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Friday, March 12, 2010

Davidoff Cigars

Davidoff cigars epitomized luxury-quality cigars, being called by some the elite of the elite. Made in the Dominican Republic, these favorites of cigar aficionados are known to be some of the smoothest and most consistent smokes in the industry. While this is the cigar of the connoisseur, no doubt, it also enjoys the unique position as being a cigar that any smoker of any level of experience can appreciate.

Part of this is due to the unique cultivation, blending, and aging process used to make the tobacco. The other source of this wide range of popularity is the many different lines that Davidoff produces. Offering a full range of flavors and strength, these lines represent everything from creamy and smooth to spicy and strong.

What strength are they?
There are full strength, medium, and mild Davidoff cigars, as follows:

• Grand Cru-full body
• Millennium-full and mature, favored by Dominican lovers
• Classic Series-mild
• Thousand Series-mild
• Mini Cigarillos-mild
• Exquisito Cigarillo-mild

What is the draw like?
Deliberate and careful construction makes for a perfect draw. Davidoff is known to set the standard for a well-made cigar that makes for a comfortable and easy smoke. The burn is consistent, and evident of superb quality.

What type of flavor do they have?
You get complex, subtle flavor and rich aroma from Davidoff cigars. The people who blend these cigars go through extensive training to ensure that it gets done right. Years of experience on top of the training make for a rich aroma on top of the flavor. Reviews have described the tobacco as somewhat woody and sweet.

What type of filler do they have?
Davidoff cigars are made with tobaccos grown in the richest soils of select fields in the Dominican Republic. Several different varieties are used to produce the creamy filler that goes into these cigars.

Davidoff cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic with a variety of mild and creamy Dominican filler tobaccos. Leaves are carefully selected on the basis of their aroma and put through a four year aging process to produce the consistently smooth taste that Davidoff is known for.

What kind of wrapper do they have?
Davidoff cigars are enclosed in Connecticut-shade wrappers.

Are Davidoff cigars considered premium in quality?
All Davidoff cigars maintain well defined standards of quality and excellence. They are handmade according to a 500 year old cigar-making tradition in the Dominican Republic.

All Davidoff cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic, where for over five centuries this art has been passed on from generation to generation.

Like all Davidoff cigars, the Short Perfecto is rolled by hand from fully matured tobaccos grown in the Dominican Republic. For the Short Perfecto, a new blend of tobaccos has been created for the Short Perfecto format. These tobaccos are stored for up to four years before processing.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ashton Maduro

What are the basic facts about Ashton Maduro cigars?
They have a full, sweet taste and complex aroma. They are made with fine Dominican filler, a Dominican binder, and a Connecticut shade-grown wrapper.

Because the Connecticut broad-leaf tobacco that is used to make the wrapper is available in only limited quantities, the Ashton Maduro is an extremely rare form of cigar.

You describe the flavor as full. Does that mean it is strong?
No. Fullness here refers to complexity, not harshness. Cigar reviews of the past have noted that the Ashton Maduro is a remarkable example of how fullness is different from strength. Fullness is about the pleasure derived from tasting and smelling the cigar. Strength, on the other hand, refers to the power of the cigar’s nicotine content. One of the things that makes this such a truly fine cigar is you don’t get that punch to adrenalin that could ruin a relaxing moment. Instead, you get something that goes down smooth like a neat scotch—or even better, with one—and can be equally appreciated by cigar veterans and neophytes alike.

What specifics can you tell us about the flavor?
When you first light up an Ashton Maduro, the first taste of it is very sweet. As you progress, the flavor transforms into a very rich and nutty flavor. There are also subtle hints of apple, and a finish that many cigar experts have referred to as creamy in cigar guides and reviews.

This shifting of flavors is as smooth as the draw of the smoke, and is never a shock to your palette. It is there thanks to the fermentation and aging of the Connecticut-shade wrapper in Sherry finished, French oak barrels.

Why are the wrappers fermented with such painstaking care?
There is a good reason for this. The aging process used here makes the wrapper exceptionally oily. If you are new to the world of cigars, please understand the importance of this. An oily wrapper, contrary to what you may assume in comparison to other oily things in the world, is a PREMIUM WRAPPER. Dry wrappers do not burn as evenly, nor do they taste as good.

Is the filler in an Ashton Maduro equally premium in quality?
Yes. Not only is it an exceptional quality of tobacco in and of itself, but it is carefully rolled by hand by only the most experienced torcedores at the Fuente factory.

You mentioned the easy draw of the Ashton Maduro. What does this mean?
When the filler is evenly distributed and properly contained within the binder and the wrapper, it is smooth and firm within your grip. It will be tight enough to not fall apart on you, but not so tight that you cannot easily draw smoke from the end. Easy draw, then, more than anything else, comes from impeccable construction

Is this a cigar you should smoke everyday?
If you choose to invest in a premium cigars for daily use, why not? However, most smokers consider the Ashton Maduro to be a cigar for special occasions due to their premium quality and justifiably higher price.

Either way, this blend is well worth the money you spend on quality regardless of the quantity you buy.

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