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Monday, March 15, 2010

Davidoff Humidor

What are cigar humidors?
Cigar humidors are containers that are used to store cigars. Most are made out of Spanish cedar. This provides an ideal environment for cigar storage.

What does a cigar humidor look like?
It looks like a simple wooden box. However, it does so much more than simply store cigars. Its most important function is to maintain humidity and temperature levels. This keeps cigars fresh and preserves their flavor. Devices called humidifiers are installed inside humidors to keep the humidity at desired levels.

Why are humidors needed?
Without humidification, cigars become dry and lose their flavor. They will also burn and ash too quickly. That is why it is so important to spend the money on the type of quality you find in a Davidoff Humidor. The serious smoker takes pride in taking care of cigars, and in the investment made in the fine, exclusive, hand-craftsmanship for which the Davidoff workshop in Switzerland is renowned.

Here, exotic hardwoods are used to manufacture some of the world’s finest humidors.

What do I need to know about buying a humidor?
Whenever you purchase a humidor, you have to make certain that it is going to prolong the life of your cigars. Some places offer plastic humidors as a discount. These are all well and good as a temporary storage measure, but they are not good to use on a long-term basis. A quality box, such as a Davidoff humidor, is going to have several distinguishing characteristics to guarantee freshness in your most premium cigars.

• Constructed from wood
• Lined with Spanish cedar
• Preferably hand crafted for a better, tighter seal
• Inside of box has a raised lip around the inside
• Should be capable of storing at least 25 to 30 cigars

What are some other features that a Davidoff humidor can have?
Additional features could include locks that prevent people in your home or office from dipping into your cigar stash. Some humidors also have handles. Handles make a humidor easier to carry, and they add an elegant touch to the woodwork. Shelves and dividers can also be added that will let you organize your cigars by brand and line.

What types of humidors do you make?
There are small, medium, large, and travel-size Davidoff humidors. They are built to last a lifetime.

The large humidors are exclusively hand-made in a famous workshop in Switzerland. They are crafted from exotic hardwoods and then polished in natural wood veneers. They also are fashioned with locks, handles, and trays.

Why are Davidoff humidors better than most?
Their combination of superior craftsmanship and reliable technical function makes them the best investment for the serious cigar aficionado. Their classic design styles often qualify them as family heirlooms. They are covered in the finest European leather and lined on the outside with brass fittings.

Their humidification systems are self-regulating and give your cigars the very best relative humidity necessary to preserve flavor and aroma.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Cigar Humidifiers

The cigar humidifier is the most important part of your cigar storage system. The maintenance of proper humidity is the most important element to maintaining your cigar quality, taste, and aroma.

How many types of cigar humidifiers are there?
There are active and passive humidifiers.

Active cigar humidifiers are powered by electricity and normally use a built in sensor to determine if they should humidify the air. Most are made for larger cabinet humidors, but there are some on the market for smaller humidors. The good thing about active humidifiers is that most can be set to a low level of relative humidity if necessary.

Passive humidifiers do not use electricity. They feature a very simple design and use vapor conduction to regulate humidity. This means they put moisture into the air when the relative humidity falls below a certain percentage, and they take water out of the air when it rises above this percentage. They are much less expensive than their active equivalents. They can be used in both desktop cigar humidors and in cabinet humidors.

Do all cigar humidors come with a built -in humidifier?
No. You need to check the specifications on the humidor you buy to see how it is constructed. That’s why you also need to know the basics of humidifiers in case you need to buy one. You can better select a model that is most suited to your humidor.

What are they made of?
Cigar humidifiers are made of green foam that is encased in plastic. This foam is very much like that which you find at the bottom of flowers you buy in an arrangement. It has an excellent ability to retain moisture.

Can I use regular water in my humidifier?
No. You should never use regular water because there are too many minerals in it that will clog it up and render it ineffective. You need to use a 50/50 solution of PG and distilled water and the chemical propylene glycol (PG).

How often should I apply this solution?
You need to apply it once every three to six months. The rule of thumb here is to apply new solution every time there is a major seasonal change. This varies in different parts of the world, so check with your cigar retailer about how often to change the solution in your area, and go with their recommendation.

When applying the solution itself, let it thoroughly absorb first. Then, turn it over and very gently shake out all of the excess. Wipe the sides dry, place it in its tube container, and attach it to the humidor

How do I attach my cigar humidifier?
You attach the device to the inside of the lid. You can also attach it to the side in some humidors. There should be either Velcro or a magnetic strip and metal strip that you can use to attach the two. These attachment tools come with the device.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cigar Storage

What is the best method for cigar storage?
A cigar humidor is by far the best form of cigar storage. A humidor is a climate-controlled box with a cedar-lined interior. It maintains optimal temperature and humidity levels that prevent cigars from drying out. This is important, because a dry cigar will burn very quickly and taste bitter. A cigar that is too moist, on the other hand, will not stay lit.

Cigar taste itself in part depends on the cedar wood inside the humidor. The cedar contributes aroma and flavor uniquely its own.

Is a humidor the only way to store cigars?
No. A cigar humidor is the best method for storing cigars, but it is not the only method. You can use other inexpensive methods for again and maintaining them. Three of the most common are "Tupperdors", "Igloodors", and "Fridgadors."

We do not recommend storing premium and expensive fine cigars in anything other than a fine quality humidor. However, these alternative cigar storage options are good for cigar sampler packs and cheaper cigars that you want to store temporarily.

What are Tupperdors?
A tupperdor is a plastic, resealable food container that you use for cigar storage. Any Tupperware™ brand name or similar product will do. You can even go to the dollar store and buy some of these plastic storage containers and save a bundle on costs. All you need then is a humidifier. You can also take the cigar separator sheets that come in cigar boxes and use them to add a cedar smell to your tupperdor.

If you do not have a humidifier and only need to store your cigars for a short period of time, a damp cloth or sponge will work, provided you do not allow it to actually touch the cigars. Store the container in a cool, dry place.

What is a Coolerdor?
It is a large ice cooler like those you see workers carry to the jobsite. They range in size from 48 qt. to 128 qt. They are not recommended for individual cigar storage, but they are ideal for storing entire boxes of cigars. Like Tupperdors, they can be lined with Spanish cedar or Spanish Cedar dividers can be added. You also need a humidifier.

What is a Fridgador?
A Fridgadors is the best choice for alternative cigar storage. Simply use an unplugged refrigerator or freezer to store large quantities of cigars. It is best to use the stand up kind with shelves that you can stack boxes of cigars on. You will need a humidifier for this setup as well.

Are there drawbacks to using this type of cigar storage?
They are more likely to become overly humidified because the plastic walls of these containers do not buffer relative humidity. Make sure if you are using alternative storage that you do not overcharge your humidifier. Make sure you lookout for mold as well which forms easily in higher moisture levels.

The second drawback is that they trap gases within them because they cannot breathe like Spanish cedar humidors. The worst gas they trap is ammonia. Open them at least once a month to let this escape and get an exchange of fresh air.

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Tips on Storing Cigars

How do I store my cigars?
Storing your cigars should be done in a humidor. A humidor is a box lined with cedar. The cedar helps age and flavor cigars and keeps them moist at an optimal level of humidity.

Ideally, cigars need to be at 70 percent RH and 70 degrees Fahrenheit to give you the best smoking experience. At this temperature and relative humidity, the tobacco will burn and taste the best. If your cigar is drier than that, it will burn too fast and taste harsh. If your cigar is too moist, it will be hard to keep lit, and it will mold during storage.

Keep your humidor closed at all times, sealed tightly against the outside atmosphere. This will keep the interior at the optimal levels of humidity and temperature. You will also need a humidifier, which actually puts the moisture content into the air inside the humidor.

What are the ideal conditions for storing cigars?
Cigars are affected by light, humidity, temperature, and friction. They should never be exposed to ultraviolet light, so keep them out of direct sunlight. Light will also bleach the cigar wrappers and destroy its elasticity. UV light even changes the molecular composition of the wrapper.

Direct sunlight will probably raise the temperature inside your humidor too. This is something you need to pay attention to. Temperature has a direct impact on humidity. It can also make tobacco beetles more active. Anything above 75 degrees is bad for your humidor.

Why is warm air inside the cigar humidor so essential to storing cigars?
It has a higher moisture capacity than cold air.

Is there anything else that can happen while storing cigars that might damage them?
Friction can do a lot more damage to cigars than you might think. Just consider how some of the loose cigars look when you enter a walk-in humidor. Many of them have been handled and handled again, and almost all of them have also been moved around. When this happens, they get scuffed up, and the wrapper often tears. A tear is hard to stop. There are adhesives that you can buy to repair this, but why would you want to when you can buy a fine cigar in good condition?

Should I mix different brands and levels of flavor when storing cigars?
It is not a good idea, at least not with loose cigars. Cigars impart flavor to each other by touching because much of the flavor is in the wrapper. Therefore, separate loose cigars in your humidor if they are not covered with plastic wrap.

If I have not bought a humidor yet, what do you recommend for storing cigars?

You really need to get a humidor. In the meantime, store your cigars in a Ziploc bag. When it starts to get dry, add a few drops of water to a small piece of paper towel to get the humidity back. If you are storing a box of cigars, use Tupperware.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Cigar Humidifiers

What is the difference between a cigar humidor and a cigar humidifier?
A cigar humidor is a container, normally shaped like a box, in which cigars are stored to keep them humid.

A cigar humidifier is the device that maintains the desired humidity level within the humidor.

It is important to know this, because not every humidor comes with a built-in cigar. You need to know the basics of how these devices work and how to choose the one that is best-suited to your humidor.

Why are they important?
Without cigar humidifiers, there would be no way to maintain the humidity levels with a humidor that are needed to keeping the cigar collection in prime physical condition.

How do these devices actually work?
A humidifier is charged with a 50/50 mixture of propylene glycol solution and distilled water. The device must be properly charged in order to achieve the 65 to 70 percent humidity.

What does a cigar humidifier look like?
It can any shape, size or color. Common shapes include square, rectangular, round, and stick shaped

These can be in various shapes, sizes, and colors. There are square ones, rectangular, round, stick shaped, etc.

How do you choose the right type and size of cigar humidifier?
Choosing the right shape and size depends on the size of the humidor or traveling case, and on the number of cigars in the container.

Where in the humidor is the humidifier attached?
It goes on the inside of the lid of the humidor, or it attaches to the side by means of either Velcro or a thin piece of metal held in place by a magnet.

These attachment devices normally come with the humidifier itself.

How do you maintain your humidifier?
When it comes time to use your cigar humidifier for the first time, you need to completely moisten it with a propylene glycol solution. This is also called a humidification solution, and it consists of 50% propylene glycol and 50% distilled water. A Germicide agent should also be used in this to help prevent the growth of bacteria and to allow you to better control the environment.

Allow the device the thoroughly absorb the solution before you turn it over. Gently shake out any excess, wipe it dry, and then attach it to the appropriate place within the humidor.

How often should I apply the humidification solution?
You should not use it more than once every 3-6 months. A good rule to follow is to use this solution only when you notice a dramatic change in seasonal temperatures?

What happens if I choose to use more than that?
You will diminish the capacity of your humidifier to properly maintain humidity levels within your humidor.

Can I use regular water instead?
No. Regular water contains too many minerals and will render your cigar humidifier useless by clogging it.

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