The Joya de Nicaragua Red Cigar Is A More Mild Smoking Experience

The Joya de Nicaragua Red Cigar Is A More Mild SmokeWhen Juan Ignacio Martinez assumed the role of company president, the Joya de Nicaragua Red was probably barely more than a basic idea. It is a cigar this brand has never attempted before, offering a more mild experience instead of the heavier, more powerful blending the company is famous for. Martinez, though, has wanted to change the company’s approach, and this is the way to do it. This new blend is a significant success for the brand, and something that aficionados may not have seen coming.

The Joya de Nicaragua Red is a Nicaraguan Puro and named for the Rosado tint its wrapper takes on. With the color of cinnamon and a smooth appearance, it just looks like the kind of smoke that you would take for dessert. The pre-light draw encourages this, with a variety of sweet notes.

The first-third is heavy on sweet tobacco, toast and citrus flavors, with a mild black pepper note filling out the background. In the second-third, most of the flavors move to the background as a combination of grass and earth notes asserts control over the profile. During the last third, the grass and earth flavors remain supreme and are backed by a redoubled kick of black pepper.

This cigar is barely medium throughout the smoke and dips down into mild several times. Fortunately, it is well developed and supported by an excellent burn and draw.

Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 Are Full Bodied Puros

The Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 is a Nicaraguan puro in all its glory.  The binder and filler, as well as the wrapper, are all from Nicaragua.  Since this smoke comes in a larger number of vitolas than a lot of other stogies, it should be easy enough for the average smoker to choose one or more he likes from the collection.  This stick has been quite popular in the past, even gracing the halls of the White House and given to the guests there.  The Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 is reviewed as being quite a strong smoke, with notes of flavors like leather and molasses but also including notes of flowers.

Though this smoke has undergone some changes in formula since the original production, many smokers over the last few decades could likely agree on the Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 as being a quality smoke.  Plenty of people like having some sticks on hand that they know they enjoy for those times when choosing something new is too daunting a task.  Aficionados who enjoy the fullness of body and flavor Nicaraguan tobacco is known for really like the Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970.

The connection between the past and the present remains strong as the decades march on, and more and more smokers can attest to their affinity for these smokes.  These smokers remain grateful that the full bodied cigars of this famous Nicaraguan line are still offered at all and did not disappear during the time of Sandinista regime.

Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo

Like its name, Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojos are smooth and dark.Often touted as an after dinner cigar, the Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo is a deliciously robust smoke for any smoker.  What can the smoker expect from a cigar aged for over 3 years other than an optimal experience for all levels of smokers?

Enjoying the beauty of the Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo starts with a wrapper as dark as the night.  Laced with beautifully thick veins, this fine cigar provides class and elegance to any humidor.

The tobacco is picked from the fertile Nicaragua’s Jalapa Valley known for its thick, flavorful tobacco.  Aged to perfection, cigar smoking enthusiasts will appreciate this strong cigar to its fullest when there is time to enjoy its full range of flavors.  The Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo will keep the smoker coming back for more.

Two bands package this beauty to perfection.  The primary band is a regal black and with gold accents while the secondary band is icing on a scrumptious cake.  A reasonably cost effective price ensures cigar smokers worldwide can appreciate what the Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo has to offer.

The first third has the wondrous and powerful peppery flavor twisted with a deep chocolate.  Once the smoker is past the first third, the second third provides a peppery taste with a slightly less powerful kick to guarantee a full flavor sensation.  Finally, the last third is a great sweet sensation negating the robust peppery flavor experienced in the beginning.

Want a delicious cigar with plenty of robust flavor?  Then the Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo is perfect!  Enjoy a great flavor sensation that keeps the smoker going from the first third to the last puff after dinner or at any time. These also  make great cigar gifts–shop at a convenient online cigar store today to stock up for special occasions and holidays!

Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Series Offers Unique New Taste Sensation

Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Series CigarsThe Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Series is new to the scene of fine cigars.  The company responded to an overwhelming demand for a smoke that they could enjoy any time and for any occasion.  The line was then launched in the late spring of 2009.  The company chose to keep this a limited line and only offered them through 75 Class A tobacconists to start with.  Since their arrival, they have slowly introduced this line to other retailers.

The Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Series is affectionately nicknamed by the factory as “Dos Capas”.  This smoke is not the typical double wrapped cigar by any means. It has been said that this style actually offers the smoker a different and unique experience of both flavor and aroma. The Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Series is unique for this company and has been well received by cigar aficionados all around the globe.  The line will accommodate all who enjoy premium cigars.

Staying true to their strong Nicaragua cigar ties, they have blended this cigar line to be a smooth, mellow to medium bodied smoke. Cigar aficionados say they enjoy the nice, even ash from this Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Series. It starts off with a creamy texture, letting off a lot of smoke, giving a very mild, buttery flavor with a hint of pepper through the nose and mouth during the beginning notes.  The body builds up a little more, showing its peppery notes a little less as the cigar progresses.  As it moves along, the smoke becomes more of a medium bodied flavoring.  At this point the cedar and almond notes become prominent, rolling nicely along the palate.  This unique smoke is available at the best online cigar stores and is recommended for all palates at all times!

Enjoy Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion’s Extravaganza of Flavor Today!

Cigar: Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion Wrapper: Nicaragua Habano Criollo
Binder: Nicaragua Seco Filler: Nicaragua Habano Seco & Lingero Long Filler
Strength: Medium to Full Sizes: 4.5×52, 5.5×42, 5.5×60, 6×50, 6×52, 6.7×48

Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion are great cigars without a big price.The Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion is a step down in strength from the typical Joya cigars.  Yet this Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion loses nothing in quality, for it has received great reviews.  It has even enjoyed the honor of being named among the best 25 cigars of 2004 by a major online reviewer.  This fame can be attributed to its extravaganza of complex flavors and extremely reasonable price.

The tobacco leaf used in the construction of the Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion is grown in the fertile valleys of the north country in Nicaragua.  Great care is taken in the cigar rolling of this Nicaraguan puro so that it is heavy with rare soft spots detected by reviews.  The medium brown coloring of the wrapper is appealing.  A maroon and creamy white band surrounds the wrapper.  A picture of tobacco leaves appears in the center of the band.

Along with the appearance of the cigar just out of the box, the look of the ash and cigar while it is smoked is said to be of superior color.  White ash has been reported to hold on up to two and a half inches.  The draw varies depending on the size; overall, and reviews appreciated the smoke and burn of this fine cigar.  The aroma is reported as being earthy in nature and reminiscent of a fall day.  Its flavor consisted primarily of a rich, sweet chocolate and coffee flavor mixed with leathery and woodsy notes.  A touch of saltiness was detected in the second and third portion, while a little spice tantalized the taste buds at the finish.

Reviewers agree that this is a worthy smoke and an excellent addition to any smoker’s humidor.  For an inviting fall sensation and complex flavor palate, the Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion is the preferred choice among cigar enthusiasts.

Joya de Nicaragua Cigars: The Mystique Is Back!

Joya de Nicaragua Cigars Joya de Nicaragua cigars have a rich history, even though its actual history is comparatively short.  With the introduction of the country’s first stogie factory not coming into play until the 1960’s, the country had a long history of tobacco smoking to catch up with.  These handcrafted sticks are now enjoyed in more than 30 countries throughout the world, and were even the U.S. White House stick of choice for state dinner guests throughout the 1970’s.

In 1971, the country’s dictator president came to the U.S. bearing a gift of Joya de Nicaragua cigars for Nixon, and was surprised to see them already there at the White House. Upon return to his country, the president pressured the owners of the company to sell the company that produced these premium cigars. He owned the company until the Sandinistas took power and nationalized the private sector. Once they were voted out of office in 1990, privatization was reinstated, though not always sensibly.  Now that the company that made the Joya de Nicaragua cigars belonged to all of the company’s employees, there were many more voices, too many in fact, to deal with when it came to the decision-making.

Dr. Martinez-Cuenca bought the company in 1994 with hopes that he could return the mystique to the brand. He is proud of the company, and what it has meant to the history of the market, as many people have come through the company learning the ropes of making premium cigars before moving on to other companies. Joya de Nicaragua cigars, which  translate as “jewel of Nicaragua,” are available at fine online cigar stores.

Joya de Nicaragua Clasico Series Is Nicaraguan Puro From Start to Finish

Joya De Nicaragua CigarsThe Joya de Nicaragua Clasico series are Nicaraguan puros which have filler and binder that are Cuban-seed Nicaraguan, and a Nicaraguan Criollo Capas wrapper. The strong barnyard pre-lit aroma comes from the consistently colored oily stick, and according to one reviewer, the smoke begins with chocolate and woody flavors. The ash is described as white with gray flecks. There is a fair amount of resting smoke. The Joya de Nicaragua Clasico series is perfect for cigar smoking newbies and those who like delicious cigars that do not overpower the delicate flavors of gourmet food and fine wine.

One review on the Numero 1 mentions the gold lettering on the band, and the vintage feel. The draw here is tighter than some prefer, but the recommendation to try a larger ring gauge may take care of any concerns there. The woody flavor with molasses and coffee remain the overall flavor profile. This Joya de Nicaragua Clasico series is described as average-strength and medium-bodied.

This is contemplated by another reviewer, who received the Joya de Nicaragua Clasico series stick in a sampler pack with several other types. A musty straw flavor with an earthy spiciness has been described when talking about this particular stick. A smoke of about an hour and ten minutes gives off a lot of smoke, and the stick is firm although it has a loose draw. One reviewer suggests it might be a good choice for indulging in while the smoker is busy doing something that would be considered mildly active. Easily available at online cigar shops–try one soon!