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Monday, October 19, 2009

Al Capone Cigars

What type of cigar are they?
Al Capone cigars are actually cigarillos. They are named after the notorious Chicago gangster of the 1920s. They are said to be short on stature, but very long on flavor. Al Capone’s also give the smoker on the go the best bang for a buck. They are quick, inexpensive, and sweet to the taste. Serious Cigars offers both filtered and non-filtered versions.

What are they made from?Al Capone cigars are made from Nicaraguan and Brazilian short filler leaves. The filler comes from the Condega, Jalapa and Estelí regions of Nicaragua. The end result is a full bodied smoke with a slightly sweet but smooth flavor. These leaves are afterward wrapped in sweetened Bahia wrappers. The Bahia wrapper produces a very distinct aroma and lends the Capone a very special flavor.

Where are they made?
Al Capone cigars were originally made in Germany. Today’s brand is a 1996 extension of the German original. Today’s Al Capone’s are handmade in Estelí Nicaragua.

What flavors does Serious Cigars carry?
There are two basic flavors you can choose from: rum and Cognac. Rum and Cognac Al Capone’s have been dipped in the respective liquors indicative of their names. Both are available in filtered (slims) and non-filtered versions, and both can be purchased either as slims or as sweets. The non-filters offer an extra bit of flavor for those looking for a quick smoke on the go. Filtered equivalents are renowned for their mild taste.

What types of flavors do they offer?
The flavor of an Al Capone Cigar leaves little else to be desired. It is characterized by a medium-bodied flavor that is just right for a quick smoke. At the same time, there is always a slightly sweet taste to any Al Capone. The Sweets line adds an additional bit of flavor beyond this for those seeking pure pleasure in a quality cigarillo.

What is the cost of these cigarillos?
They are very affordable. Prices are less than 50 dollars for 10 packs of 10.

When is the best time of day to smoke them?
Because of their rather quick burn time and relatively short size, Al Capone cigars are best enjoyed on short breaks, travel from place to place, or at the end of a meeting before you return to the office. Think of them as daytime moments of pure enjoyment and rich flavor anytime you have just a little too much time on your hands, but only so much time to enjoy a cigar.

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