers that fade only slightly before finishing. Most smokers, when reaching the halfway point, start picking up sweeter cinnamon, woody and floral notes. The stick finishes over very smoothly with a relaxing mildness. The draw is easy, and the burn is mostly even, with just the occasional minor hiccup. This stick puts out a good deal of fragrant smoke that is mild and woody and particularly complex in flavor.

This fine cigar is noted for its value.  It should be in humidors everywhere as its popularity grows.  The stogie comes in three sizes: Churchill, Robusto and Short Perfecto, making it appeal to any aficionado.