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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Alec Bradley Cigars

Alec Bradley Tempus Brand Cigars
To the Romans, TEMPUS meant TIME.
This name signifies to us the importance of TIME in the making a fine Alec Bradley Cigar. Nothing is rushed. Everything is done right. Time is crucial to everything in this process. It takes time for the tobacco to mature in the fields. It takes time for fermentation to reach its perfection. It takes time for aging, and time for the rich tobacco flavors to meld into one.

It has been our experience that in this industry, and in these lives that we live, that time is the one thing we always strive to master, and seem to desire to have more.

Alec Bradley Tempus was created to help us all make the most of what we seem to have the least of: TIME.

Alecy Bradley Tempus is made in Honduras. The company chooses only 20% of the cigar rollers to be used in the making of the Tempus brand. Select tobacco, that comes from a farm in the Trojes region of the country (located just north of the border of Nicaragua), is some of the finest tobacco that comes out of Jalapa, Nicaragua.

Every cigar is rolled in the traditional Cuban style. Filler tobacco is used for the tubing, and a triple cap finishes the wrapper. There are five Cuban sizes that are packed in boxes of 20 each. There is also a new unique shaped called Magistri.

Alec Bradley's Family Blend
The Bradley Family Blend Cigars are made just for the fathers of the company’s three principal owners, Alan Rubin (President), Ralph Montero (Vice President), and George Sosa (National Sales Director). It is available only in one size. Each cigar is rolled into a 50 x 5 ½ Robusto shape capped with a classic Cuban pigtail at the head. It is presented in a handsome chest of 50 cigars that bear the signatures of the owners. This blend produces a medium-bodied, creamy-smooth, and very full-flavored aroma.

Alec Bradley Maxx cigars are very large. Either ring or length, get set for a great smoking experience. These cigars are full bodied but also taste great.

Alec Bradley's Select Cabinet Reserve
The Cabinet Reserve is created from mid and upper priming tobaccos that are handpicked to create a rich and balanced SCR line. The Alec Bradley's Select Cabinet Reserve offers you smooth, bold flavors that come from the fertile farms of Honduras and Nicaragua. Its limited yield and dark caramel colored wrapper, adorns a skillful choice of premium leaves from the valleys of Central America, resulting in a perfect union of balance and flavor.

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