Angelenos Cigars: Protest & Tribute All Rolled in One

Angelenos Cigars Angelenos Cigars were created in 2009 under the expertise of Keith K. Park. Following his success in producing both the Prometheus and God of Fire cigar brands, his vision was to dedicate a cigar to the many devoted cigar aficionados worldwide. Unlike many well known labels, this line was created in the diverse and expansive city of Los Angeles. While the fine ingredients originate from more traditional cigar producing countries, the Angelenos Cigar pays tribute to the serious cigar connoisseurs that continue to stand by their love of cigars despite the many obstacles that have altered the industry in the form of tobacco taxes and smoking bans.

While the inspiration may lie in the heart of Southern California, the elements of these exquisite stogies come from the finest sources overseas. The sleek black wrapper originates from Ecuador while both the filler and binder offer a perfect Dominica Republic touch. More specifically the binder was made in the well known Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia. These cigars are rolled by highly accomplished  cigar rollers (torcedors) using methods that have been shared and practiced for many years. The Angelenos Cigar brand is displayed in a sophisticated black matte box with each containing 25 flawless sticks. They are available in a number of gauges including Lonsdale, Toro, Gran Toro, Robusto, and Double Robusto.

Angelenos Cigars present any cigar smoking connoisseur with the ideal addition to their humidor. While each size offers a bit of its own individuality, this line of cigars takes the smoker on a journey of abundant flavor from beginning to end. There are intense notes of creamy sweetness as well as bold spices to experience. In addition, undertones of leather and fresh fruit find their way across the senses in a few of the sizes. The aroma is equally enticing as the smoker enjoys the smooth and fulfilling draw of these fine stogies. From the variety of sizes to the wealth of flavors this line of cigars is perfect mixture of a true cigar mastermind and the remarkable city that inspired it. Order yours today from our online cigar store.

Angelenos Classic Cigars Are a Tasty Treat

Angelenos Classic Cigars Angelenos Classic Cigars certainly surprises the palate once you begin smoking it.  Definitely a tasty treat permeated with the awesome flavors of vanilla spice, with delicious notes of nutmeg and eggnog floating in the background.  With the light brown wrapper and the Dominican binder and filler, the Angelenos Classic cigar is by far one of the most exclusive lines worldwide. 

These stogies are made with Ecuadorian wrappers, and they are each created with sophistication.   The intense boldness is something that people are definitely talking about.   This line includes the Double Robusto, the Toro, the Lonsdale, and the Robusto.  They definitely salute all stogie aficionados all over the world.  These sticks will make you dizzy with delight and keep you in a constant state of anticipation.

Your cigar smoking friends ware sure to love their buddies who break out these beauties from their humidors.   They will feel quite important, with the dawning of the intensity, to the coming journey this awesome stick will take you on. 

There is nothing else like it on the market today, just search online and you will find that they are a world renowned favorite, combining its smoothness and sophistication with a pure and enjoyable smoke from start to finish.  You can find this amazing stick by finding and online cigar store that carries them. Online shopping is quickly becoming the purchasing route of choice.  It is nice to be able to find nearly anything you are looking for while sitting in your favorite lounging chair.  And these shops will carry everything from your favorite brands of stogies and cigar accessories, including new humidors for home and travel to store them in.

Angelenos Cigars: The Verdict Is In

Angelenos Cigars

Angelenos cigars: Blogs have come alive gushing about this latest sensation to hit the cigar scene.  When someone as experienced and dedicated as Carlito Fuente is involved, you know the end result will be a product that is not only memorable, but truly a work of art. 

This amazing stick was released in 2009 by Prometheus. CEO Keith Park, who is already well known in the industry for products such as God of Fire and Sencillo cigars, has now presented the world with another unique and defining brand in the Angelenos cigar line. This product is produced at the Fuente’s factory, so those who enjoy the Fuente family’s offerings are sure to love this one as well.

Out of the three lines mentioned, this one is the mildest of the offerings.  It sports an Ecuadorian wrapper and features binders and fillers from the Dominican Republic. The tobacco used in these cigars has been compared to the Connecticut Broadleaf.  It has a slight sheen, which gives way to the illusion of being lighter.  The wrapper is a very deep black color.

The verdict is in. Top cigar reviewers all seem to say the same thing; this is a mild cigar, but more deserving of accolades than the regular smoke that is labeled mild.  This smoke is recommended as a pairing with a cup of coffee, yet most agree that because it is a milder product, it will also go well with just about any drink at any time of the day.   One reviewer remarked that the only negative that he could add to his review was that he was extremely disappointed when he reached the end, because he wished he could have just kept smoking it forever.  With reviews like this from jaded cigar smoking reviewers, there is no doubt that it has to be great. Cigar shops are sure to have a hard time keeping these in stock.